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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everybody! First time posting to the forum, indeed it is my first time viewing the forum. Ive been using the Engineer version of Aida64 (registered) for about 3 months now, and overall Im impressed with the software. Its nice to just throw together a few different benchmarks and have them run how and when I want in the order I want. I was doing all this with macros before Ive recently gotten back into building PCs, took a long hiatus back in the late 90s my last system having been assembled was a 440BX based chipset on an Abit motherboard, both of which no longer exist at le
  2. Hello all! Is it possible with Aida64 Pro to send selected (or all) benchmarking information to a channel like a txt file, a database or serial port? I'm asking because I would like to create my own sensor panel with a Raspberry Pi for a home project. For this, I would need to send the Aida64 data somewhere, then the Raspberry Pi could grab all the info and parse it to: -Log past data -Send on my server for remote viewing -insert in a database for custom statistics Thanks friends!
  3. ( The picture of testing result can also be seen here:http://imgsrc.baidu.com/forum/w%3D580/sign=5d8024603ac79f3d8fe1e4388aa0cdbc/0eb30f2442a7d9335c2885ecac4bd11372f001a8.jpg ) This is the testing result of my 4-way AMD Opteron 6147 machine, but some people keep telling me this result is impossible, which makes me a little doubtful now! Could this be an error of Aida64, or it’s just a fact that some people refuse to believe? Looking forward to your reply! Best regards!
  4. I'd like to compare the results 1: of different settings of 1 PC and 2: from different PC's. Ad 1: I now generate a report (to be able to look up the settings). After completion I can see the benchmark results. I'd like to add all results to the user list, however I can only find a way to do it for each result seperately. How can I add all results in one step? Ad 2: How do I export/import the results of benchmarks ran on other PC's (my own reference results)? I also like to remove some reference results to reduce the amount of results. How?
  5. Due to the enermous number of requests we've been receiving since the Ryzen market launch, concerning various confusions about AIDA64 and Ryzen, hereby we post a clarification. AIDA64 is currently not 100% compatible with the recently unveiled AMD Ryzen high-performance x86 processors. It's because AIDA64 still has a few issues that we need to fix. However, in order to fix those issues, we first need to run a series of very long benchmark tests on Ryzen, and that -- among with the bug fixes themselves -- will take several days to complete. As for the bugs and limitations we so far discove
  6. Is the benchmarking function also made for vm's or only for physical machines? thanks in advance.
  7. gppu test fail on 1950x CPU On second run CPU test is passing but GPU benchmark looks like values are only for 1 gtx1070 instead of 4 .
  8. i'd like to see simple GPU benchmark for testing basic values of graphic cards like: Pixel Fillrate (MPixel/s) - think can be found in some 3Dmarks Texel Fillrate (MTexel/s) - think can be found in some 3Dmarks Triangle/Vertices Rate (M/s) - don't know how gpu makers measure this, cant remember any benchmark for this one... Best will be based on Opengl 1.1 so also very old profi cards can be tested (3DLabs, Intergpraph and similar stuff) and test won't be tied to some version of DirectX. Fillrates can be measured by really old, outdated and no longer supported SPECglperf - https://ww
  9. The list of comparison systems in the benchmarks is very interesting. Here it is not known what kind of graphics card is installed in the systems. Is there a list of the installed GPUs?
  10. Hi everyone. I'd like to know if there is any chance to export results from "Manage User Results" i've run 10s of benchmarks on different configuration but i can only remove them from right click and there are no other options. is there something i missed or maybe 3rd party addon that allows exporting these results?!
  11. First of all, I want to thank you for building such a wonderful tool on Windows Phone. AIDA64 is one my favoriat hardware detection tools on Windows PC, I'm thrilled that it's now on Windows Phone as well. The version on my phone is On System page, I hope the storage info can be more specific, I wonder if you can add these info as follows: which class (Class 10 or U-1)? what type (eMMC5.0)? what kind of chip (TLC or MLC)? Manufacture(Intel Samsung)? etc, On CPU (GPU)Page, As we all know, Windows Phones are all based on Qua
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