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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, have you seen the new Logitech Arx Control solution? It's basically a way to use iOS and Android phones and tablets to display and control various stuff of your gaming PC. The only requirement - besides the phone or tablet - is to have Logitechs Gaming Software installed. It works with all Logitech keyboards and mice that are supported by the Gaming Software. And, as far as I understand, there's a documented API which allows you to display custom stuff in the app. I haven't looked at it, but I guess it's not too different from the API that they used for their LCD displays. Do you want to check that out and give us an idea whether you'd like to support that?
  2. Hello Guys, i hope you can help me. I have installed the Arx Software on phone and connected to the pc. I have acitvated Arx Control in AIDA64 and tried with a first element. My Problem is, that in the Logitech Gaming Software Arx, that the Aida64 applet is not shown. Can anyone help me with that?
  3. Would be nice if you could rotate output 90 degrees in AIDA 64 LCD config for Logitech ARX. This, so you can get tablet mode.
  4. This could well go under the Brainstorming forum, but I thought I'd ask your opinion in the Hardware Monitoring forum instead, since many enthusiasts using SensorPanel, LCD and OSD Panel modules tend to visit this forum frequently. So, we're considering implementing support for Corsair K65 RGB, Corsair K70 RGB, Corsair K95 RGB, Logitech G910 Orion Spark and Razer BlackWidow Chroma RGB keyboards. By individually lighting keys and being able to use custom color for each key, some fancy effects can be achieved. Question is: how should we utilize such capabilities of RGB keyboards? A few ideas we've already come up with: 1) The row or column of F-keys (function keys), G-keys, number keys, or even the numeric keypad or the main QWERTY block may be used as a horizontal or vertical bar. It may be perfect to show such readings like CPU utilization or GPU utilization. I think it would look best if it went from green to red, but it may be possible to use individual colours for min/limit1/limit2/max, just as with the LCD and SensorPanel Sensor Item bars. 2) The main QWERTY block of alphabet keys may be used to show 2, 3 or maybe even 4 big numbers, although the non-regular matrix of keys may make it look a bit odd. And of course, you might have to look at it from a bit of a distance to read the numbers quickly. 3) By combining the F-keys, number keys and the numeric keypad would enable showing 2-digit numbers directly. So for example, 24 Celsius CPU temperature may be represented as lighting up F2 key (to stand for "2"), and number 4 key together in the same time. Considering the F-key row is right on top of the number key row, this solution should be easy to read and interpret. Using the numeric keypad may not be the best idea though, since it would be too far from the location of the other digit (F-key row or number row). 4) It may be possible to put the status of a temperature, voltage or fan speed reading on a single key, without showing the actual readout value. So e.g. the "C" key would be lit green when the CPU temperature is cool, yellow when it's above 50 Celsius, orange when it's above 60 Celsius, and red when it's above 70 Celsius. Similarly, motherboard temperature would be indicated on the "M" key, HDD temperature on the "H" key, CPU fan on the "F" key, etc. What do you think about those ideas? What else do you think would be a good idea? Do you already own a G910 or a BlackWidow Chroma, and you think you would be interested in using this feature? Thanks, Fiery
  5. I just bough this I am getting access violations while I am using this for monitoring with Logitech LCD. An example violation picture is attached. I tried running as administrator but same results. Also it seems to happen while running BF4. My details: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Aida64 4.60.3100 Logitech G13 LCD Note that I was using MSI afterburner with Riva for a long time for monitoring without any issues. Please help as LCD monitoring was the only reason I bought this.
  6. Hello, Recently installed new logitech gaming software for G510. Aida always worked , now i cant get the error away when i activate the lcd support. Cannot get to the settings to configure the temps to display on the keyboard. Logitech gaming soft 8.20.74 does anyone have the same prob?
  7. This is a more general question, but the need for it is in connection with AIDA64 using for G19's LCD display. When starting the PC the drivers and software are starting in this order:AIDA64, FRAPS and one of the very last is the newly installed LGS (Logitech Gaming Software) for G19 and other Logitech devices. So AIDA64 has an error and cannot display his info on the panel, because at the time that AIDA64 driver is automically started no G19 driver loaded. I can only terminate AIDA64 (and FRAPS and similar untilities) and start again: Then everything works. Any chance, how the order of automtacally starting drivers can be set in msconfig on XP (and how to do on Win7)?
  8. Hey guys, I've recently upgraded my Logitech Gaming Software through their auto-update feature and it seems to have kicked out AIDA. When I try to enable the LCD again it just says "LCD init failed". Any ideas? The version the gaming software upgraded to was 8.20.74. The new software seems to have kicked out my FRAPS lcd plugin as well. I've updated AIDA use its auto-update feature and still have the same issue. [EDIT] Forgot to mention I have the G15 keyboard.
  9. Hello, Recently installed new logitech gaming software for G510. Aida always worked , now i cant get the error away when i activate the lcd support. Cannot get to the settings to configure the temps to display on the keyboard. Logitech gaming soft 8.20.74 does anyone have the same prob? Thanx
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