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    Thanks to Fiery for the info on custom sized gauges. I'll look to try some different sizes
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    Hello everyone. here is some gauges that you can play with.. its my first time making them by my self... i have used inkscape plus gimp and Krita.. if you need original svg. just pm me.. and i will send it to you.. 2020-06-30Aida64Ani25_sensorpanel.9b09caecf3c0aebe33d6d0603feb8186 aidanewtake2..rar aidanewtake2.rar
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    OK i kept working. replaced font. this is for a 2k side monitor 1440p rev4.sensorpanel pirulen rg.ttf
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    Lil Umbrella Corp themed HUD from today. Got lazy towards the end. V2 should be better! Anyways, here's another weird custom gauge as well, hope y'all enjoy! Umbrella_HUD_v1_sensorpanel.f28cf09ad730a17a73e471335ca69afa
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    100x100px, teal and violet. 288x288px, teal and violet. Might want to save them into different folders, the file names are all the same edit: for some reason they uploaded out of order
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    Awesome panels in this thread! Haven't busted photoshop out yet to fully customize, but this is what I got so far. 2020-07-09.sensorpanel
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    Any chance you could share this please? I love it!
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    Hi In Files => Preference => Hardware Monitoring
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    This is my little collage work. Screen 1024 x 800 Sorry for my english. tatoone.sensorpanel
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    gimp is a good start... try using inkscape https://inkscape.org/learn/tutorials/ video guide ... the hard part is finding all the different tools.. and remember the names of them. but after a few days. it will become a lot easier. Inkscape Tutorial: Vector Gauge Icons Logos By Nick
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    In Photoshop try to do a quick export to PNG. That way the filesize will be less than 13 KiloBytes and will be easy to put on the SensorPanel. Let me know if it works out.
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    We've heard about such issues, related to PNG images exported from Gimp. If it's possible, please send me one or two of such PNG images that you cannot add to your SensorPanel in email to me. I'll send you my email address in private message. Thank you for your help!
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    My First attempt at a panel, gauges came from members here that have posted. Still have several ideas that I wanna use to improve it. 1280x800Panelv1_sensorpanel.ac3fd9e500c912ff02bb13a6b0528e2f
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    Thanks AIDA64 . I've been working on this project for while now trying to find a good hardware monitor . I've tried numerous software like widows gadgets , Rainmeter and others but none come close to the flexibility and customization of aida64 sensor panel. my senory panel and background templates can be found here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yH94G6xE_tOKwSJsf6KYgZrs51Bm4qH9 The fonts I used were part of the Darwin pro font family edit( GeeekPi 5 inch HDMI Monitor LCD Resistive Touch Screen 800x480 LCD Display USB Interface for Raspberry Pi 4) is the screen used
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    My first Custom sensor panel, It´s on 1024 x 600 Screen is displayed on an incase screen. It is not yet finished but still in progress. I was ispired a little bit by everyone.
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    It's not wrong, since 4+ means "4 or later version". Please submit a report from the About page, and if possible, we will fix the reported issue in the next AIDA64 app update. Alternatively, you can post a screenshot or photo of the System page of our app here.
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    Special thanks to Novax as this entire Sensor Panel is a copy of his wonderful work. Thank you again for your creativity and generosity. HellKatDash02_08_2019.sensorpanel
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    I like your gauges across the top, nice build too
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    My config. inspired by drDriz SensorePanel 1024x728 is the resoltution and LCDHost on my G19 working in progress, it is not perfect. ....
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    1) The LPT LCD module supports the T6963C protocol, but you gotta make sure your device uses the "T6963C Standard" wiring that AIDA64 expects to have. You can check the wiring in the AIDA64 LCD Guide at: http://download.aida64.com/resources/lcd/aida64_lcd_guide.pdf 2) Some music players are supported, you can check the Media Title, Media Status and Media Position sensor items in the System group in case your music player is supported. 3) Yes, you can use both simultaneously. 4) Samsung SPF support will not be discontinued in AIDA64, but the devices themselves are already discontinued by Samsung years ago.
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