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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I have a well documented problem that has developed over the past few months. All of my web browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera) have been giving errors similar to "cannot display webpage", "Aw Snap", "webpage is unavailable", or "webpage crashed". This type of error just means I often have to reload to the page many times to get it to load. I have run a lot of diagnostic tests including the Aida64 program and I have data from Performance Monitor. I have good internet connection I use Ethernet or Wifi same problem but my other devices are fast and stable when browsing. I can post the long list of things I've done to troubleshoot later. Basically Chrome has become unusable, most any website will not load, or might load if I reload it many times. Sometimes pages crash for no reason, I'll just be filling in a form like this one and the browser will suddenly display the page crashed error. This happens it seems regardless of the RAM or CPU usage according to Task Manager. Chrome tech support said they suspect a memory corruption problem, so I ran the Windows memory test but it was fine. Microsoft tech support had me reset IE which was a slight improvement for a few days. Firefox is now the most stable browser and the only one I can watch a streaming video on but webpages still crash many times a day. Internet browsing used to be fast and stable, I'd like to get it there again. Strangely some of the changes I've done have improved the problem for a few days but then it returns. I have posted help requests on many forums related to my system but have not received much support. Can anyone here offer some advice or assistance? I attached the Aida64 Report. Thanks. P.S. Running Windows 7 on a HP Pavilion tx1308nr laptop w/ 4GB ram + 4GB ReadyBoost. Report Aida64.htm
  2. ​I have a NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 video card that I've been having nightmarish crash problems with. It's the same problem that thousands of other users are having with the message: "Display Driver NVIDIA Kernel Mode Driver Version xxx.xx (the version number is irrelevant because it changes with every update but nothing ever improves) Stopped Responding And Has Successfully Recovered". NVIDIA Support, while never giving a definitive fix for this problem, does have a number of troubleshooting suggestions (which thus far have gone nowhere) but one was to obtain AIDA64 Extreme and run a diagnostic on the VRAM in my video card to see if it's good or if it fails. Thus far I have not been able to determine exactly how to do that with AIDA64 and was wondering if someone could give me some guidance here? I need to run it on the VRAM only and not some other component. Also, are they referring to a "stress test" as an actual diagnostic, or is there some true diagnostic that will analyze the VRAM and let me know if it has a problem, kind of like MemTest would do for your computer's RAM. Another suggestion they had was to test the Power Supply Unit (PSU); I think that's a bit of a "red herring" but I'm willing to try; is there a diagnostic test for that in AIDA64 as well? Thanks and standing by...
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