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Found 1 result

  1. So first I want to say, amazing support for CrystalFontz CFA835 LCD. It works great (and I love the greyscale support)! Only a few things (3) I wish AIDA64 did with this LCD and it would be PERFECT for me. I am a software developer, so I THINK this would be easy, but I know it depends on how the code is factored at the moment (ie. cfa635/735/835 all using the same code base such that writing specific code for cfa835 is not that easy). I am also not sure if AIDA64 is calling the API directly or not, so my suggestions might not be possible. And of course, these are all suggestions, I don't actually expect any special development time just for my suggestions (but I wouldn't turn it down). 1) Support for turning off keypad backlight (and/or adjusting it independently from the LCD backlight). Using cfTest, this is packet type 14, and you can send \xxx (where xxx is 000-100 for both backlights) or you can send \xxx\yyy (where xxx is 000-100 for LCD and yyy is 000-100 for keypad backlight). I assume right now, all the slider in AIDA64 does is send the single \xxx which adjusts both backlights. I would LOVE to either have 1) two sliders, one for LCD and one for keypad and if either are adjusted, it sends both (\xxx\yyy) to update the cfa835 OR 2) one slider adjusts the LCD backlight and a checkbox for keypad backlight on/off (which would toggle either just sending \xxx or sending \xxx\000). Usecase: I don't want the keypad backlight on at all since it makes one of the cases I have it in look bad AND is too bright and it is super easy to find the keys anyway since the lcd screen is lit up! 2) Keypad support (either up/down or left/right) to adjust the brightness (in 10% increments or something) such that it can also go to 0 (off). Right now up/down AND left/right change between the 4 pages, and really only one set is necessary. This would allow turning off the backlight completely and then with a push of the arrow keys, upping the brightness to useful levels in the room. Alternatively, one of the OK or CANCEL buttons on the keypad could work to toggle LCD (or both) backlights on/off if that was easier. Usecase: I have one CFA835 next to my monitor and while playing certain dark games, I would like to turn the backlight off, but be able to turn it back on when necessary. 3) Reboot module on exit. When exiting AIDA64, it appears AIDA64 does some cleanup API calls to the CFA835 that 1) turn off the backlights 2) clear the screen 3) turn off all GPIO LEDs. This leaves it in a very strange state. I would really love it to instead call Reset (packet type 5) with Module Reboot (\008\018\099) or even Module Soft Reboot (\008\025\048). Usecase: the module can be setup with the exact options: brightness, lcd screen text/image, gpio led, etc. to use as boot state, so I have set that up with my preferences for each lcd and it would be perfect if/when AIDA64 exits it would issue the reset command so that it would be in this state without requiring a powercycle of the CFA835 (for external USB one) or issuing the reset module command myself via cfTest (for internal USB one). I have used AIDA64 for years and it is INCREDIBLE, so thank you for all the development work (especially on the LCDs). Also, completely off topic for LCD screens: I am crossing my fingers that AIDA64 gains support the evga 1080ti ftw3 to read the 3 temps (gpu, power, memory) and 3 fan speeds; I know this is an AIO board, so it might not be possible or may never happen, but I can dream (right now AIDA64 can only read the standard GPU Temp and one of the three fans). If the evga1080ti-ftw3 temps/fans + 3 LCD items I listed above were accomplished, I would be in complete PC monitoring bliss! Thank you for your time, BAG
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