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Found 25 results

  1. Can you tell me how to enlarge an already set layout from 480x320 pixels up to 800x480? Thank you
  2. Hi, title says basically everything, I swaped 6600XT for 7900XT and suddenly there is no GPU power sensors section in sensor panel no more. On top of that vram clock readings shows values up to 20000 MHz, 10 times more it should be. I'm on windows 10 64bit and 2 monitor setup. Main 4K OLED LG on HDMI cable and secondary 5inch LCD on usb-c connection. Both set to 60Hz.
  3. I'm trying to set up a VoCore LCD screen as a sensor panel. Curently I have it almost working, however the screen is split, so the top of the sensor panel is actually shoing up on the bottom of the VoCore screen. How can I fix this? Is there any way to adjust the position of the sensor panel on the screen?
  4. Hello, I have the 5inch sensor panel set vertically and im having a hard time finding a template thats set for that. i see tones of 800x430. please help.
  5. When you click the "Collapse All Windows" button (Win + D) on Windows 10, the SensorPanel is located behind the windows taskbar. PS. My SensorPanel has the options "always on top" and "prevent from being minimized". I`m using version AIDA64 Engineer 5.90.4229 Beta.
  6. Hello first of all im new here, only started using aida64 a few days ago but i noticed that my gpu utilization on the sensor panel is 17% at idle and thats the lowest it goes while task manager shows 0%. Same goes to when gaming the task manager shows 99% while sensor panel shows 87% highest. This has been driving me crazy because i dont know which one is showing the accurate figure. Can any of you help me out please.
  7. Here are some of my suggestions for the new SensorPanel. Provide the option to Underline fonts. Especially with Static Labels. Give the sensorpanel the option to make the background transparent. With Thermal sensor data, give the temperature value/unit the ability to change colors depending on the temp. Such as the option with the Bars.
  8. Is there any way to set something like this? (That's actually just a preview i made on illustrator) I need to display: 1 - name of the main process that is actually playing (the first on the windows task manager list) 2 - time elapsed since the process has started 5 - dynamic transparent png icon of what is playing i am a newbie with aida64, so have mercy on me please
  9. Hi, I'm new, I have bought a screen to monitor my computer is 1024x600 and I would like to be able to put a theme to monitor how should I do it?
  10. Hello. I have been using AIDA 64 for a while mainly to keep an eye on temps, fan speeds and power consumption using the sensor panel. I have my computer power supply unit connected to an APC Smart UPS SUA-1500I and my monitors and HDTV, router and other stuff connected to an APC Back-UPS RS1500. Going to the power management section in AIDA64, I can see the wattages, voltages and other parameters of both UPS units, but I cannot add the wattage of the Back-UPS unit to the sensor panel. I can do so only with the smart UPS unit. Is there a way to add them both to the sensor panel and keep an eye on the total power consumption of my whole setup? Thanks.
  11. Hello, I have an issue with sensor panel. I have two bars that take readout from NIC6 Download Rate and NIC6 Upload Rate. Upon restart, I see that the bars disappear from sensor panel. Going to sensor panel manager, I see that the sensors for NIC6 Download Rate and NIC6 Upload Rate are also gone. A temporary fix is: Sensor Debug >> Sensor Profiling Dump and restarting Aida64 upon which the abovementioned sensors appear and the bars show up on the sensor panel. Upon restart, back to the issue with sensors and bars on the panel disappearing.
  12. Hi all, I'm trying to show how much space is left in a few hard drives on my sensor panel. The numerical value remains correct, but the graphic, which is just a bar, doesn't change in size when the capacity increases or decreases. Any ideas why? Is there a better way to show this? See attached image. Thanks, Dan
  13. Any help would be greatly appreciated, all other functions are working perfectly. I understand it only works in game, but still there is no change. My FPS monitor with NVIDIA's software functions fine. My only thought is that it is displaying the FPS on the sensor panel (which would be 0) and not from my main monitor - is this possible? And what setting would I change? Windows 10 Ryzen 9 3900x RTX 3080 Thank you in advance,
  14. Does anyone know how can u find out all the function for sensor panel to show on the second screen for hardware monitoring...My is just have cpu temp, utilization, gpu temp, gpu utilization and etc...but i want memory clock, memory speed, mobo temp, cpu core....hope anyone can guide me....i really have no idea on this issue....and sry for my broken english tp_merge_1595354072128-v1.mp4
  15. In the bios and HWinfo64 I can check the Mos temps but I dont see that reading in Aida 64. Help pls?
  16. I would like to know how to turn on a second unique Sensor Panel. I figure it must be possible as @Fiery said in 2013... "We do have plans about multiple SensorPanels,"
  17. Hi, since 3 days i got a new graphics card (GTX 1080 ) since then some of the sensors in my Sensor panel just disappeared. The GPU Usage is gone , and the GPU clock is gone aswell . So i looked in the list with all sensors but there is neither a usage nor a gpu clock sensor, they just missing With my old gtx 770 in 2way sli everything worked Aida64 is updatet and running with 5.70 Pls Help
  18. Hi, I recently upgraded my computer to a Windows 10 64 bits. Unfortunately, Windows Gadgets doesn't exist anymore, so I can't use the AIDA64 Gadgets anymore, and I'm trying to create a new sensor panel (which is actually even better and way more customizable). The only problem I encountered was that even if I check "Prevent SensorPanel from being minimized", it still is when I minimize all the windows (Windows logo key + D). Is anyone in the same situation ? Is it a bug, or supposed to behave like this ? Thanks for any help I have a license of AIDA64 Extreme 5.50.3600
  19. Right clicking a sensor panel item and selecting "Modify" brings up the settings dialog no problem, but the main control buttons (OK / Apply etc) are missing. Am running the latest stable version as at 4th October 2015. I have to use the tab button until the tab order moves one item past all visibly "tab-selected" and then hit enter, otherwise any settings changes are not saved. In other words, is missing "OK" "Apply" "cancel" main buttons at the bottom. Running Windows 10 Home 64bit. Licensed AIDA64 extreme.
  20. Hi, I'm using an AMD 7990 and it seems like there are a few sensor items missing. Before I go on, GPU sensor/fan support, Multi-GPU support and Wake GPUs up are all checked under the stability tab. Furthermore I disabled ULPS via Msi Afterburner. I'm building a Sensor Panel and I noticed that under Voltage Values I'm only getting Vcc, Memory, VRM and +12V for GPU2 and nothing for GPU1. All i get for GPU1 is the core voltage. Under Current Values and Power Values all i get is GPU2 Memory and GPU2 VRM (Amps. and Wattage respectivley). Are these values really for GPU2 only or are they actually the total of both and are simply mislabeled? Not a huge issue, just wondering. regards,
  21. How can I set its minimum Value with Auto-scale enabled
  22. My sudgestion: A button for setting the current setting as the default values in the modify item window. Bug or glitch: (don't know what to call) I cannot edit Graph Effect defaults, its not included in "Edit Defaults" form in sensor pannel But I really love it, it's awesome, it reduced lot of gadgets on my desktop
  23. add a feature for disabling context menu in sensor panel… my little bro is editing it
  24. Hello, i have a Logitech g510 keyboard and i wanted to use the nice LCD feature. All is well but when i click the "new" button to add something to the screen AIDA64 just freezes, this problem also happens when i click 'new' to add another option to the sensor panel aswell. I have been browsing and i've seen that reinstalling the logitech software has helped people but i have tried that a few times with no prevail. What i mean by 'freezing' is when i click the 'new' button, i cant click anything else. i get the windows 'ding' and have to end the proccess in task manager to shut it down and restart it. I am running windows 7 64bit, logitech gaming software version 8.20.74, AIDA64 version 2.30. thanks for your time and hopefully we can fix this. Edit: I just realized that changing anything in the sensor panel makes it lock up, i can move objects but nothing else
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