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Found 2 results

  1. I have released a much updated version of my RSLCD Viewer. Features: - Window remembers its size & position - Draggable to be placed anywhere you like What's New: - Changed the Settings UI in general - Added URL Setting - Added TCP/IP Port Setting - Added Window Snapping - Added Window Snapping Distance Setting - Added Run at Startup - Added Always On Top - Added "Settings always on Primary Monitor" Setting - Portable EXE now just 6mb Hopefully most of those option will be obvious. I added "Settings always on Primary Monitor" as an option so that if desired, the settings *should* always show on what your version of Windows has defined as the Primary Monitor. This prevents being unable to see the settings because they show up on a 5" screen for example. Settings Screenshot: Video Demo: Download Release - https://github.com/IAmOrion/RSLCD-Viewer/releases/tag/beta Source Code - https://github.com/IAmOrion/RSLCD-Viewer Change Log: 11/07/2022 - Source Uploaded to GitHub & Beta 1 Released. Settings page updated, new functions include window snapping, always on top, url, port, run at startup 3/07/2022 - Program announced & Alpha Released 370919421_RSLCDBrowser-Alpha1.0.zip
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