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Found 8 results

  1. It does not show up.
  2. Hello everybody! Sorry for my English - I use translator. On my computer version 5.50.3600 incorrectly displays the information on the OpenGL. Previous version 5.30.3500 displays all correct. Reports made the difference in a couple of minutes. On your computer, I have not changed anything. In attach reports two versions. If you need more complete reports - write. Report_extreme_5.30.3500.txt Report_extreme_5.50.3600.txt
  3. GPU2 Cooling Fan is not shown in statistics window of System Stability Test.
  4. Motherboard is GA-890FXA-UD5, as shown in attached picture 'Power Supply' and 'Chassis #2' is data from same fan header. Each fan is connected to its own header. I double checked with other hardware monitoring software and that one shows data different data for all fans. BR
  5. 1.In the report viewing window, click "Save To File" button, and then found the title of the dialog "Save Report" can't be translated. 2. There are also three items in left bottom corner of "Submit Reports to FinalWire - AIDA64" with same problem. 3."Fav&orites"->"&Web" is present in lang_src.txt, but it has no translation effect. Please check if these are bugs, thanks.
  6. Several strings can't be translated in Language .txt file, such as "OK" and "NetUpdate". Even you write "OK=xxx" or "NetUpdate=xxx" in language\*.txt file, it still remains OK and NetUpdate, not all languages directly call OK "OK". Please fix this.
  7. it doesn't use the color i choosed on startup…
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