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    Hi, UBports https://ubports.com/ is maintaining and developing the Ubuntu touch os, and there is a strong community starting around it, a lot of developers and porters interested in system info have asked about the availability of your program after Canonicals app store has shut down. The new app store is here: https://open.uappexplorer.com/ If possible could you make the click package available to the open store, or even here on the forum?
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    The documentation (https://open.uappexplorer.com/submit) on the OpenStore website clearly states that: Since our app would require a manual review (due to the special permissions it has to request), the last point applies to it. And since it's not open source, it cannot be submitted to manual review. So effectively, it cannot be published in the OpenStore.
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    The Ubuntu Touch OS has been discontinued, and no new devices are rolling out to feature the last release. We will only resume further developing our Ubuntu Touch app in case the OS itself gets further developed and enhanced.
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