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Found 6 results

  1. So I got ASUS's recently released AIO the Ryujin III for cooling and hardware monitoring. But there has been a glitch where after I put my PC to sleep and wake it back up the screen turns off. Seeing a new firmware in Armory crate I got to update it it only to fail since AIDA is up and trying to access the screen on the AIO, but AIDA WILL NOT F***ING CLOSE. as soon as I try to it pops back up, so I try to update AIDA only for it that top not work since AIDA won't close. I try to fully uninstall AIDA only for a skeleton version so still pop up, which according to windows in uninstalled, and cause my update for BOTH THE AIO AND AIDA ITSELT TO CONTNIUE TO FAIL. This is among the most maddened I have every been at a bug in my life.
  2. Hello I would like to know which are the best displays for computer hardware monitor, I want 5 inch to 10 inch with high resolution, what are the best manufacters and models?
  3. Does anyone know how can u find out all the function for sensor panel to show on the second screen for hardware monitoring...My is just have cpu temp, utilization, gpu temp, gpu utilization and etc...but i want memory clock, memory speed, mobo temp, cpu core....hope anyone can guide me....i really have no idea on this issue....and sry for my broken english tp_merge_1595354072128-v1.mp4
  4. hellow friends,I'm lighting from NanJING city,China.I'm making a cheap module to show some information about hardware,like How much the CPU/GPU/RAM/SSD is used ,and their temperature.I want this module is cheap enough and powerful enough,If we do not calculate the cost of OLED,it will cost no more than three dollars include PCB,MCU and others like resistor and capacitor in 0603.Now,I have designed PCB,once the program is completely ready,I will send the PCB drawing to the foundry.I finished 90% of the program part.But now I get a trouble.I used to use a software to get information I required,but it's very Unstable.It doesn't even work now.I am so sad that the module is almost finished. I am not familiar with Aida64,but I think it must be able to transmit information with virtual serial port.In my design, USB simulate as serial port,Aida64 transfer information to the MCU by USB.MCU includes the features of CP2102 andCH340. Please help me,I will open source my code and PCB design.In China,MCU and PCB are cheap enough.if you want PCB, I can give one piece to you for free,but you have to come to Nanjing to take it away,hah,the shipping costs are expensive.
  5. Hello, I noticed that on Asus Rampage IV Extreme, AIDA64 sometimes outputs "Thread creation error: Insufficient memory for this operation" and after that readings of OPT1, OPT3, Case 2 and PCH fans become 0.0 RPM (I have OPT2, Case 1 and Case 2 fans unconnected so cannot say anything about them). CPU fan and CPU OPT fan readings are still OK. If I relaunch AIDA64 (File - Exit - Run again), readings become OK, and sometimes later the problem repeats. I have to confess that I have ASUS Suite II installed (because and only because AIDA64 missed OPTx temp support on Asus R4E!). After installation of AIDA64 Beta, I stopped running it, but process explorer shows its modules loaded and running (FanControlHelper.exe etc). So this may be result of interaction of AIDA64 and ASUS' DLLs (http://forums.aida64...ndpost__p__5532). It's not a problem for me, I plan to uninstall ASUS software. Just leaving it now only to help you in testing AIDA64 version: 2.50.2075 Beta. P.S. Fiery, thanks a lot for your great work - from another R4E user Never remove R4E support from AIDA64! BTW, you already have Option/Stability settings, you may add Asus Suite II compatibility there...
  6. I have an Adata 120GB SSD (http://www.adata-group.com/index.php?action=product_specification&cid=3&piid=130). It's temperature doesn't show up in Aida. I'm using the latest beta version of Aida on a Asus P8Z68 board. I've also checked with Almico's Speedfan and it shows the temperature. Is there a way that I can see the Temp? Thanks.
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