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    My Custom sensor panel, in the style of Asus' AI suite. It's 800 x 460 as this will be displayed on an in-case LCD-screen. The dials on top are dynamic, as well as the animated fan icons. I'm quite pleased with it. In case anyone's interested, I'll post a picture with the final result!
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    Thank you for sharing your creation I copied your idea to create a similar panel for spf-87 if this a problem for you. I'm sorry and I delete this post spf-87h.splcd.axlcd
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    We wanted to wait to tell final judgement on this issue until we have more info and more input. It's a Windows 10 bug indeed that plagues Windows 10 Insider Build 16273 and 16275, but only the 64-bit editions. It prevents certain software to install and use its otherwise perfectly fine kernel driver. The issue affects several software, not just AIDA64. We're already working on a workaround, but we also expect Microsoft to fix this up soon. I'll post a message into this topic once we have an update.
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    After buying a new comp i was started with modding. More info - http://nl.hardware.i...irus_59-edition SilverStone Fortress FT03 Black + MIMO 720F Touchscreen USB Monitor (7" 800x480) He was supposed to be better than the old one. Lian Li PC-A05NBF Black + Alphacool LC-Display 240x128 I was looking for software to use the built-in monitor as my old Alphacool LC-Display. And I found AIDA64. The first attempt / v1 The second attempt / v2 - v2.sensorpanel The third attempt / v3. I use now v3 BW 128 v2 - v3.sensorpanel - v3 BW.sensorpanel - v3 BW 128.sensorpanel - v3 BW 128 v2.sensorpanel Possible future - v4.sensorpanel I can't upload anymore, the limit is reached Now I'm waiting for the appearance of the possibility to monitor hard drives and wireless signal strength.
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    You're right, 16278 carries on the issue. We need to release one more AIDA64 hotfix to get around it again. We'll do that tomorrow or worse case Friday. I'll post a message into this topic once the new AIDA64 beta build is available for download.
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    new set of gauges , If some like it, leave coment and i sent you on you email. I have for LCD and sensor panel in ( Large and medium sizes ) in png
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    Some new gauges. LOAD and IDILE. If some like it, leave coment and i sent you on you email. I have for LCD and sensor panel in ( Large and medium sizes ) in png
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    This is a real layout GA-Z77X-UD5H. Panel size 1000x792 GA-Z77X-UD5H.2015-11-20.sensorpanel I have layered .psd file.
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    Thanks for the quick fix. All working fine now. Here is my custom panel. System Idle Example System Load Example Desktop Example If any one wants to use it you can download it from my blog - http://blog.psine.com/sensorpanel.html
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    It's hard to provide proper feedback on that. On the one hand, 45-50% throttling is quite a lot, so I'd take it as alarming. However, since it's a brand new notebook, there shouldn't be any cooling issue due to hardware failure or dust clogging up the exhaust ports, etc. So it may just be normal the way it is. It may be worth checking what happens if you restart your computer, open AIDA64, open System Stability Test, but don't start any test there. Just let it sit and watch as the throttling is monitored. Now, start a game, play for 30 minutes, and check back to the System Stability Test whether it indicates that the computer was overheating without running a stress test but while playing a game. If throttling exceeds 25% while playing a game, I'd take it back to the shop and inquire the sales persons about it.
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    It's due to the difference in motherboard and CPU as well.
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    @Aidaknow, @TungstenMD - I've created a tool (still beta version), that automates workaround mentioned above. It triggers whenever Windows background changes, takes a snippet of current background, and saves it to a file (you'll setup Aida64 to use this file as panel background and It'll automatically reload it's background whenever said file changes). There's a lot to be improved, but it works as-is for me in Windows 8.1 I plan on preparing some more detailed description, and improving this tool, but since it might be hard for me to find some time - I hope this will somewhat solve the problem. Note 1: Your input file will vary (it's most likely C:\Users\ [YOURUSERNAME] \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes\TranscodedWallpaper). Note 2: Right now all wallpapers in slideshow need to be correct size, as no rescaling is implemented. Note 3: If you've got problem setting it up please let me know. If it works let me know as well https://github.com/dkopec91/BGSnippet exe: https://goo.gl/Qzx9aV EDIT: Second version is available to download at this page
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    We've dropped the idea since then, on the basis that there was not a considerable demand from users, while in the same time the multiple SensorPanel feature would have been quite complicated to implement as well.
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    We've added the requested new hot key in the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme available at: https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xebeta After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade.
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    IMHO you need to contact MSI (the maker of your motherboard) to find out more about the voltage issue as well as for the purpose and meaning of the red LED.
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    Please submit a report from the About page, and if possible, we will fix the reported issue in the next AIDA64 app update.
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    Maybe these URLs would help? They always point to the latest stable and beta build, respectively. https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xe https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xebeta
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    1) The video BIOS dump is not an official feature of AIDA64. It's only a debug tool that we use to aid hunting and fixing bugs. 2) The video BIOS dump feature is supposed to enumerate all available GPUs. Whenever it can find a GPU with flash BIOS readout, it will save the flash BIOS content into a .ROM file. It may or may not work with multi-GPU systems as well as with mixed graphics systems though. Whenever the flash BIOS cannot be accessed, AIDA64 tries to read the classic video BIOS region (at C0000h memory address) and saves it to a .DMP file. 3) Saving flash BIOS for non-primary GPUs is disabled when ULPS is active. 4) Saving flash BIOS for chipset integrated GPUs is not possible, since their flash image is not available for 3rd party applications via classic GPU flash BIOS interrogation.
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    Hi! Could AIDA64 start in the background, you see it in task manager? If yes, then try to run the AIDA64 whitout parameters on 10.1.2.X PCs, and test the Database connection (File menu / Preferences / Database), when it work well create a test report with Report Wizard (Report menu / Report Wizard / Select ADO at report format page).
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    Cheers Yeah no worries. I'll put all the images in a rar file plus the .rslcd file (this is what it gave me when I exported - but it's not sensorpanel, it's remote lcd) and attach to this post - total file is less than half a MB. Nereus-aida64remote.rar This is using a 6" Amazon Fire tablet - way bigger than the G19 LCD screen. Made a few minor changes - it looks like the following now:
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    Hi, i also downloaded this Beta Version you Suggested but it says that i dont have a licence for that version. My current Version 5.80.4000 doesn't support my 1080ti. Any help would be appreciated. Ah ok...i see now, support for my AIDA64 Ended on 11.12.2016 :(... Regards Simon
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    We're working together with Corsair, NZXT and Asus right now, in order to improve the synchronization (interlocking) between their respective monitoring software and AIDA64. We're glad if you guys can notice the progress
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    Hi, im big fan of Fallout series so i made it pipboy like.
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    1) What's the model of your notebook? 2) Please try the following, and see if it helps: - close AIDA64 - start AIDA64 - go to the Display / GPGPU page, click on every OpenCL devices in the list, one after the other - go to the Display / GPU page Let me know if it makes the HD8750M GPU appear on the Display / GPU page. Thanks, Fiery
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    So I noticed you've change the name of the product. No notification was given (so there was no free upgrade path due to no way of knowing about the "free conversion campaign") and I've still got over a year left on the license due to the campaign you ran last year. So much for that.... I can't say I'm very pleased however due to the above. Everest was a good product, but if the company starts pulling fast ones (as it seems to me) then I guess I'm better without. I guess I have to swallow my loss (upgrades to the product) and move on. -- Trust isn't easily gained, but it is easily lost.