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    Hello People, Here is my first (not finished yet) work, 1280x800px. I used a template from one of the forum uploaders as a base to work with. I did not have a display at this moment for my pc but maybe later i buy one. The style is two-colored digital modern optic. As next i want to change the Gauge Meter to match the different red color and add some vector lines around the stats. Which elements remain and have a function that seems useful to me is not yet finished and will certainly be revised again. I will create more different themes from time to time. Tipp: "0 FPS" You need rivatuner installed and run to enable rtss What do you think? Do you like the layout? Custom made vector background and some graphics to. Fonts used but not included: Chosence (https://www.dafont.com/de/search.php?q=chosence) Cyberdyne (https://www.dafont.com/de/search.php?q=cyberdyne) Used colors: #E64253 (red: 230, green: 66, blue: 83) #2FD7E0 (red: 47, gren: 215, blue: 244) v1 v2 AIDA64_Panel by_Exhumed_v1_Cyberpunk.rar AIDA64_Panel by_Exhumed_v2_Cyberpunk.rar
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    I made also a White Version of This white.sensorpanel
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    Okay, here is my "Elements Package v1" with a lot of different colored .png ressources. Maybe i add later some more elements or colored files but for no it's final. 1024x600 px 1600x2560 px Free for personal use only, dont sell or make any profit from. Have fun! Edit: https://www.deviantart.com/3xhumed/art/Element-Package-v1-1-by-Exhumed-862641961 Element Package_by_Exhumed.rar
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    Hi everyone! My first attempt to create a sensor panel. I have attached the Photoshop files if you like to modify them to your liking. I use a cheap 7 inch display with resolution 1280x720px as the sensor display. Aida64Panel_sensorpanel.0482e0276c77c9c4fc55dbf75bc5d17e PSD.zip
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    @Exhumed Thanks for the upload of your sensor panel. I really like the color scheme and how you depicted the logo's of the HW. I've made a 800*480 version of this, one version is with all the info I could possibly want, the other one is a bit less cluttered. This was my first try, but I'm really happy with the results. Although it was my first try, I'm pretty happy with the results! This is how it looks in my setup: Asyncroon_Witcher_Light_BasicV1.sensorpanel Asyncroon_Witcher_Light_FullV1.sensorpanel Asyncroon_Witcher_Dark_BasicV1.sensorpanel Asyncroon_Witcher_Dark_FullV1.sensorpanel Asyncroon_Witcher_Shadow_BasicV1.sensorpanel Asyncroon_Witcher_Shadow_FullV1.sensorpanel
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    Hello Community, this is my finished "Cyberpunk 2077" sensor panel. The working time was 3 full days to create the vector graphics (border bottom and top + frame borders and diagonal lines) and adjust the sensor panel and align all objects exactly. You can change the background image. There are several files here, completely without decorative design elements and with cyberpunk texts / elements and hardware logos. In order to be able to use the sensor panel to the full extent, please install the enclosed font for Windows. (1280x800px resolution) Video here: How do you like the end result? Cyberpunk_2077_by_Exhumed.rar
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    Here is mine! Sonic Asus.sensorpanel
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    I have really fun to design these Sensor Panels so far. So i made a new "Cyberpunk 2077" inspired theme. I worked only on the graphics for 3 days! Holy moly cow. And not to mention the time it needed to work on the sensor panel to change the sensors to fit on there positions. A lot of smal details (top and bottom bar). Still WIP. 1280x800px
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    So i made a new Version of this incl. first own designed gauges...i think the Cyberpunk feeling is coming good
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    My Mayur replica % meter. SensorPanel_GauMY1.zip
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    My aviation-styled volt meter, AvVM-1 SensorPanel_AvVM1.zip
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    Hi Guys, This is my first sensorpanel, I've been working on it for 2 evenings straight an just finished it. Thought i'd share It's 1024x600 for a small 7" monitor I have below my normal one.
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    Hey there. Never knew about anything like this until I watched JayzTwoCents' video. 3 days later, I've got a 7" 1280x768 monitor and a shiny new SensorPanel to go on it. The gauges were really really hard to make! They're actually two "halves" per gauge, for 32-step gauges. I honestly should've made the background slightly more transparent so you can see the graph behind it better, but I'm not going through another 4 hours of photoshop hell for that. It's still a work in progress, so I won't be uploading it until I'm finished. First, I gotta finish my new PC build and un-hide the rest of the graphs for the 16 cores in my 5950X, then I'll recalibrate the graphs for better minimum/maximum values. Then, I'll post it here.
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    I also watched the JayzTwoCents about making a sensor panel in AIDA64 for a recent build of theirs, which led me here. Searching around for inspiration, and being that it is N7 day, I made a Mass Effect themed dashboard for an old Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, I had collecting dust. To create this, I found a similar dashboard on this site: http://www.lamptron.com/Products/HardwareMonitor/117.html and recreated it from scratch using assets I found in this thread, or created myself. The zip file includes everything you will need, including the 3 different gauges, BitFenix logo (my case). The font is Mass Effect 123 from fontm.com: https://fontm.com/mass-effect-123-font/ Dashboard dimensions: 1024x600 For the gauges, I created all new image files (15 per gauge) with a new gradients from blue to white to orange. Colors used: Blue - RGB 0, 200, 255 #00c8ff Orange - RGB 237, 88, 4 #ed5804 White - RGB 0, 0, 0 #ffffff Dark Gray - RBG 30, 30, 30 #1e1e1e Download: mass_effect_theme_sensor_dashboard.zip
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    does it come in english ?
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    Finished today Fit to 1280x800. SCIFI79_sensorpanel.7f2476c56837ff8cc027c0b77f1fb780
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    Hi, I like to keep it as simple I can/need... Since I'm not overclocking anything in my system I don't like to keep on the screen info that I don't really need to be monitoring at all time! 800 x 480 simple.sensorpanel
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    Thanks a lot. I just done with draft layout base on your cyberpunk profile, still need to find sth to fill the blank
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    I love it, great work I made some small tweaks to make it fit my 1024x600 7". All creds to @Exhumed for creating this Cyberpunk-1024.sensorpanel
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    Got the screen in, it's supposed to be a 800x480 panel but it runs fullHD if I want. Weird, got it off amazon.de. So tinkering with a 1280x720 format. As you can see nothing is set in stone, but i'm having fun doing it.
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    Hi My sensorpanel that I'm using on my 2nd display (LCD - 1024x 600) BETO-11_2020-V41_sensorpanel.d963ab8e42f1c69c00c5bfba982129ba
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    I need some days because i want to upload a package with a lot of PNG files (different colors) from this sensor panel.
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    Great posts overall, everyone! I have used panels for some time, but just discovered this forum a couple weeks back... I thought I could contribute with a generic self-made Ryzen dashboard for the advent of the new AMD CPUs (I'm building a 5600X :3). 800x480 theme for 5" displays, easy to customize with all kinds of sensors and info. Tags use the euro font and numbers use the spy font. Backgound and fonts included in the pack. o/ 800x480 Arcturus Sensorpanel.rar
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    Just a preview! Hi folks, my completely new sensor panel was created from scratch. Working time so far around 6 hours for the graphics and 1 hour changing the sensor panel parameters. But it is still completely arranged. Suitable for displays of 1280x800 px. The colors used are white, gray and red. Fonts: Chosense, Cyberdyne and DSEG 14 Classic. © Graphics by: Exhumed - All rights reserved
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    so i took the time with today and designed something new
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    Well just finished my first panel and I'm fairly happy with it. All being well it will fit on to a 7" monitor I will put above my secondary monitor. Only problem I have to figure out is it keeps crashing/locking up, anywhere after 30 seconds to a few hours so I have to restart it and refresh the sensors. I am hoping to redo it when I get my new CPU and do the rebuild, the main thing will be remembering how to use PS so I can alter the back ground style. Please rate it but don't be too harsh. CH8.final..sensorpanel
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    Hello men gg for your sensor panel, I love it. But we can't download it. So can you give a new like please, or can you give the type of your police for reproduce it please. Because the panel is awesome <3
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    So I modded one from someone here from an all AMD setup to match mine. Kept some elements, removed some other, added some. I Can't remember who it was, but thank you for the great base to start with! I used a 5" Beadapanel. Fonts are "Intel Clear", one called DSEG14 and DSEG7 (14 and 7 segment display fonts), and "GeForce" IntelVertical.belcd
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    With v10.0 I have tried to aim a slightly more graphical approach and lay down the foundations of a refined and modular layout. Improvements inlcudes: - TAI: Using an array of dots as Thread Activity Indicator that gives the desired compactness and future-proof scalability at the same time. - A semi-transparent in-between layer that helps maintaining readability over the more colorful background elements. - A standalone disk module to display more detailed disk activity. Preview images for comparison of different loading states: AIDA64_SensorPanel_v10.0_(420x40)_Final.sensorpanel
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    My first few tries :)
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    After countless iterations and numerous dead ends I'm glad to present you a new viable variation (v8.96). The following previews helps to compare idle... ...and active state under dynamic load: AIDA64_SensorPanel_v8.96.sensorpanel It's even more compact (400 x 40 px) and shows more valuable sensor information at the same time: - Every modul has its own activity graph as background. - The network modul's invisible frame serves as activity bars where the vertical segments are active between 0 and 1024KB/s, while the horizontal ones from 1025 KB/s to maximum bandwidth. What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment and give me valuable feedback. Thx.
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    Thank you. Sure here is the link: https://www.1001freefonts.com/differentiator.font
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    Your Panel look fantastic! Can you tell me the Font?
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    Umbenennen sollte auch gehen, habe es noch nicht probiert. Sollte irgendein Sensorpanel bereits laufen. Rechtsklick auf das Sensorpanel, "SensorPanel Manager" auswählen > "Importieren" anklicken. Beim Öffnen-Dialog einfach "All files (*.*)" auswählen im Drop-down Menu, dann findest du auch den Namen der Datei und wählst sie aus und lässt das Panel laden. Jetzt kannst du alle Werte ändern und speicherst es dann ab, wird dann "Dateiname.sensorpanel".
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    Awesome design!! Love those custom gauges you did Thanks for including the photoshop file too
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    I just got this up and running on an old Android tablet running OS 4.4.2 Kitkat. I followed this guide: (same posted just above). All in all works very well, but being that this sits on my desktop, I may just run an HDMI to a small display panel and convert mine to a sensor panel on second screen. But it works very well on the Android tablet. If you have any issues, I might be able to help.
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    I'm getting the same issues. I have a 800x480 screen and made sure I'm importing 800x480 panels. Every time I import my panel changes to 1200x720. The underlying background image is still 800x480 but all the sensors scale to fit the new resolution for some reason.
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    Hi, i'm using this panel and after 10 to 15 minutes, the panel stuck with error said "thread creation error: Not enough memory resources are available to process this command" . Any ideas? Using other panel with same size doesnt have this issue
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    Big shout out to @Gabe Zalewski for doing all the ground work and sharing his beautiful Neon Hud Pannel. I have resized the panel to 1024x600 for my 7inch display and did some customization to match my parts. Let me know if you guys want the download!
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    Hello Guys, Present you my little sensor panel, really simple.. I wanted few info that I can look at, since I have a 5" screen, to many info then I can see nothing. custom.zip
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    Awesome! What screen are you using to display? Seems like it would fit my case a lot better than my 5" screen!
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    ("COD"): 边境.sensorpa.zip
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    Awesome panels in this thread! Haven't busted photoshop out yet to fully customize, but this is what I got so far. 2020-07-09.sensorpanel
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    Portable Rig (abacom 20x4 display) Thanks to Aida64 and Fiery for support 2020-03-09.ablcd
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