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    Thank to Novax for sharing gauges 3 BLUE Red.splcd.axlcd
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    Decided to try and work on one of these doodads... Really schocked, got it done in like 5 hours. CHEERS I built it basically looking at the work from the samples shown on here by a couple of users.
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    Hello Here is my panel of ROG control for my second screen 1920x1080. I realized with photoshop at 80% There are some changes to make. Image 1 is without photoshop Image 2 with photoshop Sorry for my english I am french.
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    At this time i am proud to present you my panel! For me it was a hard time to do something because i am not realy good at this. The gauges are my own creation, some other stuff are from other users. THX at this place to all, i have mentioned these great people some lines above. Would be nice to hear your opinion. I hope it worked with the upload from the template, feel free to use it. ;-) Greetz Stealth 2018-03-01 - final.oslcd
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    I have reworked everything a bit. The left side i am happy with at this moment. Right side i have to go another time. With top i am not sure what i will make, the gauges can still be in place but i don`t know what i do with fraps and processes. Icons for components are all interaktiv. Many thanx to @xtcislove who shared his panel, (which is also really great) and .psd files. I have used some of them and changed the orange to green, so it will fit better my needs! What do you think? is it to overload, i have missed something important? So i hope you like it, if its ready in my opinion i will share it to the forum in any way! Greetz Stealth
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    Here is what I think is the final rendition of my panel for my current (OLD) rig ... I can't really work on the panel for my new build till it's put together, but I might post a few ideas for it.
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