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    Hi! Could AIDA64 start in the background, you see it in task manager? If yes, then try to run the AIDA64 whitout parameters on 10.1.2.X PCs, and test the Database connection (File menu / Preferences / Database), when it work well create a test report with Report Wizard (Report menu / Report Wizard / Select ADO at report format page).
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    There's no fix for that I'm afraid. On its Nexus and Pixel devices Google -- for whatever reason -- decided to further limit apps access to certain system directories, like the ones necessary for temperature measurement. So now it's not possible to read any temperatures but the battery temperature. It applies to any apps running on your device, not just AIDA64.
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    System availability indicates the percentage of a day that your system is up (online, in use). So for example, if you use your computer between 8am and 4pm every day, including weekends and holidays, your system availability will be 33% (8 hours out of 24 hours). If you however use your computer only between 8pm and 10pm on Saturdays and Sundays only, then your system availability will be 2%.
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    Cheers Yeah no worries. I'll put all the images in a rar file plus the .rslcd file (this is what it gave me when I exported - but it's not sensorpanel, it's remote lcd) and attach to this post - total file is less than half a MB. Nereus-aida64remote.rar This is using a 6" Amazon Fire tablet - way bigger than the G19 LCD screen. Made a few minor changes - it looks like the following now:
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    We'll decrease the minimum update rate to 0.1 sec (from the current 1 sec) in the next AIDA64 beta update that is rolling out later today.