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  2. Version 1 almost done, not sure about the background at the moment.
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  4. Since I found this topic through a Google search for AIDA high CPU usage, I thought I would tack on additional info for future people with a similar problem. In my case, AIDA64 was constantly using about 1.5% CPU (hard to do, since this is a 32 core, 64 thread system). This after slowing down the update frequency quite a bit. Changing the EC support did not change anything at all, but I then started experimenting with the other stability selections. One by one, quick to do since the running AIDA64 reacts immediately when you click Apply after changing the selections. In my case, the culprit was the selection for RAID SMART Support. 30+ drives, a good portion of them controlled by an Adaptec RAID card. Apparently asking them all for SMART info every few seconds (which my sensor panel does not use anyway) is not a good idea. RAID Member enumeration, and Adaptec Card support turned on/off made no/little difference, but RAID SMART support apparently takes a lot out of it. After turning off SMART support, AIDA64 consistently runs at only 0.1-0.2%. Now I can raise the update frequency again. Hurray.. Not necessary anyway, since the system runs HDSentinel to keep track of the drives over time. Don't need that support in AIDA64. So, if EC Support turned off does not help, try the others. What is hogging the CPU might be different for each installation. In reality there is no need to have sensor support turned on for something you are not planning to want to use anyway.
  5. Hi. LCD2USB plugin doesnt work anymore since updated to Windows 11. It says incorrect DLL. Was working fine on windows 10. Tried latest aida64 build and the same problem occurs. Thanks
  6. I want to set up 3 sensor panels in my large case, but don't see an option to build a separate panel for each screen.. Can anyone help me with this?
  7. Thanks, yes, I am just planning to have it "embedded" on the Windows taskbar, to have quick stats always visible. So I hope it is a fixable bug on AIDA64s end, as it is possible to have on top of taskbar, as long as AIDA64 application is in "focus". When that said, I know Windows 11 is very immature, a lot of people having different problems with the OS at this stage, so maybe not something AIDA64 team can do anything about anyway, if the problem might be due to Win 11s taskbar behaviour. Let's see if I get a reply in the thread Here is a screenshot of how it looks when "working": https://imgur.com/NylfwsX
  8. I think you need a response from @Fieryor someone else from the Aida team. I get what you're trying to do with that small panel, but have no clue on how to help.
  9. Thanks for your reply- no, my SensorPanel is very simple, and only use text. Here is how it looks (the white border is not there, just due to my screenshot abilities, having captured the background as well): https://imgur.com/eCIww8P
  10. Hi Guys Im looking for vertical sensor panels 480 x 1920 , using a barrow FBEHD-01 Screen, Panels that will help me keep an eye on CPU, GPU temps and FPS if possible and the utilization, i love the sensor panels here most are horizontal, im looking for something vertical
  11. Re, CPUID & MSR Dump text provided cpuidmsrdump.txt
  12. Very quickly and good customare care!!
  13. Hi there. Nice meeting you all. I would like to ask a question about the XMP (SPD tab) of my ram I bought Crucial B 3200MHz RAM As far as I know my MB supports up to 3600MHz When I open task manager (windows) it shows the speed at 2667 The "overclocking" menu of my laptop also shows 2660 I would like to know which one is correct? Does the RAM runs at 2667 or 3200MHz? See both CPUz and AIDA screenshots Kind regards CPUZ show me this And AIDI64 shows me this
  14. hello, having updated my aida 64, my frequencies on the cpu and the ram are not correct, version Win 11 pro and aida 64 with valid license key. what can I do to fix the problem? thank you. ps: sorry to use a translator, but i don't speak english.
  15. Hey guys, I just clicked through almost all sides in this thread and I have to say, there are some really awesome panels around! Great job! I am very new in this game of sensor panels and bought myself a 5" 800x480 Screen. Handling the Aida64 tool is not a problem at all. I would like to build a Tron Legacy theme, matching my RGB but unfortunately, I have no experience in creating graphics with any tool at all. Is there maybe someone willing to help me to realize it? I'd appreciate it with all I have. Cheers Marcel
  16. Had a few issues myself with x3 monitor setup, i did the following... Pulled ALL but 1 monitor lead, turn on and setup 1 then plugged each monitor in 1 at a time. Once i got all 3 detected in NVidia's control panel i set those to act as 1x3 Restarted PC before i plugged the 5" screen in. Kept mine over to top right out of the way. Windows & Nvidia seem to number the displays differently but its working... I Highlight number 2 in WINDOWS display settings to change resolution if i need to.
  17. I realize this is an old thread, but it is still relevant, and every thread I come across on the topic has the same reply so here is my rant. I have been having many issues with my screen resizing. I follow all the instructions I can find online and build the perfect screen for my new system. I looks awesome! I can reboot my computer and all is good, but if my monitor shuts off or I turn my main monitor off while the computer is on, it resizes my secondary display. It is now very tiny. I take the time to resize everything. I export my file and save my work. I put my secondary display to the top left of my main display. I also try bottom left of my main display. My wife walks in and turns my monitor off, or I turn it off out of habit, and I get to resize everything to fit it to my secondary display again. Importing the file brings in the new tiny display (useless). The new update comes out for windows 11 and I think, "Hey maybe this will fix the issue". It doesn't. Now my display is way to big. I get the pleasure of resizing everything, yet again. Every thread I find on the issue has the same worthless suggestion of placing the small screen on the left of the main monitor. It doesn't work and stop suggesting it. If I have to download some third party github solution, or as you call it a "workaround", your software isn't worth the price we pay. I realize this is on your forums and you can delete it if you want, but I have taken a screen shot and will be posting it on other forums if you choose to do so. I hope you take this to heart and fix the issue. If you are a potential customer, save your money for now. I will be looking for an alterative.
  18. Decided to start something new, got a feeling this ones going to give me a few problems with translations ! Looks ok on a 5" LCD tho, can't wait to get it finished
  19. Hi all, here's another Battlefield 2042 panel which is a remix of leveldogs's Boundary sensor panel. The sensorpanel is sized 1920x480 Hope you like it. You WILL need the install the font - GeForce_Bold and Geforce_Light (included in the ZIP). All credit goes to leveldog for creating the original panel style, i just mixed it up a bit. DM me to receive the panel, I don't want to clutter up this place with unnecessary downloads.
  20. This is the panel I am using now, it is based on racQn's. I've been using it to see what I can display and what I actually want to display. Panel: AmazonSmile: 8.8 inch 1920x480 IPS LCD Screen for Aida64 PC CPU Monitor GPU Fan Speed Computer Temperature Memory Sub Display Cars LiveDash Raspberry Pi MIPI DIY Kits : Electronics I received the following part numbers: Panel: HSD088IPW1-A00 & HDMI Board: HDMI-HSD088-V06 Case: Case for 8.8 inch 1920x480 LCD panel HSD088IPW1 - AIDA64 Sensor Panel by midnightcruze - Thingiverse The mounts for the HDMI board do not line up. The case was made for V3 of the board and I received V6.
  21. Hello, I updated to the new AIDA Engineer 64 and now my sensor panel is missing the RAM/DIMM1 temperature. It's not showing up in the list of parameters to be selected in the Sensor Manager either. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks, ValinHawK
  22. Are you using a LCD panel of some kind? I have this problem at times if I have not perfectly centered the image in the panel I use. I find an open area in the panel and right click, it will create a yellow dot border around the Aida64 panel. Use that as a guide to place it perfectly, I never see the taskbar when I do that.
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  24. Well as far as I know EVGA does not have any type of PSU monitoring software.
  25. Aqua Computer Octo not working after update win11 d5 pump works ok in the software. no data to use. usb is ok and visible in the software.
  26. Link to the software: https://lgb123-1253504678.cos.ap-beijing.myqcloud.com/35inchENG.rar Thanks for your time.
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