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Found 3 results

  1. I have released a much updated version of my RSLCD Viewer. Features: - Window remembers its size & position - Draggable to be placed anywhere you like What's New: - Changed the Settings UI in general - Added URL Setting - Added TCP/IP Port Setting - Added Window Snapping - Added Window Snapping Distance Setting - Added Run at Startup - Added Always On Top - Added "Settings always on Primary Monitor" Setting - Portable EXE now just 6mb Hopefully most of those option will be obvious. I added "Settings always on Primary Monitor" as an option so that if desired, the settings *should* always show on what your version of Windows has defined as the Primary Monitor. This prevents being unable to see the settings because they show up on a 5" screen for example. Settings Screenshot: Video Demo: Download Release - https://github.com/IAmOrion/RSLCD-Viewer/releases/tag/beta Source Code - https://github.com/IAmOrion/RSLCD-Viewer Change Log: 11/07/2022 - Source Uploaded to GitHub & Beta 1 Released. Settings page updated, new functions include window snapping, always on top, url, port, run at startup 3/07/2022 - Program announced & Alpha Released 370919421_RSLCDBrowser-Alpha1.0.zip
  2. I was instructed to use AIDA64 by the tech support at Kaspersky and specifically instructed to send the report to my email address at hotmail and then send them the report after receiving it in my inbox. After choosing Send report to email the AIDA64 application will only search for Bluetooth connections to other devices and sends NOTHING to my correct email address Inbox or Junk mail box and as such I cannot comply with the request from the tech support team that is trying to use the report to help me.
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