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    We've implemented support for EVGA Z10 RGB LCD display in the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme available at: https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xebeta After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade. Let me know how it works.
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    Thank you! It seems the HID protocol we use for Z10 cannot be used for Z10 RGB, since the protocol itself seems to have changed. We've contacted EVGA and asked them to provide us with he necessary technical information to implement support for the new Z10 RGB HID protocol and so let us put our own bitmaps on the LCD of Z10 RGB. I'll let you know once we could accomplish all of that.
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    Meu projeto "Future Glass" v1.0
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    It's a shame that Sensor Panel is absurdly underused because the U.I to configure and customize it so unfriendly. Anyway, I find that having too much information on the panel just distract's me from what I really need to pay attention to when gaming, so here is my simple flat design panel inspired on the colors from material design (which also match the wallpaper behind it) flep_material-flat.sensorpanel
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    I didn't make this, but I somewhat customized for Kaby Lake, and to my taste including "3d" style bars, and added colours based on heat range for a de-lidded 7700k. I don't remember the original author, but he was probably from here.
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    I used a panel from another user and made many changes(you could say i just got inspired). ATM aida64extreme doesn´t support corsair commander pro thats why my water temp and pump speed are not monitored, but you can change that easily to a other sensor. i also attached the file you just need to import. it´s for my madcatz strike 7 LCD the msih2o is the same as in the pic, the msicustom is nearly the same but without the watercooling msih2o.mclcd msicustom.mclcd
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    Cheers Yeah no worries. I'll put all the images in a rar file plus the .rslcd file (this is what it gave me when I exported - but it's not sensorpanel, it's remote lcd) and attach to this post - total file is less than half a MB. Nereus-aida64remote.rar This is using a 6" Amazon Fire tablet - way bigger than the G19 LCD screen. Made a few minor changes - it looks like the following now:
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    It's pretty simple, but it shows almost everything I want. If only I could include my Gryphon Z97's temperature probes! (image taken while folding with CPU and GPU)
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    Got a bit carried away with XCOM2 and hunting down a (possible) memory issue...
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    My MSI themed attempt SensorPanel
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    Here is mine, made to match some desktop gadgets I like to use. sensor.sensorpanel
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    Great :-) Can I get a set of these, please.
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    Hello i made an 1280x1024 remote sensor version but i alsoincluded the same file to use in sensor panel. new OrangeRemoteSensor.zip Resources (Every used image as .psd or .png. geforce font) old added all resources too (logos as psd´s etc.) have fun if u like it https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2ZDxrvrYT7gam16TU05N3pMbmM
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