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  1. I'm thinking about picking up a 1024x600 panel for an upcoming build and I see all of these people sharing their amazing templates. Is there a guide I can read when it comes to making my own templates?
  2. Is this feature planned as with the OSD checkbox option?
  3. Hello, I'm looking for an artist that would be interested in an one-time commission of a SensorPanel (1024x600). Design would be cartoon-ish, most likely some things will have to be done from scratch. If you like to come up with your visions and approaches, then that's a plus - I only have a general idea of what the final result should be, so you'd be fairly free to do whatever you like. Discord: tomini Steam: Tomini
  4. Alguém termina esse fiz pelo celular não tenho recursos para terminar 1024 x 600
  5. Aida 64 crashes randomly while running sensor panel with low level pcie sensor monitoring enabled. (Gpu stats from this enabled) Im on windows 11 Ryzen 5800x Radeon 6700xt is there a possible fix for this?
  6. I want to know if its possible to display data from external source like temperature monitor which is giving data over serial to USB device on a COM port. How to do it if its possible.
  7. Hi, title says basically everything, I swaped 6600XT for 7900XT and suddenly there is no GPU power sensors section in sensor panel no more. On top of that vram clock readings shows values up to 20000 MHz, 10 times more it should be. I'm on windows 10 64bit and 2 monitor setup. Main 4K OLED LG on HDMI cable and secondary 5inch LCD on usb-c connection. Both set to 60Hz.
  8. Hello I want the sensor panel to change when I enter a specific program. Is that even possible ? Thank you very much
  9. I have a 1920x480 panel and spent about 6 hours tweaking a template to be just right after I opened the original file and the information was all over the place, some WELL off the sensorpanel area. I closed aida and reopened it and the freshly tweaked panel was messed up again and no longer the proper size. I imported the saved file of the just completed panel and it was no better. anyone have any ideas as to what might be going on? I'll redo the panel if I know this isn't going to happen again. Thanks
  10. Was attempting to make it easier to change the colors of one of my sensorpanels by using a separate colored background with transparent PNG files to overlay on top of the color block. Tested this method and it worked fabulously for the first sensor item, so I started making minor modifications to the overlay files when I discovered that only the first transparent PNG file that I load works properly. Any subsequent transparent PNG that I load seems to have issue with transparency where it shouldn't. I've recreated this multiple times now assuming that it was my error in generating the PNGs, but I wanted to see if anybody else can recreate to see if this is a bug. Version 6.70.6000 4/11/2022 build date Thanks, -Mojo
  11. Hi, i have the following problem that when I insert a png image on the sensor panel that it comes to an error. I do not know if there are certain requirements for the insertion. Or wheter you can increase it ? Image for the error best regards FoX
  12. I just installed Aida64 6.60, and I noticed lots of missing items from sensorpanel measurement items. For example: no cpu temp, no fans rpm. Only GPU temp and GPU cooling fans. I attach screen shot and ISA sensor dump txt file. Pls help... isasensordump.txt
  13. So, i want to buy monitor for aida64 sensorpanel. I want it to be 7 inch. I've found this little guy https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/7inch_HDMI_LCD_(H)_(with_case) I'm wondering can i find something better for this price (i mean version without the case). Also, how can I connect this via hdmi, because i want it to be inside my case, but all hdmi ports are OUTSIDE the case. Can i use hdmi to usb-c adapter to connect it to my mobo?
  14. Here are some of my suggestions for the new SensorPanel. Provide the option to Underline fonts. Especially with Static Labels. Give the sensorpanel the option to make the background transparent. With Thermal sensor data, give the temperature value/unit the ability to change colors depending on the temp. Such as the option with the Bars.
  15. I'm assuming this functionality isn't present, but I wanted to ask just to make sure. Is it possible to have a SensorPanel graph show more than one sensor? For example, a single graph showing lines for each CPU core's utilization or a graph showing both upload and download rates for a NIC. I think this functionality would greatly improve the already awesome SensorPanel. Thanks.
  16. I tried importing many sensor panels. I have a 1920x480 screen. They all come out looking horrible and don't fit. In the forum it says they are 1920X480. Can someone fill my in on what I am missing?
  17. As I had a few things that would have made it easier to set up mine I decided to make a topic about this for anyone else to share their ideas. I hope this could influence development. Here we go! 1) As I added more and more sensors, the sensorpanel manager started getting cluttered. Maybe an option to add folders would be nice. 2) As seen below have a single graph with all CPU core clocks and usage%. To achieve this I had to make a line graph for every core's clock and usage% without background to make them all visible at the same time. A multi line graph feature would make this much easier (yes, this is part of why the sensor panel manager got cluttered lol) 3) As you can also see in this picture, there is no anti-aliasing in the line graph, that would make it look much cleaner! 4) I know there's an option for custom made gauges, but it would be nice if there were more options by default, perhaps ones shared in the community here? 5) Some features for basic shapes would be nice, rectangles and circles, filled or outlined. I know it's not graphic design software, but adding simple design elements would be so much easier this way
  18. Custom gauges are not working in the sensor panel. Default ones are. I made some custom ones where I just changed the colors of the default downloaded ones. Added them to the custom states. They pop up for a second then disappear only leaving the icon and text. Tried downloading ones other people have made and the same things happen. Might appear for a second then disappear then come back for a second go away again and not come back. All are pngs as specified. Its a 5" raspberry pi screen. Was going to use for CPU and GPU temp (3900X - RTX2080) Let me know of any ideas to try or info you need. If its not something off the top of my head have to respond after work. So far really disappointed. Wanted to make some custom files, I do not like the defaults.
  19. hi all, newbie here! this is my first post so i hope it has landed in the correct place.. be gentle! i have installed the 'simple' version of a64, is it possible to run multiple instances of the sensor panel? i have the sensor panel running in a 5 inch screen located inside my case but have a room change planned which will put the case high on a shelf out of my eye sight so i would like a second display for stats placed under my main monitor. i plan to use a larger screen say a 10.1 'ultrawide (if thats the correct term) as i like the extra real-estate. what are my options? on a similar topic, is it possible to create an 'unpublished' senor panel before removing the currently used panel? or would i have to save the current panel to file or something then start a new panel? also can anyone point me to gauge resources, ie pre made gauges? or an easy to understand tutorial for how to diy them? total novice here, but can follow an idiots guide! i have included the final evolution of my first attempt using the provided gauges etc, it took me ages to get rid of the green dials.. i finally gave up trying to figure it out in a64 so i just changed the hue on the 5inch monitor lol. really hoping to learn the skills to create something like i have seen on here.. some really nice work on the share your panel thread, some of those must have taken ages!!! impressive. any advice greatly received, but remember your talking to an a64 absolute novice!! Thanks folks.
  20. Rtss fps counter dosen't work on my sensor panel it always show me thats the fps is 0 even when im play , how can i fix this
  21. Any help would be greatly appreciated, all other functions are working perfectly. I understand it only works in game, but still there is no change. My FPS monitor with NVIDIA's software functions fine. My only thought is that it is displaying the FPS on the sensor panel (which would be 0) and not from my main monitor - is this possible? And what setting would I change? Windows 10 Ryzen 9 3900x RTX 3080 Thank you in advance,
  22. First problem: I have problem with my OSDpanel, while playing for example Pubg I have "Cpu" and "Gpu" temps and they wont stay as top most window. Second problem: My sensorpanel every time i click (left and right) on my desktop the sensorpanel closes and opens it takes between 0,5 and 1 seconds. If I right click on my desktop the sensorpanel disappears and the normal windows drop-down menu comes up for a good 0,5 to 1 seconds and then closes and the sensorpanel pops back where it should be. It is just a little annoying because i can not while the sensorpanel is showing change any thing in the drop-down menu. My friend does not have the problem and I can not find the issue... (My spelling isnt perfect but hey its not that important)
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