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  2. I have reached my journies end on my mission to build a Hud style panel. my last was good but in the end to busy to many radial dials!!! this on the other hand to me is perfection! i feel no need to start another! enjoy PNG sensor panel not LCD 1024 x 600 NewHud.sensorpanel
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  4. So prooud....for the animation, just reduce the sensorpanel size and put an animated wallpaper from wallpaper engine (steam). 20210414_225940_1.mp4
  5. Hey, no prob I will do soon, im not quite finished with it yet but very close, the format i create mine in and for is Png image sensor panel not LCD
  6. Is Geforce Font, attach it GeForce_Bold.otf GeForce_Light.otf
  7. Can anyone tell me the most trusted anti-spy/malware apps for Android? I have absolutely no tech savvy and my phone is full of null files. Thank you for your time and energy if anybody is able to help
  8. PLEASE Share this , i had tred to install the other version in lcd sensor panel but all the graphics were all over the place. Many thanks
  9. Very cool. I am considering doing something like that or one hanging from under my main monitor even though I like the one inside my PC, I am NOT starting at my PC all day
  10. Maybe when I do v2, since I want to animate the CPU core image and better organize the fans section.
  11. Good job man!!! Specially because you are sharing a SensorPanel which is fully operational, a sometimes-forgotten rule in this forum... Buen trabajo!
  12. I share mine. Tribute to my old G19 1920x480Toni.sensorpanel
  13. Thanks!! Perfect for my 8.8" screen Me encanta!
  14. This will be very nice and make me so happy. The size is 400x1400 horizontal. And another question. I use Aquatuning Quadro. If i like to have the watertemp, why i cant take it out from sensors in gauge? In the normal overview i see it but i cant use it in gauge. Has this a reason of software isue?
  15. sorry i don't have that sensor panel no more cause i accidentally deleted it i can try to make it again if you want
  16. I Try Gimp now but im not good in something like that. I load it go on increase but nothing happens.... This is so frustrated
  17. I've put this towards a vanguard user to try and get a repro and then forward onto AMD, theres clearly an issue with a driver mutex or kernel memory corruption when the two software are paired that needs to be investigated from there end.
  18. Hi my gauges don't stay on the screen, they appear and disappear. Why?
  19. What version of AIDA64 are you using?
  20. Hi my gouges don't stay on the screen, they appear and disappear. Why?
  21. youll need to use a picture editing app or software, like adobe, gimp, unity to re size images
  22. Hi Guys, for beginn, sorry for my maybe bad english. And now my question I try to build my own Sensorpanel with this gauge from nzxt where some post here in this forum. Now i like to know. Is there a possiblity to increase the size of this gauge which i copy out of this forum? Thank you so much for your help. Best regards Sylvio
  23. i dont use any gif buddy all png
  24. Your BSOD is caused by a defective CPU or cosmic waves, contact Intel for a replacement.
  25. Sensor and GPU Sensor info latency is massive, report the issue to nvidia, I'll notify ManuelG of this thread and to be on the watch for the feedback. https://forms.gle/kJ9Bqcaicvjb82SdA You might also go further and perform the following Use nsight to analyze your system for causes of hitching and stutters https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/using-nsight-systems-for-fixing-stutters-in-games/ Then follow on with these if it doesn't display a trigger or theres evidence the issue is in the nvidia driver. Performance reports require the user to submit a gpuview or
  26. These are listed as not supported on Processors that support either or both in some cases, meanwhile HWInfo64 is logging the time the processor is in the C6 state just fine.
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