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    Hello! I just upgraded my system to this board, ran AIDA64 on it... and saw a couple of quirks: A fan speed info is wrong... SYS_FAN1 shows up as "CPU OPT" when I have CPU_OPT unused. I would assume plugging a fan into CPU_OPT would make AIDA64 show it up under "Chassis #1"... but I haven't tested it. CPU_FAN and SYS_FAN2 show the proper values, didn't test SYS_FAN3. Vcore value is wrong. It says 0.060-0.384v at idle, CPU-Z reports it as 0.929-0.953v. However the value is correct (same as CPU-Z) if I check it on the "Overclock" tab. (I guess this is VID info) Memory temperature is missing (This shows up in HWINFO) Found the setting in Preferences... silly me. CPU temp is 23 degrees, when CPU package shows 31 and Cores are at 30/31 (maybe I only need to manually compensate?) Also, I see on HWINFO two temperature readings that are unidentified... is possible to add those, if whatever they're measuring is identified?
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