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  3. It would be great. Many thanks.
  4. Well, if you're in need of suggestions for improvements... The possibility of moving more than one item at a time The possibility of changing certain values of more than one item at a time Faster z-Ordering (Drag&Drop) Option to select an item from the preview (like each click on a spot activates the next item down the z-ordering at that spot) Those come to my mind right away...
  5. We'll check how to do that. We haven't really dealt with such a bar style yet on the basis that in our opinion it would make the visual impact of the SensorPanel a bit "too much", a bit like a parrot
  6. The basic issue is that even with EC traffic, such high latency is not supposed to occur. Other users with Asus motherboards having an EC chip do not see such anomalies. So it must be something about your computer IMHO. Maybe you've got another software running in the background that collides with the EC register readout activity of AIDA64?
  7. When you offer tons of flexibility in designing a visual layout, it's a great challenge to come up with a UI that is both easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate. It's a bit like sitting in a Boeing 737 cockpit and complaining about the unfriendly layout of the dashboard
  8. Hey Odospace I just tried your android app and is so cool. My question is that in android app you have 6 tabs. How do you use them?
  9. Last week
  10. It's a shame that Sensor Panel is absurdly underused because the U.I to configure and customize it so unfriendly. Anyway, I find that having too much information on the panel just distract's me from what I really need to pay attention to when gaming, so here is my simple flat design panel inspired on the colors from material design (which also match the wallpaper behind it) flep_material-flat.sensorpanel
  11. Thanks - it resolves the problem, external IP monitoring for external applications was enabled. After disabling no more alert. Regards, Robert
  12. I'm pretty sure that activity is not related to the clean AIDA64 build that you can download from our website. Your AIDA64 copy may be infected or otherwise altered (cracked, hijacked, etc). Basically there are 2 distinct internet activities that AIDA64 performs between the user's computer and our servers. The first one is related to the auto-update feature, and should happen in the frequency you choose in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / General / NetUpdate. You can completely disable the auto-update check there, if you wish. The other activity only happens if you have the External IP Address sensor item placed on your OSD Panel, SensorPanel, LCD, log file, or used as an External Applications item. That activity is repeated every 15 minutes while you keep AIDA64 running. It simply pings our servers to obtain the external IP address of the user's computer. The repeat frequency is set to 15 minutes in order to avoid putting too much pressure on our servers.
  13. IDS detect network trojan traffic between PC and Aida64 server ( It is more or less continuous (not only update/check) Signature: ET TROJAN Known Malicious User-Agent (x) Win32/Tracur.A or OneStep Adware Related What traffic is suppose to happen between this server and a client using the software?
  14. Can U make option for bars so it can look like this?
  15. Thank you for the great software!
  16. ... And you couldn't have posted this news on greenlight? I've been checking that page regularly for over 4 years and apparently I could have stopped at least a year ago.
  17. Hi. Checking Ec sensors in HWinfo I`m loosing only pch, vccst_a, pll, vccmp, cpu_opt fan. But is worth loosing some sensor and not having >800 latency.
  18. Without EC (Embedded Controller) support, you'd lose some of the sensor readings you may have places on your LCD layout. So it's not a good idea to disable EC support as long as you'd prefer to have all sensor readings.
  19. Thank you! It seems the issue is that the HDD serial number fields aren't properly populated, and AIDA64 filters out 2 drives you've got due to similar serial numbers. We'll fix the issue in the next AIDA64 beta update due in cca. a week from now. I'll drop a message into this topic once the new build is available for download.
  20. SensorPanel works similarly to the LCD module. You can place an image on the panel that has the full size (dimensions) of the panel to make it the background image. If you're looking for something else, let me know where did you get stuck exactly.
  21. Looks stunning, great job!
  22. Thank you, we'll try to keep it up
  23. lmao!....from the looks of that ...yeah id say Ryzen is 100% compatible with AIDA64.....i love this program and this sensor panel ..... why look at boring system data sensors man .....the customization of the sensor panel is unlimited pretty much!....the minds the limit ....truly!.......... thanks man!, for all the hard work you and your team put into this program
  24. Using LatencyMon to check my system I saw values like 600-900 (current measured interrupt to process latency). I`m also using Logitech G13 to monitor cpu,gpu,fans etc. I closed AIDA and tried hwinfo for first time and had same latency. When I opened second time hwinfo it told me that if I enable some sensor system could hang, increase latency etc. I choose now to disable those and I had no more latency (40-70). In AIDA I can`t disable those even in stability tab. Is something named ASUS EC in hwinfo. In AIDA stability tab low-level sensor operations is giving that latency.
  25. Here you go: atadump.txt smartdump.txt
  26. It was do to the way the file was saved when I hit apply I still think, if I import the export for the 15th then import the 12th the bug starts again. I can upload the 2 exports if you like it may show the same problem if you import them. Its a Remote LCD setup running in full screen mode on IE 11. External Ip is not in the list of things that can be added to Alerts that's why I asked if it could be added. Check the IP on startup and if it does change set off an alert would be GREAT. As is there is nothing to show that the IP has changed and no way to add it to the Alerts that I know of.
  27. haha I just found that before you replied ! OK, so I now have it dragged onto the small screen.. How do I make my own custom sensor panel? It needs to be bigger and I want to change the colours etc. Edit. Where are my manners? wow, thanks for the very quick reply ! I didn't waste £30 Edit again. Found the size but yeah, would like to skin it !
  28. If your display appears in Windows as a regular monitor, and you can extend your Windows Desktop over it, then you can simply use the AIDA64 SensorPanel module instead of the LCD module
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