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  3. is there any version of this on resolution 600x1024? i seen this template beeing sold on aliexpress for over 26€....
  4. I was wondering if the reply from the developer of the hwinfo version of the plugin, helped the developers in any way... https://github.com/shayne/hwinfo-streamdeck/issues/11
  5. Yesterday
  6. CPU 0 is the Mountain. Using Custom Gauges for Ships, aliens. 1920x480. Defender.sensorpanel
  7. I can see the BIOS version, but having a hard time finding where the EC Firmware version is in the AIDA64 tabs.
  8. I noticed the same thing, so how come it's different? Which one is correct?
  9. Where did you get your pixel panel?
  10. On this SensorPanel, it looks like the names of the components are part of the background image so you will have to use an image editor to white out the existing names and add your specific components. -Mojo
  11. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07N1MP4MH/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I used that one from amazon and it is great. 7" allows you to put it in lots of accessories and cases and what not.
  12. Hello. I am looking for a screen to run AIDA64 hardware sensor inside my computer case. I am looking for something 7-9" wide and 5-6" high overall and preferable connections on the back to be out of sight with a slim bezel. I love the BeadaPanel 6.8" LCD Display with the small silver frame but the height is too short. Any suggestions? I don't have a budget and am willing to spend more for HD or higher quality screens. I don't need a touchscreen but if it has one that's fine as long as I can control it without using touch and I am located in Canada.
  13. Last week
  14. I love your sensor panel design!!! could you share 800 x 480?
  15. Thanks, I do too. It's a 10.1" 2500x1600 panel, but i'm only running it at 1920x1200. This is the exact one I picked up, but its been OOS. Pretty sure there are a lot of others under different brand names. https://www.amazon.com/EleDuino-Portable-Monitor-Resolution-Raspberry/dp/B07D5V4ZHZ/ref=sr_1_67?dchild=1&keywords=10+inch+monitor+ips&qid=1613063018&sr=8-67 I would've gotten something bigger off AliExpress if I wasn't set on getting something off Amazon with Prime.
  16. Hi i have this problem with my second monitor ( 5" inch Waveshare display ),that i use it for sensor panel monitoring. With some games when i launch it,sensor panel disappear,until i close the game i can't see it.. With some games it doesn't disappear at launch,but when i change resolution it disappear again... Do you please know if is there a Fix for this issue? thank you
  17. Anyone have a 4k sensor panel I wanna dust off and old 4k monitor might as well use it as a sensor panel
  18. I HAVE A SAMSUN A32 AND THE CAMERA IS A GW3 ISOCELL OF 64 MEGAPIXELS, OR SO I THINK, but the aida64 app does not tell me the brand and also mentions that it is 16 megapixels and not 64, so I'm not sure if it is aida that it is make a mistake or it came wrong from the factory
  19. Hi Fiery, Do you need any additional information? Is there a way I can get to the "CPU1 Temperature"? It would also be desirable to have access to the Fan Speed for JSYS0 & JSYS1 (currently only CPU1 and CPU2 Fan Speeds are currently showing in the Sensor properties for AIDA64 v6.33.5700. Many Thanks!
  20. Hey bro. What lcd screen is that? Love your design
  21. Hello please could you share this one ? I really love it. 480x800 would be amazing
  22. YOU ARE AWESOME! OMG Solved my problem!
  23. Man, this is sick! Could you share the files? thanks!
  24. I wanna take this is shove it.... in my panel! Can you share the file? Absolutely love it!
  25. +1 for Weather addon to Aida64 SensorPanel /pray
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