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  3. Here is a little something im working on, heavily CP inspired. still need to figure out how to do the left side and what info i want there etc, ill share it here once im done with it
  4. So I have searched through the forum on this issue and the common answer is you need to have Riva Tuner installed which I do.. Yet for some reason the RTS FPS option on my panel constantly displays 0 fps. Is there specific settings I need to have for my aida64 options in Riva Tuner? I have tried to do multiple searches and have not come up with a reason to why this is happening. Any and all help is welcome.
  5. Hi, I like to keep it as simple I can/need... Since I'm not overclocking anything in my system I don't like to keep on the screen info that I don't really need to be monitoring at all time! [800 x 480] simple.sensorpanel
  6. hello someone has skins ready for 600x1024. sorry to be so asking but I have no way to create. thanks
  7. Hi, I'm using rn a raspberry pi panel with Aida 64 to show some info like my temperatures or usages, I also use it as a stream deck for twitch streams (some buttons with macros of some actions). My question is, is there any way that I could show through Aida 64 the ammounts of viewers that I'm having on a stream? It's basically a number on chrome that changes with each new viewer with the same format as any character in this post.
  8. Finished today Fit to 1280x800. SCIFI79_sensorpanel.7f2476c56837ff8cc027c0b77f1fb780
  9. Hi, I've been using the software and I'm in general very happy with it (paid user here) Just noticed the GPU temps reported in AIDA are always 2C higher than say MSI Afterburner. Another issue that I notice is the CPU clock is always or most of the time reported as 3600Mhz on a 5900X and vcore seems to be not displaying correctly, I've seen it go down to 0.1v. The weird thing is that it seems to only happen on the sensor panel, If I check Aida sensors directly it seems to be ok. Any help would be really appreciated. Cheers.
  10. Hi Guys Just got into this monitor thing yesterday and took me a while to design these things from the ground up mostly. Let me know what you guys think =)
  11. Mickey gauge. SensorPanel_Miky01.zip
  12. I am having same issue with Rivatuner not showing fps in my sensor panel.. any ideas to how to fix this?
  13. Yesterday
  14. I have the files as white & red. But what i see now, i cant upload anymore stuff in this forum because there is only "0.22MB left". So i upload the files to my DeviantArt profile. Download here: https://www.deviantart.com/3xhumed/art/Element-Package-v1-1-by-Exhumed-862641961 I added more files to the original package! v1.1
  15. Hi, I am making my panel with a panel mix that I found here. 2020-11-29-v2.sensorpanel
  16. glad you like it Black.sensorpanel
  17. white background with red element i guess
  18. After reinstall the system, everything became ok. No matter the time.
  19. Main background red or white? Or inverted? red background with white elements (borders) white background with red elements (borders) You can rightclick on an item to move it. Another way is over the sensor panel manager per x-y coordinates.
  20. That is woeking great on my 7inch 800x480 display just need to tweak a few areas but could you share the darker version please.
  21. Nice. Did you get the IPS one or the TFT. Which would be better for a sensor panel?
  22. Hi, I like to keep it as simple I can/need... Since I'm not overclocking anything in my system I don't like to keep on the screen info that I don't really need to be monitoring at all time! 800 x 480 simple.sensorpanel
  23. Amp Meter! Use this background with my custom CN1 sensor. Assign watts to the first and volts to the second. The convergence lines indicate amps. GauCN2under.zip
  24. You don't 'import' it as such. Open the Sensor Panel Manager, create a new gauge, then use these graphics as the custom graphics. My sensor gauges typically have an underlay PNG (background), 16 indicator PNGs, and an overlay PNG (forground). It would be nice if the instructions included a section on the Sensor Panel Manager, but I haven't found that covered anywhere yet. Maybe management can help us out.
  25. As I am totally new to editing the sensor panel, how can I import the ones you shared here?
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