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  1. Here the panel. 1134628230_HUDPanel1080X1920_sensorpanel.e94ec3e5b0fcc07c217abbc1b2e78bc3
  2. Yes, of course! 254446943_SensorPanelNeutralColorVertical1080X1920_sensorpanel.cf0af223d0448f23370bd09313abd703
  3. Hi everyone, here my new lcd and custom panel.
  4. Hi everyone, here another panel, thanks to @Gabe Zalewski for his hard work!! Panel size 1080X1920. I'm sorry but i can't upload anymore, i've only 800Kb!! Does anyone know how to get more MB?
  5. Great job, good color matching with your fans and Lian Li XL case. Share it so that others can benefit too
  6. Sure, here the .PSD file. 1943916031_SensorPanelNeutralColorVertical600X1024.zip
  7. Thanks guy, here the panel!
  8. Yes, here the panel! Sensor Panel Neutral Color Vertical 600X1024.sensorpanel
  9. Hi guys, here another one panel, big shout out to @Como_Stella for doing all the ground work and sharing his project. Size 600X1024. If someone is interested i can share it.
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