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    My Custom sensor panel, in the style of Asus' AI suite. It's 800 x 460 as this will be displayed on an in-case LCD-screen. The dials on top are dynamic, as well as the animated fan icons. I'm quite pleased with it. In case anyone's interested, I'll post a picture with the final result!
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    new set of gauges , If some like it, leave coment and i sent you on you email. I have for LCD and sensor panel in ( Large and medium sizes ) in png
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    Some new gauges. LOAD and IDILE. If some like it, leave coment and i sent you on you email. I have for LCD and sensor panel in ( Large and medium sizes ) in png
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    Although I have made some detailed panels that looked ok to me I have come to realize that because I'm using a 5" LCD as my panel monitor I can't see the sensors because everything is just way too small so I decided to use only what I think would be helpful to my situation this round. Thank you StealthDefender for helping me realize this I would also like to thank Stupe9968 for the killer gauge templates . My new panel (I'm still kinda messin with it) So I just finished my new long awaited rig, specs are as of the following: PC Name - Jedi Assassin Motherboard - Gigabyte GA Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 CPU - Intel i7-8700k @ 5.0 MHz, 1.350 V CPU Cooler - NZXT Kraken X52 RAM - G-Skill Trident Z RGB 16G (2x8) DDR4-3000 MHz 16-18-18-38 CR2 SSD - Samsung M.2 960 EVO 500 MB (Temp) Portable HDD - Seagate Expansion 2 TB GPU - Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 Aorus Extreme Gaming 6GB Main Monitor - Viotek GN34C 34" curved 3440 x 1440 100Hz + O.C. Sensor Panel Monitor - 5" LCD attached to case PSU - EVGA SuperNova 850 G2 Gold Case - Phantek Enthoo Pro 2x NZXT 5x USB hub Speakers - Logitech Z623 200watt 2.1 THX Certified LG Blu-Ray DVD/Burner FANS 5x 120mm Thermaltake Riing plus RGB 2x 120mm NZXT 2x 140mm Corsair High Volume Purple LED
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    Thank you for sharing your creation I copied your idea to create a similar panel for spf-87 if this a problem for you. I'm sorry and I delete this post spf-87h.splcd.axlcd
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    We wanted to wait to tell final judgement on this issue until we have more info and more input. It's a Windows 10 bug indeed that plagues Windows 10 Insider Build 16273 and 16275, but only the 64-bit editions. It prevents certain software to install and use its otherwise perfectly fine kernel driver. The issue affects several software, not just AIDA64. We're already working on a workaround, but we also expect Microsoft to fix this up soon. I'll post a message into this topic once we have an update.
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    Thanks for the quick fix. All working fine now. Here is my custom panel. System Idle Example System Load Example Desktop Example If any one wants to use it you can download it from my blog - http://blog.psine.com/sensorpanel.html
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    Hello I heard/read that Windows 8.1 64-bit needs the following CPU support: - CMPXCHG16b - LAHF/SAHF - PrefetchW (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/preview-faq) CMPXCHG16b and LAHF/SAHF I can find in the Aida64 CPU Instructions set list, but not PrefetchW. Does it have another name or ist it missing ?
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    This Industrial PC (Aaeon AHP-1081: http://www.aaeon.com...3_TW_UTF-8.html) is unknown for AIDA64 2.70.2112. Here is the report.htm. Hope this helps! Report.zip
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    After buying a new comp i was started with modding. More info - http://nl.hardware.i...irus_59-edition SilverStone Fortress FT03 Black + MIMO 720F Touchscreen USB Monitor (7" 800x480) He was supposed to be better than the old one. Lian Li PC-A05NBF Black + Alphacool LC-Display 240x128 I was looking for software to use the built-in monitor as my old Alphacool LC-Display. And I found AIDA64. The first attempt / v1 The second attempt / v2 - v2.sensorpanel The third attempt / v3. I use now v3 BW 128 v2 - v3.sensorpanel - v3 BW.sensorpanel - v3 BW 128.sensorpanel - v3 BW 128 v2.sensorpanel Possible future - v4.sensorpanel I can't upload anymore, the limit is reached Now I'm waiting for the appearance of the possibility to monitor hard drives and wireless signal strength.
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    Hi all, I'm new here... I just want to let you know that AIDA 64 can now be used through LCDHost (http://www.linkdata.se/). That way you can display almost everything from AIDA, as raw measures or graphs. Have fun!
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    Hi, Aida64 now provides support for the Odospace Remote Panel app: Reuse your old android device to display sensor values of a Windows PC. A WiFi connection is not (!) required, Remote Panel works even when the device is connected to the PC via USB only. However, an SDK for Remote Panel is provided also. Sensor values are provided by the industry-leading system information tool Aida64 which must be purchased separately. Please note that Remote Panel is not affiliated with Aida64 or FinalWire in any way shape or form and no support can be provided by the Aida64 team for this app. Requirements - Aida64 version 5.20.3414 or heigher must be installed on the Windows PC. - Remote Panel (for Windows) version 1.16 must be installed and running, it can be downloaded with the following link http://apps.odospace.com/RemotePanelSetup.exe - Microsoft .Net framework 4.5 must be installed on the Windows PC. This will be done during the installation of Remote Panel (for Windows). - The android device vendor's drivers must be installed on the Windows PC. - USB debugging must be enabled on the android device. This is described in detail here. Enable Aiada64 plugIn - After installation of Remote Panel (for Windows) Aida64 must be restarted. - Within Aida64 open the preferences page, navigate to LCD and enable "Odospace". Add items within the LCD items page. Settings - A long press within the view opens the settings dialog. Troubleshooting - In general the settings dialog of Remote Panel (for Windows) can be opened from the popup menu of its tray icon. - Remote Panel (for Windows) uses port 38000 and 38001 for local communication, if you experience problems because another PC program is using one of this ports, change the port number within the Remote Panel (for Windows) settings dialog and within the Aida64 Odospace LCD plugin. - Remote Panel (for Windows) uses the Android Debug Bridge (adb.exe) for communication. If you experience problems with other Android synchronization programs, try to use another adb.exe file - it can be changed within the settings dialog of Remote Panel (for Windows). - On default, Remote Panel (for Windows) checks every 30 seconds for new devices, decrease this value within the settings for faster device recognition, increase this value for less CPU usage. Alternative usage - If an additional PC should send its sensor values to the android device, set the IP address within the Aida64 Odospace LCD plugin to the address of the PC where the android device is connected. For every PC specify a different panel position parameter. Remote Panel (for Windows) must be installed on every PC, however the Remote Panel (for Windows) executable must only be started on the PC where the Android device is connected. - Remote Panel can be used within a WiFi network also, in such case set the IP address within the Aida64 Odospace PlugIn to the device's address. The port must be set to 38000. The Remote Panel (for Windows) executable can be stopped in this case. Advanced topics - To automatically start Remote Panel you can use AutoStart. - To power off the device on PC shut down you can use AutomateIt Pro - use the USB disconnect trigger. - If the device battery discharge even connected via USB, try to set the CPU speed to a lower level. For example you can use Tickster MOD. - To power on the device on PC startup the device firmware must be modified (follow this AT YOUR OWN RISK, tested with Cyanogenmod 10.2 on LG P760/P880 and may not work with all devices): General 1. Download the device firmware - it can be the original or custom ROM. 2. Use Boot/Recovery Repacker to extract the boot.img file of the downloaded ROM. 3. Within the file init.rc, in the section beginning with "on charger" replace the string "class_start charger" with "trigger boot" or "trigger late-init". Ensure that your editor writes the file in UNIX format. 4. Use the repacker to compress the boot.img file. 5. Apply the new firmware. Nexus 7 (2012) 1. Boot in fastboot mode 2. Issue the following command within a command prompt: "fastboot oem off-mode-charge 0" Version 1.14 - Now sensor data of multiple PCs can be displayed on one android device - The android device can be connected to any PC (not only to the PC where Aida64 is running) - Requires Aida version 5.20.3414 or higher and Remote Panel (for Windows) version 1.14a Version 1.15 - Fullscreen mode (long press for settings) - RemotePanel (for windows) version 1.15: Verbose mode for better problem handling, fixes a rare ADB hang when multiple PCs are connected to one android device. Version 1.16 available - New option added: Keep screen on (long press for settings) Many thanks to the Aida64 team for the great support! Best regards odospace
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    There must be something wrong about the OpenCL software stack. Try to uninstall and reinstall ForceWare.
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    Thank you. Here's the fix for your motherboard as well as other motherboards that are affected by the same anomaly. https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xebeta
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    New Text Version, uses on Desktop > text_v2.sensorpanel Adapted to 5 Inch Dispaly with 800x480 Pixels > PiDisplay.sensorpanel PiDisplay.sensorpanel text_v2.sensorpanel
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    Here is how it's coming along ... the gauges will be in green (still have to make them) check your email and get back to me.... also the background file is in the zip file below. I am doing this for free so please keep my "branding" in the bottom lower right of the panel Red - MSI - background 2 test.zip
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    Ok cool I'll see what I can come up with for ya we can fine tune it later on ...
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    You're right, 16278 carries on the issue. We need to release one more AIDA64 hotfix to get around it again. We'll do that tomorrow or worse case Friday. I'll post a message into this topic once the new AIDA64 beta build is available for download.
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    Got a bit carried away with XCOM2 and hunting down a (possible) memory issue...
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    This is a real layout GA-Z77X-UD5H. Panel size 1000x792 GA-Z77X-UD5H.2015-11-20.sensorpanel I have layered .psd file.
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    Hi, im big fan of Fallout series so i made it pipboy like.
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    Here's my panel. Put a fair bit of effort into it lol. The gpu values are incorrect as i havnt installed my card yet but it'll be sweet once i do.
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    Here is my AIDA64 Sensorpanel, it was a heavy working:)image
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    Hey guys, just thought you might like my Star Trek TNG sensor panel. I styled it like the control panels from The Next Generation. It's fully functional. I'm always tweaking though. It's a large size. 1024 x 972. I usually use it with 25% transparency on my 1600 x 900 desktop. I may do another design, just to switch up now and again.
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    Try to go to AIDA64 installation folder, and find the settings file called AIDA64.INI. If you have the file there, try to edit it using Notepad, and replace the following lines: LowLevelRAIDEnum=1 LowLevelRAIDSMART=1 ... with the followings: LowLevelRAIDEnum=0 LowLevelRAIDSMART=0 If you don't have the file there yet, create it, and enter the following lines into the new text file: [Generic] LowLevelRAIDEnum=0 LowLevelRAIDSMART=0
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    Thank you, we'll fix the issue in the next AIDA64 beta update. I'll post a message into this topic once the new build is available for download.
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    aquí la descarga espero les guste dejo imagen i el PSD
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    I think it's due to a difference between character-sets (character encoding) used on your PC and on your iPad/iPhone. We'll do some test runs and try to solve it by switching to UTF-8 or Unicode. I'll let you know in this topic once we have a fix for this issue.
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    Hi, UBports https://ubports.com/ is maintaining and developing the Ubuntu touch os, and there is a strong community starting around it, a lot of developers and porters interested in system info have asked about the availability of your program after Canonicals app store has shut down. The new app store is here: https://open.uappexplorer.com/ If possible could you make the click package available to the open store, or even here on the forum?
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    HDDs have different measurement units for the SMART attribute 09, so it's not possible to implement a generic solution that would cover all HDDs out there. Do you think your HDD measures power-on time in hours? In other words, do you think 15986 hours which is 666 days would be correct for your HDD? If you can let us know what the measurement unit for your particular HDD is, we can add that model to the SMART module of AIDA64 in order to show you the remaining drive lifetime information. If you have multiple HDDs, and you can send measurement unit information for all of them, that would be even more cool In such case don't forget to specify the full model ID of your HDD, like for this case Hitachi HDT721010SLA360. Thanks, Fiery
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    Your notebook features an Intel Sandy Bridge class iGPU that doesn't support OpenCL. AIDA64 GPU stress test and GPGPU benchmarks require a GPU that supports OpenCL.
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    Please upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme available at: https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xebeta After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade. Let me know if it helps.
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    We've implemented preliminary EVGA iCX sensor support in the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme available at: https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xebeta After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade. Let me know how it works. Note that the iCX related readings will only appear on the Computer / Sensor page at this time. As the new sensor module gets more mature, we'll add the readings to the LCD, SensorPanel, OSD Panel (etc) modules as well. Please note that currently it supports a single video card model: EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 iCX. If it doesn't work on your video card, or in case you have a different video card that features iCX sensor, please submit a fresh nVIDIA SMBus Dump.
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    Thank you for the files. The issue will be fixed in the next AIDA64 beta update due later this week. I'll post a message into this topic once the new beta is available for download.
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    We do have plans, but not for the near future. We're watching the market, the evolution of the Windows PC ecosystem, and we'll make our move to 64-bit once it will become necessary or mandatory. The 32-bit main binary is there because that's the best compromise. Having a 64-bit main binary wouldn't be a major benefit, but on the other hand it would raise a lot of issues. One such issue would be a considerably bigger distribution package, more than twice the size of the current ZIP and EXE package. That's because when you have a 64-bit main binary, you need to have all DLLs compiled to 64-bit as well -- while retaining the existing 32-bit DLLs for compatibility reasons. Another issue is that many interfaces and APIs that AIDA64 relies on have no 64-bit support. And so when you want to use such an interface/API from AIDA64, it works now, but it would stop working if the user switched to the 64-bit main binary. As for the name itself: it's there to separate the software from its predecessors, namely AIDA32 and AIDA16. While it's true that the main binary is still 32-bit, but the critical parts (modules) that truly benefit from porting 64-bit are already available in both 64-bit and 32-bit flavours. Those modules are the benchmarks and the stress test (AIDA64 System Stability Test).
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    Ohhh...Happy to see such active admins here...@Fiery
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    There is a problem with UAC when create reports from logon script. If user doesn't have admin rights on Windows 7 - report created without any confirmation, this mean what there is a way to make job and not ask any questions. But when user is admin aida64 request elevation. Can you add some command line key or .ini settings to disable elevation and make job on user level ? PS: I tried "runas /trustlevel:0x20000 aida64.exe" but get error 740.
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    There are a lot of folks out there who can exploit the 3 PC license since they own a desktop computer as well as a notebook or an x86 tablet. We used to offer the 1 PC license for the same starting price of $39.95. So we haven't raised the price, but raised the number of licenses you get for the same price. Personal use license (AIDA64 Extreme) starts from $39.95, while professional use license (AIDA64 Engineer) starts from $199.90. There's quite a gap there already However, I agree that the price tag of AIDA64 Extreme may be up for debate. But if you compare it against other venerable Windows utilities, it's in the same ballpark as those. Just a few examples: - Total Commander: $42 - WinRAR: EUR 29.95+VAT - Sandra Personal: $49.99 - GetRight: $39.95 - Axialis IconWorkShop: EUR 69.95 - Kaspersky Anti-Virus: $39.99 - etc... But based on the price of other Windows utilities, IMHO the price of AIDA64 Extreme shouldn't be $10 but more like $49 or $59. Charging $10 for an AIDA64 Extreme license wouldn't be sufficient for us to sustain our efforts on the development side. Regards, Fiery
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    Thank you for the data. The issue will be fixed in the next AIDA64 beta update due later this week. I'll post a message into this topic once the new beta is available for download. Thank you for your patience
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    The mentioned new AIDA64 beta update can be downloaded from: http://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xebeta
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    I don't think so. What could happen is a faster battery discharge when you keep AIDA64 running in the background to monitor your notebook. Monitoring hardware uses a few percentage of CPU load, and that causes higher overall system power draw than without it.
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    That is already available on the Statistics page of the AIDA64 System Stability Test. Regards, Fiery
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    Thank you That is a 3rd temperature reading for your motherboard. It could be anything, like a 2nd motherboard temperature, a VRM temperature, a 2nd CPU temperature, or just a bogus reading.
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    Hello With this forum, I can't copy/paste the text when I post a message. And I can't "add to post" file in a message How tio fix it ? Thanks
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    AIDA64 stores the LCD layouts and all other settings in the AIDA64.INI file. That's all you have to back up.
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    Battery charge rate is only support by Android 5+ systems. It doesn't depend on the SoC model, but only on the Android version. Regards, Fiery
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    1) The negative uncore reading is just a temporary reading error, you can simply ignore that value. 2) The System Stability Test window turns quite red when it detects an error. Here's a sample screen shot: 3) To stress the GPU, AIDA64 uses OpenCL code. OpenCL however is a layer that is quite closely tied to the video display driver right now, and so putting a heavy OpenCL stress on the GPU causes the video driver to slow down. That issue will only be solved when GPU manufacturers will finally decouple OpenCL from the video driver. Regards, Fiery
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    Thanks for adding this feature, this alone pretty much sold me on purchasing the G910 as I didn't want to give up my G19 lcd customizations! I've been playing around with the sensor panel setup and it looks great so far, I do have a few small questions/requests. 1) Is it possible or can you add options to format the time? I'd like to drop off the seconds on the time and up time to save space. 2) Is it possible to change the direction of the graphs? In particular the bar graph. For example, volume might be a vertical bar graph instead of horizontal, or perhaps you might want to reverse the direction of a horizontal bar graph. Below is a picture of what I have come up with so far (just running it on an old iPhone 5 I have, excuse the Dr Who styling!!!), in particular I'd like to run cores 5-8 in the opposite direction (from right to left) to mirror the other side 3) This is a long shot, but I've been using LCDHost in conjunction with Aida64 for a while now, mainly for their conditional formatting on text, for example, if my temps hit a certain level, the text would change colours from white, yellow, orange and then red. Would be cool to see that implemented as well. Other than that, there wasn't much I couldn't do, thanks! Eitherway, awesome work with this feature!
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