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    List index out of bounds (5)

    Annoying bug that happens every now and then when I right click AIDA64 in the tray and Open AIDA64. This errors pops up and the program does not open. Right clicking the tray icon again shows Hide Main Window instead now. If I click that, nothing happens, but now it will show as Open AIDA64 again, and this time it will open without errors. What's the cause of this? I have a hunch that maybe the window state was saved with hardware selected that has since been removed from the PC, and it tries to focus it in the list again, but errors since it's not there. You need to do some list bounds checking!
  2. bbent67888

    List index out of bounds (5)

    I use SensorPanel. I'm not sure what I have selected.. I've never paid attention to what I was doing before the error pops up. (It's usually a few days later when I need to open the window again). Any tips on where that error comes from so I can try to reliably reproduce on my side?