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  2. Thank you for your feedback
  3. Thank you. That's rather weird then. Please right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> CPU Debug --> CPUID & MSR Dump. Copy-paste the full results into this topic, or attach the results as a TXT file to your post.
  4. Since they both will be displayed on the Sensor page, I don't think we need to replace anything Whichever you don't like, just ignore it
  5. What version of BSPlayer are you using? BTW, we've checked it with BSPlayer 2.70 Free, and it displays the media title properly in AIDA64.
  6. Yesterday
  7. thank you, now it works fine.
  8. Hello, In the last beta build (4081), it seems that the sensor to get file name played in BS Player is not working anymore. It's always "Unknown". Elapsed time and status are OK. It's working with Winamp. Thanks,
  9. Need to replace the VCORE on VID. VID is always less than VCORE
  10. No, all are enabled - all settings are default except show statusbar.
  11. That look odd. Do you happen to have Low-level PCI bus operations or Low-level SMBus operations or Low-level sensor operations disabled in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability?
  12. Processes: We of course have the code to enumerate running processes. I just find it quite complicated to configure it that way. E.g. if you want to configure it for a particular game, you need to launch the game, go back to AIDA64, find the process in the list of processes, etc. To do that with all the games and applications you use on your computer is quite a task. Not to mention you need to do that in the future with newly installed games/applications. Let's just say it's not a feature we would see implemented in AIDA64, unless there's a very easy way of detecting the computer state. Duty cycle: Fan duty cycle is quite misleading, since when the duty cycle is configured and then detected at e.g. 30%, it doesn't mean the fan is actually spinning. Focusing on the RPM is a lot better, since that way you can be aware of a stopped or clogged fan. VLC: I'm sorry, but both HTTP and Telnet protocol is way too overkill to be used in the AIDA64 hardware monitoring module. And DBus is not supported by Windows.
  13. It seems on your particular motherboard model the Vcore reading has to be multiplied by 1.2. We'll implement that in the next AIDA64 beta update
  14. Thank you for your feedback, I'm glad you like the way we steer the development of AIDA64
  15. Those temperatures are reported by AIDA64 too.
  16. nice, thank you very much! I may have a small bug regarding sensor items changing id between restarts when using the shared memory. I export the temps to shared memory, import them into aquasuite and after a few restarts I notice the value selected in aquasuite has changed to a different sensor. I'm will do more poking about before starting a thread as (due to not restarting much) its difficult to get an idea of what might be happening. Maybe adding or removing a drive is shifting the id number or something. Thanks again for the limit increase and fix
  17. I see no sensors on IPMI page, I did try HWINFO and I can see temps-added pictures for you. I'm pretty sure I did see temps on Win 7 using an older Aida version but I can't remember more than that.
  18. There seems to be no classic sensor chips in your system, or they're connected to an IPMI BMC. Have you tried to check the Computer / IPMI page? Maybe sensor values are reported via IPMI on your system. Regards, Fiery
  19. Hi I see no hw sensors using Aida 5.80.4000 and server 2012R2, anychance this can be corrected ? Thanks isasensordump.txt
  20. Thank you for the feedback. The limit has to be fixed, so it will be increased from 10 to 25 in the next AIDA64 beta update
  21. i Still got the same problem with my drives not apparing even though i told you this had nothing to do with the Aquasuite because i had removed the Aquasuite and disconnected from the usb port. Still get heavy lagging. basically the software isnt usable for me. I have switched to using Aquasuite and dont have any of these problems, allbeit im missing a number of monitoring sensors but its a small price to pay. Thanks for the suppport but ill be quiting the use of Aida64 from here on as i dont see the need to pay for a service (subscription) that doesnt work for me. Wish you guys well with the future development of Aida. Good Luck!
  22. Sorry, i missed the previous message. Yes, this has worked perfectly and I'm able to see drive usage As for the drive limit, would increasing it to 25 be a little too much!? Maybe an option to enter the drive limit could be added to the options? Thanks again for this fix
  23. Last week
  24. 5.80.4081BETA Stability Test GUI froze at 21 seconds.
  25. For VLC, it is possible to get info by HTTP. First , in the option of VLC, Web interface must be activated. Then in a web browser, it's possible to get info from VLC at this address : http://localhost:8080/requests/status.xml Example of answer: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?> <root> <fullscreen>0</fullscreen> <audiodelay>0</audiodelay> <apiversion>3</apiversion> <currentplid>4</currentplid> <time>6</time> <volume>289</volume> <length>21374</length> <random>true</random> <audiofilters> <filter_0></filter_0></audiofilters> <rate>1</rate> <videoeffects> <hue>0</hue> <saturation>1</saturation> <contrast>1</contrast> <brightness>1</brightness> <gamma>1</gamma></videoeffects> <state>playing</state> <loop>false</loop> <version>2.2.4 Weatherwax</version> <position>0.0003166749374941</position> <repeat>false</repeat> <subtitledelay>0</subtitledelay> <equalizer></equalizer><information> <category name="meta"> <info name='filename'>halloween eq.mp3</info> </category> <category name='Flux 0'><info name='Canaux '>Mono</info><info name='Fréquence d&#39;échantillonnage'>44100 Hz</info><info name='Type '>Audio</info><info name='Débit '>128 kbit/s</info><info name='Codec '>MPEG Audio layer 1/2 (mpga)</info></category> </information> <stats> <lostabuffers>0</lostabuffers> <readpackets>104</readpackets> <lostpictures>0</lostpictures> <demuxreadbytes>105324</demuxreadbytes> <demuxbitrate>0.016014367341995</demuxbitrate> <playedabuffers>251</playedabuffers> <demuxcorrupted>0</demuxcorrupted> <sendbitrate>0</sendbitrate> <sentbytes>0</sentbytes> <displayedpictures>0</displayedpictures> <demuxreadpackets>0</demuxreadpackets> <sentpackets>0</sentpackets> <inputbitrate>0.016173057258129</inputbitrate> <demuxdiscontinuity>0</demuxdiscontinuity> <averagedemuxbitrate>0</averagedemuxbitrate> <decodedvideo>0</decodedvideo> <averageinputbitrate>0</averageinputbitrate> <readbytes>105884</readbytes> <decodedaudio>251</decodedaudio> </stats> </root> More info : It seems there are other ways to communicate with VLC:
  26. 1) OK 2) you could get the list of processes running on the computer, display it in the Preferences window and for each one, attribute a Page number to be displayed 3) I don't know by heart the maximum speed of my fans, so I my opinion it's easier to see the duty cycle. I cannot know if they are running fast or slow with RPM value. Edit: I have been able to display what I want using bar, minimum 0 RPM, maximum adjusted by setting manually fan to max speed. Options for LCD pages are great ! 4) I'll send the file by mail
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