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  2. Asus Maximus X Formula W_FLOW header missing

    I finally got the second Aqua-Computer Flow sensor MPS flow 400, which is seen as Flow sensor in AIDA64, and which shows flow as LPH. It takes data from Aqua software, aka Aquasuite. Sensor is connected to motherboard via USB2. AIDA64 takes Flow data from Aquasuite and shows it as LPH within its sensors. So conversion is done by Aqua SW from the data received from their own sensor. To compare flow data I could rely on my water pump RPM only - it always was/is around 2200 RPM from the very beginning. Now let's see what data I've got: - my previous Koolance flow meter, connected to WATER_FLOW header, was showing 36 L/M in BIOS (see 1st screencapture) - unrealistically high value, while AIDA64 was showing ~1300 RPM. If connected to any fan header it was showing 1200-1250 RPM; - my today's flow meter from Aqua (with the same water pump RPM) shows ~90 LPH. It is very realistic number as D5 PWM from EKWB is capable to produce up to 400 LPH under full load, which is ~4800 RPM (and my loop has low flow resistance). In my particular case Aqua sensor shows ~330 LPH when pump is around 4800 RPM. It could be calibrated more precisely but my point is - ASUS has made WATER_FLOW header but didn't specify what flow meters should/could be connected to this one. It doesn't take into consideration the internal diameter of your tubes etc. That makes me think this is rather marketing feature of this motherboard than a precise tool you could rely on for water flow measurement in flow units (L/M or L/H). If you need such tool - buy flow meter from Koolance (with appropriate LCD and HW converter, so you will see flow in LPH) or Aqua one. The measurement through WATER_FLOW header depends on what flow meter you connect there and since you can't specify which one you have connected (ASUS BIOS doesn't have such feature) as well as diameter of your tubes and/or other parameters, BIOS data might not be realistic and definitely are not precise whatever formula ASUS is using for conversion. Bottom line - after second thought I agree with Fiery - no need to convert this header info in AIDA from RPM to LPH - the data might not be correct... Let's leave it as such - RPM
  3. Share your SensorPanel

    Color Test, and my problem is i have no idea what i can do with this :X
  4. Share your SensorPanel

    Yes i test the gauge trick. but I do not know how that works. 15 picture and empty sensore???
  5. Share your SensorPanel

    Nice idea, looks good are you going to animate the center piece?
  6. Share your SensorPanel

    My new project. Testing some ideas.
  7. Android Storage Device Information

    Dear Developers, Do you plans to add detection of the storage device as well in the future? If not, please consider this message as feedback. Please see the attached screenshot. Thank you very much for your consideration in advance! Best regards, David
  8. X299 ACPI latency issue

    Hi, any chance this has been replicated yet?
  9. Licence Transfer + LCD Display

    1) You don't need to deactivate your license. Just take the PKEY.TXT file that holds your license information, back it up and restore it on your new system/SSD. You can also transfer your existing AIDA64 settings (incl. your LCD layout) by backing up the file called AIDA64.INI. You can find both files in your AIDA64 installation folder. 2) The USB display you've mentioned seems to work as a regular USB-connected monitor, so you can expand your Windows Desktop onto it. Hence you won't need to use the External LCD module of AIDA64, but instead the SensorPanel. You will need to migrate your LCD settings to SensorPanel. Let me know if you need assistance doing so.
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  11. Hi using latest update 5.95.4569 Beta and when I try to open preferences Aida 64 locks up. I uploaded the submit report to finalwire results. Report 3-20-2018.htm
  12. Hello, I have an AIDA64 Extreme Upgrade with 3 years maintenance license purchased a year ago. I will be replacing my regular Sata SSD containing the OS with an M.2 SSD so I want to know if I have to deactivate the license or something so I can use it again once I install my new drive. Also, I have a Logitech G19s keyboard with a color LCD showing my system's information but I want to replace that keyboard so I want to know if the following USB monitor will get the job done: https://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-Business-Monitor-7-USB-Powered-CFD-Additional-Display-751297-001-754742-001/232605671846?hash=item362860e1a6:g:0ucAAOSwIFtaPVKi
  13. Asus Maximus X Formula W_FLOW header missing

    I looked, in the bios I have 70 L/M and ~ 2900, 2920 RPM under Aida64 70 L/M = 70 * 1000/24 = 2916 It corresponds, no ? Asus's method will be the right one ?
  14. Vcache on Rampage VI Extreme

    Seems to be good with 1201 bios 1.05v in bios, 1.05v with Probe It, And between 1.034v (idle) and 1.044v (load) with Aida64
  15. Vcache on Rampage VI Extreme

    Ok thanks, I'll test the bios 1201 1102 for now
  16. Vcache on Rampage VI Extreme

    Thank you. Please note that Vcache voltage readout is only supported from BIOS version 1201.
  17. Aida Audit manager

    \\deploy2\SSD\programs\aida64.exe /CUSTOM \\deploy2\SSD\Screening\files\AIDA64\templates\Aidarepport.rpf /LANGEN /R "l:\%dirname%\%dirname%" /XML So you would want it to look like this instead?
  18. I tested with only CPU, FPU and Cache There is just a little "lapse of time" at the beginning of the test, but the Elapsed Time always jumps (jumps from 5 to 10 seconds each time)
  19. I have 32 GB and there is only 500 MB left available when I test with Aida64 It will be a good idea this new option I do not know how the stress test allocates the memory, but for example with Ram Test, this stress test takes 3 to 4 seconds to allocate 90% of ram and no freeze Same with HCI Memtest EDIT: After I know that with RamTest the allocation of memory is faster when the Cache is also tested For Memory + Cache: ~ 4 sec to allocate memory Memory: ~ 12sec to allocate memory And no freeze in both cases
  20. Asus Maximus X Formula W_FLOW header missing

    at ~ 200 RPM, that will correspond to the conversion indicated by Koolance 76 L/M (in my bios) = 76 x1000 /24 = 3166 RPM In Aida64 = ~2950 RPM Having PWM pumps, I will have to check by disabling the PWM (the pumps can turn faster while being in the bios)
  21. How much system RAM you've got? 32GB? 64GB? A lot rides on that, since it takes quite some time for Win10 to allocate big chunks of RAM. Windows, going from WinXP through Win7 through Win8 to Win10 tends to get slower and slower when it comes to allocating huge memory blocks. But, you may have a point there: we may need to add a new option in the System Stability Test Preferences to let you lower the default 95% memory allocation to 90% or 80%.
  22. The BIOS (at least on Maximus X Formula) uses a formula of x 24 / 1000 to get to L/M, but I don't think that that formula is correct. Unless we can come up with a proper formula that yields to values that make sense, I'd be hesitant to convert the raw RPM reading to anything else...
  23. So I use CPU, FPU, Cache and Memory I will test without "Memory" to see I am using the latest version of Windows 10 16299 Besides, I think that the amount of memory tested is too important (98%) whereas all the other stress tests, uses ~ 90%
  24. Asus Maximus X Formula W_FLOW header missing

    It would seem, according to Koolance for their flow meters, that the indicated RPMs would correspond approximately to ml/min And therefore 1500 RPM = ~1500 ml/min = 90 L/H After I do not know if it's applicable just to the product Koolance But in the bios, I have 76 L/M indicated and in Aida64, 2900RPM ... I think 76 L/M is huge
  25. It's cool then Please let me know what subtests do you have enabled in the System Stability Test when the "jumping" occurs. If you have the memory stress test enabled, please check it without it, and let me know if it makes a difference. If it does, let me know how much system RAM do you have installed, and whether you're running the latest Windows 10 stable build (of 16299) or an Insider Preview build.
  26. Aida Audit manager

    Thank you. I think the issue occurs because you didn't enclose the report file name with quotes (" characters) in order to mitigate the potential space characters that appears in the filenames after %dirname% is resolved. Do you think that it may explain the issues?
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