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    Delete please

    Delete please.
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    Please let us know more about the issue you're facing with AIDA64. Please also note that this is an English language forum, so please post your questions in English.
  4. Im not sure. Its an EVGA Hybrid card, so there is one blower fan on the actual video card (Fan 1 in Precision X1) and a second fan on the radiator (Fan 2 in Precision X1). The second fan is hooked up via a 4-pin PWM connector straight to the video card.
  5. I have the same waterblock and a 360 rad cooling the CPU, northbridge, VRM's and a RTX2080 with no problems. The fact that your temperature shoots right up would suggest that the cpu isn't transmitting the heat to your block. If it were then your outgoing fluid should be warm to the touch if its running that hot. A few things I can think of are: 1) You forgot to remove the clear plastic cover from the new waterblocks copper surface. (don't laugh I've done it) 2) Not enough thermal paste or the block isn't tightened down enough 3) Wrong restrictor plate installed on waterblock (even then tho I wouldn't think it would get that hot) 4) The CPU needs to be lapped, you could check how flat the top of it is with a straight edge. Is it a new cpu or a new waterblock? Is the waterblock itself getting hot? (and the fluid inside it) Can you see the fluid moving? Is the reservoir warm to the touch? Make sure the CPU is making good contact with the waterblock. Sounds like that may be where your problem is.
  6. I'm kind of new to using this whole thing so I was wondering if this is just the way it is or if I maybe messed something up. I noticed using the LCD skin editor was very "laggy" but wrote it off. I was just so happy the thing worked at all. Saved me a fortune from buying a pre made external display. I added a clock to my display the and the seconds update every 3 to 4 seconds (as does the rest of the monitor). Is this normal or did I screw something up? I tried changing some of the update times around in the "Update Frequency" section but didn't notice any change. I also shut down Corsair ICU because I read that messes with it. I'll attache the skin I made so you can see what I'm monitoring. I'm using USB 3.0 from my motherboard to my phone Galaxy S7 Edge using the Remote Panel app. I'm also using the latest build of AIDA64 Extreme paid version. Ifs thats the way it is then so be it, not a huge deal. Is that the way it is for everyone else? Thank you! 2019-05-25.oslcd
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  8. After I had the display completely de-energized for 1 day, it is currently running without any problems. It does not get hot either. Strange, I'll keep watching
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    Устройство лагает
  10. 80-90C is not unusual for the i9-9900K during stress testing. Note that the default thermal throttling temperature is 100C for this CPU, however, most OC guides that I've read suggest upping this threshold to 110C in the BIOS. Then you should never see throtting within AIDA64 stress testing. It is not clear to me, from your picture, where you are drawing air into the radiator from. If you can, then the best CPU cooling will be achieved drawing air from outside through a radiator at the front of the case and then exhausting out of the top. You can use PMW case fans to cool the other components. I cool my i9-9900K with a Corsair H115i AIO in a push-pull config at the front of my case. I can run AIDA64 stress testing all day long overclocked to 5.1GHz / PC3400 without ever seeing any thermal throttling.
  11. insp1re2600

    Asus Ryujin 360 OLED Screen

    Hi, Will there be support for the ryujin 360 oled screen for hardware stats on non asus motherboards pulled from wmi? This would be hugely appreciated. Thanks
  12. Thx Fiery for your help. Very much appreciated. I think, this a Windows 10 fault because: - Windows 10 1803 Clean Install with latest cumulative update. All core voltages change permanently. No core voltage is static at all. - Windows 10 1809 Clean Install with latest cumulative update. Core voltage of core #9 is static. - Windows 10 1903 Clean Install with latest cumulative update. Core voltage of core #9 is static. So what has changed in Windows between 1803 and now?
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  14. Hi Marcin,

    Would you please let me know how you managed to make AIDA64 Business Edition recognize Kaspersky Endpoint Security on all my computers?

    Thanks a lot.



  15. Hi Fiery,

    Would you please update me as to what to do so that my AIDA64 Business Edition can recognize Kaspersky Endpoint Security on all my computers?

    Thanks a lot.



  16. Annie Abreu

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security

    Hi Fiery, Would you please update me as to what to do so that my AIDA64 Business Edition can recognize Kaspersky Endpoint Security on all my computers? Thanks a lot. Regards, Annie
  17. bbent67888

    Mounting VHD makes Sensor Panel disk temp disappear

    FYI, same behavior in 6.00.5100.
  18. AIDA64 has never implemented a SHA2 benchmark...
  19. Thank you. I guess the issue is due to the number of fans your card has got. Based on the product photo we assumed it has only got a single fan. Maybe Fan 2 in your card's case reflects the pump RPM for the onboard liquid cooling?
  20. Can you please check if the device is overheating after 4 minutes?
  21. The Windows scheduler explanation still applies: Windows deems it's best to run AIDA64 on the last core and probably puts more threads/processes on that core as well. It results in the core running at a higher core ratio than the other cores, which then means it has to use a higher VID step to operate properly.
  22. Thx for your answer and clarification. But in my case, it does not apply. I checke it many times and my preferred core is core#6 and not #9. Could there be any other explanation for this behaviour?
  23. Thank you for your feedback and for your kind words
  24. Thanks for the speedy response, I've tested this latest build and indeed the rpm readout is now the desired one. Thanks for the amazing product!
  25. Thank you now it works. I have Corsair Link to version downgrade otherwise Link had lost the connection to the fans. A problem is still here. After about 5 minutes the display stops updating itself. Aida continues to run normally. If I restart Aida, the displaywill run normally again until after 5 minutes it stops updating
  26. Yemble

    OSD Click Through Option

    Works as expected in 6.00.5100. Cheers
  27. >> As a hashing algorithm, SHA1 is obsolete. SHA1, but not SHA2. NIST does not currently plan to withdraw SHA2 or remove it from the revised Secure Hash Standard.
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