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    My Custom sensor panel, in the style of Asus' AI suite. It's 800 x 460 as this will be displayed on an in-case LCD-screen. The dials on top are dynamic, as well as the animated fan icons. I'm quite pleased with it. In case anyone's interested, I'll post a picture with the final result!
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    It could mean that the memory frequency is too high, the memory timings are too tight, or the memory modules aren't compatible with your motherboard. Try to run other memory tests as well, to confirm that the memory modules aren't working properly across different tests.
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    On your particular video card those 2 values are measured using different methods, so you definitely shouldn't add those numbers up or combine them in any ways. AMD GPUs use quite a few secret tricks that are not documented well enough -- but AIDA64 uses those tricks to provide every possible measurements. Due to the lack of documentation though, it's hard for us to provide you with guidelines on how to interpret the readings.
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    Thank you for your answer. I will not worry anymore about battery wear level
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    Thank you for your reply ... after i upgraded the driver ... the issue is fixed ... Best regard ... wish you having a nice day.
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    I often undertake IT audits for clients. I'm looking to automate this task and my research led me to Aida64. Is this product able to allow me to install Aida64 Business on a standalone client PC, and have the findings written to an Access database (perhaps stored on a USB drive)? I've installed it as a trial on my PC, and modified the DB preferences to point at the DB - Access.mdb file, but no data is written. Is there something I'm missing in the process or abilities of this software?