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    Here is the Final 2077 Version. Now i have to make a break or i dream from aida and photoshop 2077.rar
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    Finished today Fit to 1280x800. SCIFI79_sensorpanel.7f2476c56837ff8cc027c0b77f1fb780
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    I'm working on it.. .....will finish soon....
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    Hi, I like to keep it as simple I can/need... Since I'm not overclocking anything in my system I don't like to keep on the screen info that I don't really need to be monitoring at all time! 800 x 480 simple.sensorpanel
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    My Mayur replica % meter. SensorPanel_GauMY1.zip
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    My aviation-styled volt meter, AvVM-1 SensorPanel_AvVM1.zip
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    Okay, here is my "Elements Package v1" with a lot of different colored .png ressources. Maybe i add later some more elements or colored files but for no it's final. 1024x600 px 1600x2560 px Free for personal use only, dont sell or make any profit from. Have fun! Edit: https://www.deviantart.com/3xhumed/art/Element-Package-v1-1-by-Exhumed-862641961 Element Package_by_Exhumed.rar
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    Include the Background PSD Frieza_1.1.rar
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    Are you serious dude? It takes like 30 min to create something basic, make the effort and if you need some help, I will be glad to help you out.
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    Thanks a lot. I just done with draft layout base on your cyberpunk profile, still need to find sth to fill the blank
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    I made also a White Version of This white.sensorpanel
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    1280x800 for samsung tab A (Odospace) razor 1280x800.oslcd
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    800x1280 for samsung tab A (Odospace) 800x1280.oslcd
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    Here's my Cluster5o sensor panel. Custom gauges for: Overall Load, 6 Core Loads, Temperature, CPU Fan, Voltage, Memory, Power (wattage). The upper/left spot is empty, and available for expansion. Text is also provided for: CPU clock, Temperature, CPU Fan All in a space of only 226x227px! The included Zip file contains .sensorpanel file, plus all needed support fonts and PNGs. Comments welcome. SensorPanel_G5_CPU, v20211202.zip
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    Enjoy, and show me your version Frieza_1.1.rar
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    Here is a little something im working on, heavily CP inspired. still need to figure out how to do the left side and what info i want there etc, ill share it here once im done with it
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    Mickey gauge. SensorPanel_Miky01.zip
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    glad you like it Black.sensorpanel
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    nothing new but it seem i never seen anybody add animation to sensor panel. I think it look cool
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    Please right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> Sensor Debug --> ISA Sensor Dump. Copy-paste the first 20 lines of the results (up to the end of the last line starting with DMI) into this topic. You may need to enable status bar in AIDA64 / main menu / View first. Thanks, Fiery
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    Lately I've been working on replicating various notable gauges, meters and readouts. Here are two examples; the first is a replica of a TruMeter brand indicator, and the second is a Mayur brand meter replica with a 0-100 scale. I can make support files available if anyone is interested. I have about 2 dozen more I'm working on, including some TOWA and WESTON brands and also some aviation-style gauges.
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    I love it, great work I made some small tweaks to make it fit my 1024x600 7". All creds to @Exhumed for creating this Cyberpunk-1024.sensorpanel
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    Hello Community, this is my finished "Cyberpunk 2077" sensor panel. The working time was 3 full days to create the vector graphics (border bottom and top + frame borders and diagonal lines) and adjust the sensor panel and align all objects exactly. You can change the background image. There are several files here, completely without decorative design elements and with cyberpunk texts / elements and hardware logos. In order to be able to use the sensor panel to the full extent, please install the enclosed font for Windows. (1280x800px resolution) Video here: How do you like the end result? Cyberpunk_2077_by_Exhumed.rar
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    I need some days because i want to upload a package with a lot of PNG files (different colors) from this sensor panel.
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    Hi everyone! My first attempt to create a sensor panel. I have attached the Photoshop files if you like to modify them to your liking. I use a cheap 7 inch display with resolution 1280x720px as the sensor display. Aida64Panel_sensorpanel.0482e0276c77c9c4fc55dbf75bc5d17e PSD.zip
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    I also watched the JayzTwoCents about making a sensor panel in AIDA64 for a recent build of theirs, which led me here. Searching around for inspiration, and being that it is N7 day, I made a Mass Effect themed dashboard for an old Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, I had collecting dust. To create this, I found a similar dashboard on this site: http://www.lamptron.com/Products/HardwareMonitor/117.html and recreated it from scratch using assets I found in this thread, or created myself. The zip file includes everything you will need, including the 3 different gauges, BitFenix logo (my case). The font is Mass Effect 123 from fontm.com: https://fontm.com/mass-effect-123-font/ Dashboard dimensions: 1024x600 For the gauges, I created all new image files (15 per gauge) with a new gradients from blue to white to orange. Colors used: Blue - RGB 0, 200, 255 #00c8ff Orange - RGB 237, 88, 4 #ed5804 White - RGB 0, 0, 0 #ffffff Dark Gray - RBG 30, 30, 30 #1e1e1e Download: mass_effect_theme_sensor_dashboard.zip
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    My first few tries :)
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    My First attempt at a panel, gauges came from members here that have posted. Still have several ideas that I wanna use to improve it. 1280x800Panelv1_sensorpanel.ac3fd9e500c912ff02bb13a6b0528e2f
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    Hello, My first SensorPanel for 1024X768 UCTRONICS 7 Inch IPS Touch Screen ($59 from Amazon) using Aida64-Extreme tool. Took me a day to learn and create, thanks for the tips from this forum. Sorry for the blur captured photo for the case/panel. Feel free to leave a comment and give me valuable feedback. Let me know if I can help. Thank you and be safe and strong during the COVID-19.
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