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  1. Big thank you. Have install now the latest Intel RST and now Aida64 show me the right values. But why dont work with the Windows 10 Intel Driver?
  2. Yes i use only the onboard controller in standalone mode and dont have a RAID or other controller. Every time whene i refresh SMART i get other wrong values.
  3. I have build a new PC and now say Aida64 all my HDD have heavy wrong SMART values. With other SMART Tools i dont have this problem. I have test the latest Aida64 v5.60.3768 Beta (Extreme Edition). On my old PC all SMART values was ok with Aida64 but now on new System show wrong values. My new PC: Windows 10 Pro 64Bit Asus Z170 Gamer Pro with latest Bios 16GB Ram CrystalDiskInfo show me the right values and all is ok.
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