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  2. Please note that in order to detect the missing details, the camera ID information had to be previously encoded into the Android profile of the device. When the manufacturer of the devcie (in your case Meizu) didn't encode the info there, then sysinfo apps cannot read or detect it.
  3. i cant find camera sensor of my meizu m3 note.its only 2 days old.where can i find my device id?or manufacturer avoided it?
  4. It's not only about users' perception. We also would feel a jerky animation unsuitable for the generic quality of our software.
  5. Yes, because it would look bad with no anti-alias support
  6. When I said CRC above, I meant hash (SHA).
  7. Yes, we sadly couldn't finish it up before having to finalize AIDA64 v5.92. We'll work on it as soon as we can get a X299 motherboard, which would be an ideal platform to work on this matter.
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  9. AIDA64 detects the current Windows Desktop layout when you start it up, and when it detects that the previous position where you've left the SensorPanel at no longer falls into the visible Desktop area, it will reset the position to (0,0) -- which is the top-left corner of the primary monitor. In your case the problem might be that when AIDA64 starts up, Windows still didn't restore the previous Desktop arrangement, and the Desktop area doesn't yet cover the secondary display. Can you please check if the issue only happens when you restart (or cold start) your computer, or it happens also when you keep your computer running and only restart AIDA64?
  10. Make sure to upgrade to the latest version of AIDA64 Extreme available at: After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade. Let me know if the problem persists.
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  12. Hi My problem is that in the stability test, the cpu core temps are not showing up. Earlier today they did show up, but suddenly they just failed showing. As you can see it's not a sensor issue and i cant seem to find anyone else with the same problem Hope anyone can help, thanks
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  14. Hi there, it`s my first post for finding an solution for my problem. I tried to read a lot of forum discussions...but maybe no other one has problems... My setup is a 1080ti (WIN 10 64bit) with an 4K-TV via HDMI (first monitor) and an faytech 7`` Monitor (second, native 1024*600). I use an Sensorpanel "window" to display sensordata on the second screen. My problem is that every time a start my computer, the panel displays on my TV (left, above) although i tried several times with all the setting (Position fixed/flexible, size fixed...) in the sensorpanel settings... i can drag and drop it in the right position (2. monitor) but even with the fixed settings it startet in the TVscreen :-( It could not be that problem to display it at the second monitor.... i think a lot of people do that in that way.... for a home entertainment system or a gaming Maschine for couch potatos like me.... and... it was no problem for my alphacool-display... but i wanted to improve the colour-range :-) In fact i have expected that there is a 1-click solution :-) I know.... it was a dream Thank you Thomas
  15. If the CRC is also fetched via http, an attacker could redirect this request as well and provide the correct CRC for his own ZIP - unless you hardcoded the IP(s) of your server(s), which would make such a redirect more difficult (though probably not impossible). And as CRC doesn't detect all errors, one could probably even craft a ZIP file with different content, but the same CRC. A cryptographic hash such as SHA256 would avoid this.
  16. I don't have the Gigabyte software installed, so I can't tell what it reports. I'm just wondering that the CPU value is still 15 degrees below "CPU diode", despite the offset Ryzen adds to the temperature is now corrected. Perhaps the latest BIOS update will fix this, but I still have to install it ;-)
  17. Hi Fiery, i humbly request you to provide a patch for ASUS-H110i-cm-aa motherboard to read +5v and +12v. i can pay you for the software.its a urgent requirement.
  18. Thank you. We will fix the issue in the next AIDA64 beta update. I'll post a message into this topic once the new beta is available for download.
  19. The mother board is Asus Prime Z270-AR. AIDA64 only displays some of sensors, it has no CPU fan speed, 12V, 3.3V voltage.. But the sensor dump file does have these sensor values. isasensordump.txt
  20. I do not use utilities from Asus (including AI Suite) Perhaps it is worth making a separate option to enable monitoring "Preferences/Stability/Asus Embedded Controller Support"?
  21. Thank you for the report! Reading that temperature would involve EC (Embedded Controller) bank switching, which is a dangerous thing to pull off, especially when AI Suite is installed. Or when AI Suite may leave behind its services after uninstallation...
  22. Hi! Please add readings of sensors DIMM.2 ambient temp. ps. Full report sent through built-in tools.
  23. Yeah, i closed/killed it with the task manager and also searched for associated processes
  24. I'm sorry for the delays, and thank you for the dumps. I'm afraid neither of the RAID codepaths AIDA64 currently features supports your RAID controller. We'll try to find out how to handle it.
  25. Thank you. Sadly, Aquaero uses a slow USB protocol, and there's nothing we can do to get around that limitation
  26. Sadly, not all Adaptec controllers are handled properly by AIDA64 at this time. So it's best not to pretend it supports all Adaptec RAID controllers
  27. Multi-GPU support can be dangerous with ULPS-enabled CrossFire setups, but it is fine to have enabled with SLI
  28. That indeed looks very weird. We'll need to see the before & after dumps to find out more about the root cause of the issue.
  29. We don't use an offset for the "CPU" value. AIDA64 should show the same value that Gigabyte's own monitoring software displays as "CPU" temperature.
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