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    Thank you for the files. The issue will be fixed in the next AIDA64 beta update due later this week. I'll post a message into this topic once the new beta is available for download.
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    It seems when vram usage passes 4GB, the aida64 values for the used GPU begin showing very low numbers. This i what i see in Aida64, where GPU-Z and Nvidia Inspector show >4.8GB used. Utilization GPU 98% Memory Controller 46% Video Engine 0% Bus Interface 5% Dedicated Memory 609 MB Dynamic Memory 699 MB DirectX Video info shows Direct3D Device Properties Total / Free Video Memory 8192 MB / 3385 MB
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    This can happen if SVID is disabled in BIOS - in such case CPU power monitoring cannot work. Please check the BIOS settings.
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    Aida64.... Nice app... Keep supportig Tizen OS....
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    Ohhh...Happy to see such active admins here...@Fiery
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    Hi, i also downloaded this Beta Version you Suggested but it says that i dont have a licence for that version. My current Version 5.80.4000 doesn't support my 1080ti. Any help would be appreciated. Ah ok...i see now, support for my AIDA64 Ended on 11.12.2016 :(... Regards Simon
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    Got a bit carried away with XCOM2 and hunting down a (possible) memory issue...
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    Aida is my day to day helper..been using it for years. I have it running specifically on an old iPhone 4. It's the sole purpose of that phone. It lays stationary on my Logitech G910 Orion Spark..which has a neat dock for phones. Take a look The template was altered by me from another user..which I can't remember right now but if I do..I will credit asap. It's from the Everest days.
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    First attempt of an White/Orange Panel with mostly self created custom gauges. File is to big to upload but i upload all the psd files here. PSDFIlesOrangePanel.rar Its created for OSDPanel but it can be loaded into Sensor Panel as well. Resolution: 1280x800 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2ZDxrvrYT7gZFZNZmppVjlGQ3c/view?usp=sharing
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    Like this theme for a build for 2017 where can I download this pipboy sensor panel? Great job by the way
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    Yeah, that's what I suspected. There's that ac/dc song that comes to mind; I can hear Bon Scott's voice.... The next question is not iOS or iPhone related, though the subject is the same. I installed aida64 on two Samsung devices: one tablet top of the line and one galaxy smartphone not so top of the line, but still a galaxy model that isn't cheap. Both rooted and both running lollipop. The tablet shows battery rate but the smartphone does not... Thx.
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    Wow, there's just more and more to this proggy! Here is my first try... 2015-03-02.sensorpanel I too would like to see the sensorpanel file for luvsmobile. Here is my second try, yes i have too much time on my hands. ;-) Idle... Under Load, AIDA64 System Stability Test Stress CPU, FPU, and GPUs... 2015-03-04.sensorpanel After getting conflicting information on which sensor in AIDA64 represented the Intel Tcase temperature (Motherboard, CPU), I decided to treat core temp as the Tcase limit for safety.