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  1. Will there be AIDA64 support for the display on the Asus ROG AZOTH keyboard in the (not too distant) future? It is a brilliant keyboard and display and it already has some built-in support for system information. I would just prefer to fully customize it like I did previously on my Logitech G19 and APEX PRO keyboards.
  2. Has anyone else experienced issues with their sensor panel not showing correct CPU usage since updating to the new Windows 11 version 22H2? Sensor panel constantly shows around 0-3% usage while task manager displays what I assume to be the correct percentage. Any feedback would be appreciated !
  3. Hi, Will there be support for the ryujin 360 oled screen for hardware stats on non asus motherboards pulled from wmi? This would be hugely appreciated. Thanks
  4. One of the reasons to buy this expensive mobo was my thought to get rid of unpleasant reading of water cooling flow in rpm and get it as L/min or alike. Maximus X Formula has W_FLOW header and when my flow meter from Koolance is connected to that header it shows my flow as L/min in BIOS. To my unfortunate AIDA64 doesn't show it in the list. I do understand this is very new mobo and perhaps AIDA doesn't know about it (yet). I've tried the latest beta (5.95.4544 Beta). Any plans to add it in the future releases?
  5. Hey, i recently changed most components of my PC. This problem started after i installed v6.75.6100. It used to show information about the fans, core temperatures, etc., but now it just doesn't show anything, i've attached a screenshot so you can see. Also i noticed the UI has changed a little and the quality of the icons is low.
  6. Title speaks for itself. Worked fine on the Asus TUF z590 Gaming PLUS Wifi Using a Corsair RMx series PSU thoughts?
  7. Having trouble getting the pump header seen at all within AIDA64 Extreme. The AIO Pump header IS working because the motherboard monitor and ASUS AI Suite are reporting RPMs of the pump. I've have installed another piece of software to control fans and it scans and successfully finds the Pump header (as well as displays RPM and allows control) so I'm not sure that there is an issue with the mobo or signal but rather something specific within AIDA64 Extreme. For what it's worth, I am running AIDA64 Extreme on another PC with an ASUS mobo and the pump is detected just fine. Both computer have Embedded Controller (EC) support and Embedded Controller (EC) bank switching enabled within Stability yet AIDA 64 does not detect this header. Any thoughts?
  8. So I'm about at my wits end with this, this is such a bizarre issue. I've already submitted a ticket to Asus about this and they are "researching" why this is happening for the last 2 days but I've heard nothing back yet, so I figured I'd do the same for AIDA64 and see if there are any answers/suggestions/solutions or jokes to ease my insanity. AIDA64 Extreme ver. 6.10.5200 is the only hardware monitoring application I'm using as I've read multiple monitoring apps can cause the ITE IT8665E Super IO chip to bug out. (Among 1000 other things, is this thing just garbage or what?) I'm also using the Logitech LCD configuration in AIDA64 to display temperatures/clockspeeds/VRM current/power/etc. basically all the important information I can fit spread between 4 pages on my Logitech LCD. However, I'm not monitoring fan speeds on my LCD just in case that's causing an issue. After anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, the fans I have connected to motherboard headers will stop spinning. After doing some experimentation and attempting to control the fans after they have stopped, I've figured out that the fan logic is randomly inverting. That is, 100% fan speed becomes 0%, and 0% becomes 100%, 66% fan speed becomes 34% fan speed etc. So after it happens, I can set the fans to 0% and they will spin back up to 100%, or to 34% and they will spin back up to 66%. So I have some form of solution, albeit not an ideal one. I've also noticed that once the logic reverse happens, the fan sensor values in AIDA64 either freeze at their reported value, or they just show 0 RPM depending on how it's feeling at that particular instance. If I'm not running AIDA64 this will not happen, but it's an inevitability whenever AIDA64 is running. Rebooting the PC or sleep/resume will correct the issue for another 15 minutes to 2 hours. Here are the only options I have enabled in the stability section of AIDA64: Load Kernel driver Low-Level MSR Low-Level PCI Low-Level SMBus Low-Level sensor Low-Level SMART SMBus access through ACPI GPU Sensor Support I have disabled Asus WMI sensor support because I read that can solve the issue, but it hasn't helped. This is also the second fresh install of Windows 10 on this machine, and it has happened during both installs. I'm on the latest 5220 BIOS, and changing all of the parameters of Q-Fan in the BIOS doesn't seem to have any effect. Specs: MB: Asus Prime X470-Pro CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X RAM: 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws V 3600MHz GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT SSD's: Samsung 860 EVO 256GB + Samsung 840 Pro 128GB HDD's: Seagate Barracuda 2TB + Western Digital Blue 1TB PSU: Enermax Triathlor Eco 1000W
  9. Asus z590-F incorrect DIMM, VCCIO, VCCSA voltage. I was tried newest beta version but same incorrect value. And I'm using corsair RM1000 psu so I enabled corsair link sensor support but can't find sensor. HWinfo64 show +12V current ampere and fan speed(only show when not 0rpm). What setting do I have to change in Aida64 extreme ? How can I fix this issue ? Please, help me. corsairlinkdump.txt ecdump.txt isasensordump.txt
  10. Hello, Aida64 is reporting wrong VCCIN and DIMM AB and CD voltages, after overclocking. CPU is Intel 10940X and Memory is Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 3600 Mhz. Thanks a Lot Best Regards
  11. Dear all, In sensor screen, +5V and +12V are not visible in windows 7, 32 bit. But it was visible in Windows 8.1, 64 bit. Please Help
  12. Hi, I have the asus strix x470-f with 5601 bios and an outdated version of aida64(from the start of 2020). Chipset and Tsensor(watercooling loop temp for me) temps have stopped showing for a while now and I assumed it was from getting bios updates and not updating aida. Installed latest beta (6.25.5462) and the problem persists. Asus Wmi and EC support are enabled (as i always had). Later i found out the following topic with the same problem(with olded bios than mine) that you are claiming to be an Asus issue , but sensors are showing in aisuite,hardwareinfo and other programs and only aida64 doesn`t seem to find them .
  13. Hello I have a problem with rams, they are indicated as on the screen in Aida64, while it will have to be A1, B1, C1, D1 and I have the temperature of the water plugged into the "Water In" port on the motherboard, but it indicates Temperature N°1 in Aida64 It is possible to rename in "Water" (the "In" and "Out" to put in Extended Labels) and it's "duplicate" with T-Sensor 1 Asus having made the effort to add these ports, as long as they are named correctly in Aida64 And for Water Flow, in bios it is indicated in l/m, in Aida64 it is indicated in RPM Possible to have in l/m (see in l/h) in Aida64 Thanks And merry christmas
  14. ASUS ROG all-in-one liquid CPU cooler , https://www.asus.com/Cooling/ROG-RYUO-240/ https://www.asus.com/Cooling/ROG-RYUJIN-360/
  15. I don't see the pump speed etc. for the AIO. Is this a bug or does it need to be added ? Blah again this should be in bugs section.
  16. Hi A few odd things. I've recently added cheap water cooling to my PC. It might be a misunderstanding (or reconfiguration) on my pat. 1) Sometimes when I start the PC and AIDA64 auto starts, it only shows the 3 white fan options as shown in the bottom of pic "Turn on PC". If I close AIDA64 and restart it, or reboot, it comes up with the 5 fans it should have (see bottom of pic "Restarted"), 2) very occasionally it starts correctly by showing the 5 fan options, but will say both the GPU Rad fan and the Temp Side Fan are 0 RPM even though they are spinning (sorry haven't got a pic for this) Note, Power supply fan should be 0 RPM as it's a quite PS that only starts the fan if needed 3) With my CPU watercooler, I installed Corsairs iCUE fan control software (I presume this is needed to control the fans?). That software shows completely different CPU temps to yours. When running your Stress Test, (all in C) After 40 seconds, yours says 39 , iCUE says 33.7 After 2 mins, yours says 40 iCUE says 34.3 After 3 mins yours says 40 iCUE says 34.8 After 4 mins yours says 41, iCUE says 35.1 After 6 mins yours says 41, iQUE says 35.6 After 11 mins yours says 42 iQUE says 36.1 Pics of the above attached. I left it running for a while longer, but the temp stayed fluctuating between 41/42. Then after I'd stopped your stress test for a couple of mins or so your s/w says 29, iQUE says 34.6 Turned on PC Restarted PC AIDA64 CPU Stress test after 40 secs AIDA64 CPU Stress test after 2 mins AIDA64 CPU Stress test after 3 mins AIDA64 CPU Stress test after 4 mins AIDA64 CPU Stress test after 6 mins AIDA64 CPU Stress test after 11 mins Stress test stopped for a couple of mins or so System Spec: Asus Vulcan Pro ROG Headset Corsair Neutron GTX SSD 240GB (C drive, System) Samsung 500GB EVO SSD (D drive, Games) SanDisk SSD Plus 480GB (E drive, Steam Library) Samsung 500GB EVO SSD (F drive , Music S/W) Samsung 500GB EVO SSD (G, H, I drive, Docs, More Programs, Email) Toshiba HDwe140 4TB (External enclosure, only plugged in to do backups) XFX RADEON RX480 Black Edition OC Utech MMO Gaming Mouse Logitech G510 Keyboard Razer Orbweaver Chrome Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 Audio interface Dell U2713HM monitor running at 2560 x 1440 BenQ GW2470 runing at 1920 x 1080 Intel Core i7 3820 a2011 3600 MHz Asus P9X79 Socket 2011 ATX Motherboard 32GB Corsair Vengance DDR3 RAM Win 10 Pro Corsair 750 Watt HX750i Fully Modular ATX PSU/Power Supply Corsair Hydro H55 on GPU Corsair Hydro H100 v2 on CPU NTZX H440 Mid ATX PC case
  17. Hello, I've moved this to a separate thread. Ive rolled back to 4900 and the sensor page is now blank, the process is stuck detecting and end task process does not work as I get "access denied" this is persistent in removal and re-install of AIDA 64 ex can you tell me if all check boxes ticked in the stability page for the following, which one ASUS WMI ACPI ACCESS ASUS ROG Thanks again for the help
  18. Hi, All of the system fans are no longer appearing in the sensor page Using AIDA64 extreme 5.99.4944 Beta RAD 1 header RAD 2 Header Chassis fan I cannot remember when it happend, just noticed another post and I checked mine. same problem
  19. Hi All, Firstly I love AIDA64. It is so feature rich I can't believe I used anything else for so long! I spent 5 hours yesterday fine tuning my LCD panel display on my Android Tablet! I am running a Threadripper System with a ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme X399 TR4 Motherboard. 98% of the sensors are there there, there are just a few missing. For the Fans the latest AIDA Beta shows CPU and CPU OPT and CHA Fan 2. What is missing is CHA FAN 1, H_AMP_FAN, W_PUMP+ and the 3 CHA FANS on the extension board that Plugs into the EXT_FAN header. As I am running a TR system that runs warm it important to be able to monitor the H_AMP_FAN and W_PUMP+ connectors as that will tell me if my Liquid Cooler is operating properly. Let me know if I can provide any other info or testing to help. Regards, Lachlan.
  20. Hey there, I recently upgraded my pc, i changed 3 things: MB: Maximus XI Extreme CPU: 9900k Cooler: Ryujin 360. Since then aida64 takes a very long time to start, become randomly unresponsive for random amount of time, sensor panel too. Aida64 never crash, it just become unresponsive randomly for a random time. I uninstalled Aida, did registry cleaning, rebooted, re-installed Aida and same thing is happening. Any help would be appreciated, thank you. Koithim
  21. Hello, Using 5.99.4900 no sensors are recognized on my Asus ROG Strix Z390-H Gaming mobo. Do I have something misconfigured, or should I be running a beta version? Thanks!
  22. Hello. I updated program to the latest beta version and it appeared what program is loading information from sensors forever. I just press sensors and it start loading information until i close the program. I have Maximus XI Hero with COre i9-9900k. FOR the 1st time on stable version program not showing temperatures i update to beta from November 3 or whatever version it shows everything and now i found the version from the end of 2017 which is working but not showing all coolers but at least showing CPU and GPU temperature. How to fix this.
  23. Hey AIDA64 Team, do you have any Timeline to integrate the Water_IN_Temperatur & Water_OUT_Temperatur for the new Z390 ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO (WI-FI) ??? Thank you!
  24. Hi again Fiery. Got this new Maximus XI Extreme Z390 . All sensor readings appear to be there except for the vrm and pch sensor. There is a sensor reading for the motherboard but the other two are missing. I have attached the isadump and ecdump files for you to work your magic. Thanks in advance for any help. ecdump.txt isasensordump.txt
  25. CPU Vcore and CPU VID reporting the same voltage. I think this is wrong, Asus AI Suite 3 and HWiNFO report different numbers. (Lower Vcore under load). I much prefer Aida, anything I can do about this? Thanks.
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