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    Please upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme available at: https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xebeta After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade. Let me know if it helps.
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    Thank you for sharing your creation I copied your idea to create a similar panel for spf-87 if this a problem for you. I'm sorry and I delete this post spf-87h.splcd.axlcd
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    Please find the Strike7 API files in: http://users.aida64.com/strike7_api_1_1.zip
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    On your particular motherboard we've already used EC bank switching (before AIDA64 v5.95), but it wasn't safe to do it by default, without any precautions. That's why we've implemented the new EC bank switching option, and made it disabled by default. While EC bank switching is enabled, and you have AI Suite running in the background, things could well go south when AI Suite and AIDA64 collides due to non-synchronized bank switching activity. Of course it would be a whole lot easier if Asus made AI Suite work together with 3rd party monitoring applications, but it doesn't seem to happen anytime soon
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    Thank you! The dump shows no issues. I'm glad you've managed to resolve it
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    Go to AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability, and enable both the following options: Embedded Controller (EC) support Embedded Controller (EC) bank switching After altering those options, make sure to restart AIDA64 to apply the changes.
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    I've sent you a private message about this issue.
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    It's hard to provide proper feedback on that. On the one hand, 45-50% throttling is quite a lot, so I'd take it as alarming. However, since it's a brand new notebook, there shouldn't be any cooling issue due to hardware failure or dust clogging up the exhaust ports, etc. So it may just be normal the way it is. It may be worth checking what happens if you restart your computer, open AIDA64, open System Stability Test, but don't start any test there. Just let it sit and watch as the throttling is monitored. Now, start a game, play for 30 minutes, and check back to the System Stability Test whether it indicates that the computer was overheating without running a stress test but while playing a game. If throttling exceeds 25% while playing a game, I'd take it back to the shop and inquire the sales persons about it.
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    It's due to the difference in motherboard and CPU as well.
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    There seems to be a MMIO communication issue affecting your motherboard. We've contacted Asus to find out what shall we do in order to fix this up on our end -- or whether this is due to a BIOS bug that Asus will fix soon. I'll let you know in this topic once we have an update to this.
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    We've dropped the idea since then, on the basis that there was not a considerable demand from users, while in the same time the multiple SensorPanel feature would have been quite complicated to implement as well.
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    Some new gauges. LOAD and IDILE. If some like it, leave coment and i sent you on you email. I have for LCD and sensor panel in ( Large and medium sizes ) in png
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    I've just sent you a private message.