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  1. @Fiery I also found a Bug in this Beta probably in release Software too. After the new Firmware update 3B2QGXA7 for a 980 Pro SSD it does not show the Controller Temp anymore.
  2. It does not show the VRM thermal reading of the GPU, thats what i would like to have CCD1, CCD2, GPU VRM thermal reading.
  3. Hello there, Downloaded the latest Beta (Version: 6.33.5714 beta (Apr 23, 2021)) and im happy youre adding more Sensors. Hardware Monitoring / new item: GPU Memory #1 temperature GPU Memory Junction temp works as in hwinfo so far. GPU Hotspot and VRAM temperature measurement on capable nVIDIA video cards Hotspot works like in hwinfo but im not getting VRM temps listed on my 3090 Strix OC, in hwinfo there is. Also im missing CCD1 and CCD2 from hwinfo for my 5950x ryzen. Would be very happy if you can add those @Fiery Thank you. Ed
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