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    Kudos to all those shared their work. This is my panel (1024x600) with bits and pieces that i have gathered throughout the thread. A few minor tweaks were made here and there for my needs. 2020-05-25.sensorpanel
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    Made some new gauges for every one (aida panels are addictive, lol) The 1st is in 3 sizes, the other 2 are in 4 sizes. Enjoy! hip63 aida64 gauges.7z
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    Thanks to the talented people here I was able to craft my own panel out different bits and pieces. I call it "Executive Decision" Thanks everyone! hip63
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    Two new Bars I created , enjoy VertBar.zip HorzBar.zip
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    20 min to change color in asus TUF style (same panel 800x480) TUF 2020-05-15.splcd.axlcd
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    Got some inspiration from some of my favorite movies, "Mad Mad" The "Blower" light comes on when the video card hits Boost! hip63 Last_of_the_V8s.7z
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    Hi, for anyone that wish to use Razer theme sensor panel....i modified and made it one....pls feel free to share razer2.sensorpanel
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    Since my PC is behind me, I ported the screen to a frame I can monitor directly on my desk SENSOR PANEL V2.sensorpanel
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    hi i'm new here and was really interested in using this theme however it's not the color scheme i need, how would i go about editing?
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    hi, i'm new here. Wanna share my 1st senor panel. just started using Aida64 3 days ago. and honestly, i had fun making my very first sensor panel. been searching alot and i have seen lots of awesome sensor panel. I envy those who has a unique sensor gauges rather than the stock gauges provided. i am really hoping on making my ROG themed sensor panel to match its gauges. I wonder if there's such a website that sells different gauge designs. i would really appreciate the hook up.. Thank you guys.
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    Mate how did you get the weather readout working? btw very nice!
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    Thanks all for the help with this forum thread. This is my first sensorpanel setup. Designed for 800x480 screen. I liked the effect of overlaying two graphs on top of each other. (in this case, activity and temperature) without taking up excess space. I forget what post I originally saw that effect on.
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    Thank you. It works fine, but you need to close NZXT CAM software because only one software can access the Kraken X52 device at any given time.
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    AMD Yellow.zip New design for Matrix Orbital EVE2 43 480x272
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    Hi, some post above you can find all icons i'm not able for now to use photoshop and I use only windows paint for resize and move icons with paint you can change color in green and black image however I share all my images for 800x480 800x480 SPF 87H.zip Bye
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    just for kicks thought I would Share,, I think its cool blue_in_progress(5)_sensorpanel.25dff612be098156499b46c68b64a961
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    I'm afraid we're not experienced with overclocking, so we cannot help you with that. But hopefully someone else can chime in. You may also want to ask around in XtremeSystems or similar forums that are geared towards OC and system tuning.
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    Hi, i´m very impressed with the desing you have done. Where i can download the dashbord desing? i appreciate....Thanks
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    Here they are in a panel
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    Kind of massive but so is the friggin' card! hip63
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    here is mine 7" 1024x600
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    My first design. amd.sensorpanel
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    First try on this. Started with a template from here. I'm using this on an old Samsung A5 that I have. So I have to work with a small screen. I hate clutter, so I kept it simple! Still some things I could fix. But good enough for now! zombistsimple.oslcd
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    External Mounting Kit Mod Matrix Orbital Eve 2 2020-02-23.moevelcd
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    Portable Rig (abacom 20x4 display) Thanks to Aida64 and Fiery for support 2020-03-09.ablcd
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    New built with alphacool vertical Ryzen 7 RTX.aclcd
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    Happy to find this forum. Just sharing what I came up with. My main screen is a 55" Vizio, then I have a small 20" (ish?) monitor setting off to the left. AIDA64 lives on the little monitor so I can see it while playing games, etc. I have position locked. Very interesting to see any kind of forum thread that has survived 8 years and is still relevant. Thanks!! jim9418
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    Hello, My first SensorPanel for 1024X768 UCTRONICS 7 Inch IPS Touch Screen ($59 from Amazon) using Aida64-Extreme tool. Took me a day to learn and create, thanks for the tips from this forum. Sorry for the blur captured photo for the case/panel. Feel free to leave a comment and give me valuable feedback. Let me know if I can help. Thank you and be safe and strong during the COVID-19.
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    Hi all, New to this and created 2 myself, have to say robbed/copied a lot of other peoples work on here so thanks. If anyone has any large black/white/grey gauges and wants to share them please do, tried to make my own but just didnt look right and want a few bigger ones for temps 1 is skyrim black white theme for 1024x600 (7 inch) 2nd is fallout theme for 800x480 (5 inch) skyrimbigv2.sensorpanel Pipboy Final v1.sensorpanel
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    This is for 800 x 480 displays If your'e a fan of CAM software and just didn't like its flaws then this is for you. Note: It was created on a 4k display, so I'm pretty sure its gonna open up looking weird on anything less but if anyone is really interested i could take the time out to do it on my 1080p laptop. You just gotta request it. 2020-04-23.sensorpanel
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    Finally finished my panel. Was going for custom gauges but the sizes didn't work out for legibility. Used externally next to main monitor as the PC is on another shelf away from the desk. 800x480 on 5 inch monitor.
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    My first Custom sensor panel, It´s on 1024 x 600 Screen is displayed on an incase screen. It is not yet finished but still in progress. I was ispired a little bit by everyone.
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    You can download a sample RemoteSensor layout file from: http://download.aida64.com/resources/v500.rslcd You can import it in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / LCD / LCD Items, by pressing the Import button near the top-right corner of the Preferences panel. It was designed for the Safari web client resolution the iPhone 6 uses, but with slight adjustments it can be altered to be used on any other mobile device. It looks like this on an iPhone 6: After importing this layout, you can start fiddling around with various sensor items, and you can create your own custom LCD layout by using the well-known building blocks of the AIDA64 SensorPanel, such as sensor items with bars, images, graphs and gauges. We are already working on a video tutorial to show you how to build a LCD layout for your mobile device step-by-step, using RemoteSensor. When it's done, I'll post a link to this topic.
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    Here is my AIDA64 Sensorpanel, it was a heavy working:)image
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    Hi guys I'm new here on forum, so... My name's Pav, i'm from Navan (Ireland).Today i've created my first sensor panel MIDNIGHT(based little bit on sunj's work. Thanx man ). Hope you like it. preview: And on my desktop: MiIDNIGHT.sensorpanel
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    After buying a new comp i was started with modding. More info - http://nl.hardware.i...irus_59-edition SilverStone Fortress FT03 Black + MIMO 720F Touchscreen USB Monitor (7" 800x480) He was supposed to be better than the old one. Lian Li PC-A05NBF Black + Alphacool LC-Display 240x128 I was looking for software to use the built-in monitor as my old Alphacool LC-Display. And I found AIDA64. The first attempt / v1 The second attempt / v2 - v2.sensorpanel The third attempt / v3. I use now v3 BW 128 v2 - v3.sensorpanel - v3 BW.sensorpanel - v3 BW 128.sensorpanel - v3 BW 128 v2.sensorpanel Possible future - v4.sensorpanel I can't upload anymore, the limit is reached Now I'm waiting for the appearance of the possibility to monitor hard drives and wireless signal strength.
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