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Found 3 results

  1. Hello I have used zadig And have tried the samsung installation None of which works as zadig does something to the drivers but aida64 still says "Cannot Find Libusb0.dll" And the samsung driver Does not work scince windows Does not support the file Or it fails because it thinks its not a based x64 file This is really Annoying scince i want to use the lcd to monitor my pc
  2. I'm having some troubles trying installing a AX206 driver on my PC running Windows 11. I tried using Zadig 2.7 to install WinUSB driver v6.1.7600.16385, but from AIDA64 I get this error How can I solve? AIDA also suggest to use libusb driver for AX206 peripherals (blue text), but the drivers it make me download don't even get installed.
  3. Hi, I noticed I get High DPC usage when using my sensor panel. I noticed that by disabling Load kernel driver in the stability section in Preferences, the latency issue disappears. Unfortunately this disables monitoring of most of the things I want in the sensorpanel. DPC goes from <650 microseconds (on nvlddmkm.sys - Nvidia) with the setting disabled to ~1800 microseconds (on ACPI.sys) when I have load kernel driver selected. Is there something I can enable/disable in bios to stop this from happening? CPU: 10900k MOBO: ASUS Hero XII WiFi bios: 2301 RAM: Corsair 16-18-18-36 32 GB 3200 MHz GPU: ASUS 3080 Strix OC Windows: 21H1 19043.1165 I do not have ASUS software installed besides audio drivers and I only have fan profile in BIOS + overclock. I also have NZXT cam installed and Geforce experience.
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