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    Thanks for adding this feature, this alone pretty much sold me on purchasing the G910 as I didn't want to give up my G19 lcd customizations! I've been playing around with the sensor panel setup and it looks great so far, I do have a few small questions/requests. 1) Is it possible or can you add options to format the time? I'd like to drop off the seconds on the time and up time to save space. 2) Is it possible to change the direction of the graphs? In particular the bar graph. For example, volume might be a vertical bar graph instead of horizontal, or perhaps you might want to reverse the direction of a horizontal bar graph. Below is a picture of what I have come up with so far (just running it on an old iPhone 5 I have, excuse the Dr Who styling!!!), in particular I'd like to run cores 5-8 in the opposite direction (from right to left) to mirror the other side 3) This is a long shot, but I've been using LCDHost in conjunction with Aida64 for a while now, mainly for their conditional formatting on text, for example, if my temps hit a certain level, the text would change colours from white, yellow, orange and then red. Would be cool to see that implemented as well. Other than that, there wasn't much I couldn't do, thanks! Eitherway, awesome work with this feature!
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