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  2. When ever I start FPU or Cache stress it fails instantly. It was running solid a few days ago. I am at all default settings and just ran an hour stable in realbench. I have reinstalled twice same result. Windows 10 Pro Asus X99 Sabertooth 5820k 8x4g corsair lpx or 4x4g corsair lpx Raedon R9 Fury Nitro 960 pro 250gb m.2 (OS drive) 2x sandisk 120g in RAID 0 (empty) 2x 2tb hdd 2x 3tb hdd
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  4. ASRock H270M Pro4. ALL motherboard sensors are missing. Chip Nuvoton NCT6683D-T. isasensordump.txt ecdump.txt
  5. Hi, I've connected a Crystalfontz CFA634 USB display with AIDA64 5.80.4000. There is a problem with the row index / offset. The 2nd configured row is displayed in the first row, the 3rd configured row ist displayed in the 2nd row and so on. The 1st configured row is missing on the display... and when I move all configured rows one down, the last one ist missing... I've attached some pictures of my configs and the lcd. Any tipps, how to use all 4 rows? Best Beppo
  6. Wouldn't yellow start at around 75% and red around 90%?
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  8. All im doing is selecting the MX300 after the MX200 and vice versa and the smart fields come back wrong, some of them duplicated or missing. This could just be a Jmicron glitch, or one that only occurs when used with MSAHCI drivers, jmicron drivers are slower and buggy, and don't work with SSD tools well at all.
  9. Hi there, i have 3 Nvidia Video Cards in my System. 2 x Gtx780Ti which are working in 2-Way SLI for 3D Gaming and one GT 730 which is just for Hdmi Audio and to Support my 2D assistant Monitor. The 3rd Card is just used as single Card and not in the SLI. The Problem is that Aida can not recognize the 2 Way SLI as "connected". Aida64 always Displays SLI "Disconnected". Hopefully u can Fix that ;-)
  10. If you can not solve the problem, maybe the re "Detecting sensor information" will be redone by clicking the Refresh button
  11. Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad it works now. AIDA64 may work 100% fine under a virtual machine. But when it doesn't, since it's a virtualized environment, it's very tough for us to hunt down hardware-related issues.
  12. It turns out that my nzxt USB device had not been attached correctly. After a bit of jiggery-pokery, I have Aida64 detecting it now :-) Great work as usual. p.s. even though I am running a KVM and VMWARE virtualised env, there has never been an issue running aida64, long may it continue...
  13. Here is the debug My memory is at 3200mhz (kit 3200mhz) I do not use other monitoring software running in the background like AI Suite smbusdump_full.txt
  14. IMHO the cheapest solution would be to pick up and old TFT monitor. Some of those 2nd hand parts, in the 14 to 17-inch panel range would cost $20 or $25. An example: Sadly, brand new, USB-connected, dedicated colour LCD screens (like LCDInfo USBD480) are way more expensive than that.
  15. I suppose the internal flash storage of your SPF-87H may have died for some reason It's quite surprising and also annoying that it prevents the whole thing from working though...
  16. The refresh will only work for the SPD and Summary pages. We'll need to dig a bit deeper then. A couple of other users also have issues about AIDA64 sometimes not detecting all of the DIMM modules on X99 chipset based systems. But so far we haven't been able to find out what exactly goes wrong, and why it's not happening all the time, but only occasionally. Please right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> Sensor Debug --> SMBus Dump (Full). Copy-paste the full results into this topic, or attach the results as a TXT file to your post. You may need to enable status bar in AIDA64 / main menu / View first. Please also let me know at which clock speed are your memory modules running. If your memory is overclocked, let me know if it works more stable (about the Sensor page) at the stock speed of DDR4-2400. Also let me know if you have any other monitoring software running in the background, including the likes of Aquasuite or AI Suite. Thanks, Fiery
  17. Thank you. Quite puzzling, since we've used SMART device emulation to verify the whole thing, but it works properly on our -- albeit emulated -- system. Would it be possible to record a video of the issue and upload it to Youtube or send us directly, so we could see what exactly are you clicking through (how exactly you navigate on the AIDA64 user interface), and what exactly is shown? In our efforts of trying to replicate the issue, maybe we're not doing what you're doing...
  18. Thank you for your feedback. Your virtual machine has no USB device that would correspond to your Kraken X52 device. It's best to avoid running AIDA64 -- especially for hardware monitoring and benchmarking purposes -- in a virtualized environment. We cannot guarantee that any of the low-level hardware features of AIDA64 would work properly in virtual machines.
  19. Thank you for your feedback. AIDA64 names the first temperature reading coming from F71809U as "Motherboard" temperature. The second temperature reading is named "CPU", and the last one is named "Aux". If you reckon we should use different labelling scheme on Jetway NC98, please let me know how to change the labels. And no, AIDA64 doesn't support fan control, but only fan monitoring.
  20. Thank you for your feedback!
  21. Please use the following form to contact our enterprise support staff directly:
  22. my samsung lcd panel stopped working after many months The panel showed an error about low disk space, clear space before restart. Problem is, none of my disks are low Tried reboot, still doesnt come up, and the lcd panel screen says USB device not found I tried reboot, tried reloading the libusb0 drivers. Nothing works. Latest aida64, spf-87h And as I said, working for months, until the disk low message.
  23. Bizarre, with ohter monitoring (HWinfo, etc...) no problem for the Sensor DIMM
  24. it hasn't, im guessing it might be the controller doing it
  25. OK, I noticed that the kraken drivers SiUSBXp.dll etc were not in system32/drivers so i put them there. Now the driver version appears in the usb dumb log. However, still no sensors available :-( ------[ SiUSBXp Devices ]------ SiUSBXp.dll Path = C:\Program Files (x86)\NZXT\CAM\SiUSBXp.dll DLL Version = Driver Version =
  26. Hi! Looking good. How does you named Temperature Devices relationship to SpeedFan? Example, Motherboard - SpeedFan Temp5 etc.? Is it possible to rearrange (change) Temperatures order. Does AIDA64 supports Fan control? Thanks.
  27. Everything appears to be functioning correctly. Thanks Fiery. Hard to believe that Asus didn't put a temp sensor for the VRM's on this series. There isn't even an option in the bios for vrm temps. Odd especially considering the already high cost of the Maximus IX Formula. I guess there is no need to worry since they seem to operate at low temps anyway. Great work on your part though. Thanks.
  28. BTW, I'm using CAM 3.2.04 and it isn't running...
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