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  1. 4 hours ago, HookR said:

    Try to play with the "Total width" of the "Sensor item". Think of it as an invisible placeholder rectangle (in which the visible content will align to the right). The goal is to set it (at least) as wide as the widest possible value its content can get (depends on the used font type and size too). And don't forget that the unit has its own "width" parameter (that is a smaller invisible placeholder rectangle inside the main one and aligns its visible content to the left).

    Or... set the "Item type" to "Simple sensor item" and check the "Right-Align" checkbox (in this case you don't have to deal with invisible placeholder rectangles).

    wow thanks a lot!

    I'll try tonight after work hehe

  2. I'm still working on it...

    I'll upload once im done with it!

    But first a question...

    Does anybody know if its possible to align time/dates.........?????????

    I'm hating how position changes every minute...

    If I can't I'll prob just get rid of time and date......


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  3. My mix of white rgb design for almost full white RGB pc... (can't find the damn rog strix 3070 white...)

    Still need to add few more stuff and need to get fps working...

    Thinking of adding uptime and move date and time to top left

    network speed on the bottom right...

    and i'll have to come up with few more things to fill in lol


    and just noticing that intel logo is really out of position


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