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    It seems when vram usage passes 4GB, the aida64 values for the used GPU begin showing very low numbers. This i what i see in Aida64, where GPU-Z and Nvidia Inspector show >4.8GB used. Utilization GPU 98% Memory Controller 46% Video Engine 0% Bus Interface 5% Dedicated Memory 609 MB Dynamic Memory 699 MB DirectX Video info shows Direct3D Device Properties Total / Free Video Memory 8192 MB / 3385 MB
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    Ohhh...Happy to see such active admins here...@Fiery
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    Aida64.... Nice app... Keep supportig Tizen OS....
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    Hi, i also downloaded this Beta Version you Suggested but it says that i dont have a licence for that version. My current Version 5.80.4000 doesn't support my 1080ti. Any help would be appreciated. Ah ok...i see now, support for my AIDA64 Ended on 11.12.2016 :(... Regards Simon
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