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  1. On 5/27/2020 at 1:32 PM, jay_zig said:

    1430027265_Project1.thumb.jpg.7bc1bb878dbf03590d0b21ded13d3b51.jpghi, i'm new here. Wanna share my 1st senor panel. just started using Aida64 3 days ago. and honestly, i had fun making my very first sensor panel. been searching alot and i have seen lots of awesome sensor panel. I envy those who has a unique sensor gauges rather than the stock gauges provided. i am really hoping on making my ROG themed sensor panel to match its gauges. I wonder if there's such a website that sells different gauge designs. i would really appreciate the hook up.. Thank you guys.


    Fantastic work.

    Can you share it?


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