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Found 6 results

  1. We're rolling out a new major update to AIDA64 in a few weeks. It will feature the usual improvements to support the latest and greatest hardware technologies, such as GPU details for AMD Radeon R5, R7 and R9 Series and nVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Ti OEM, and optimized benchmarks for AMD Kaveri and Intel Bay Trail. But most importantly, we're introducing a brand new benchmark panel that offers a set of OpenCL GPGPU benchmarks that you can launch from AIDA64 / main menu / Tools / GPGPU Benchmarks. These benchmarks are designed to measure GPGPU computing performance via different OpenCL workloa
  2. gppu test fail on 1950x CPU On second run CPU test is passing but GPU benchmark looks like values are only for 1 gtx1070 instead of 4 .
  3. Hello When I check the box "Stress GPU (s), I have this popup (see screen) what is it exactly ? Thanks
  4. For some reason the GPGPU Benchmark screen shows different specs for the Intel HD4400 iGPU compared to what the GPU section in the main AIDA64 program shows. GPGPU Bench lists 12 CU/48 cores GPU page lists 20 EU/80 cores As far as I am aware, the 20EU/CU listed on the GPU page is the correct configuration for HD4400 (as well as HD4200 and HD4600). I also have a Haswell Pentium. That chip shows the same, (correct) value (10EU/CU) on both the GPU and GPGPU bench pages.
  5. The new AIDA64 release introduces a multi-threaded OpenCL GPGPU AES-256 benchmark to measure cryptographic processing performance of modern graphics processors and APUs. It also provides extended Mantle API diagnostics for the latest AMD Radeon graphics accelerators, and supports the latest video adapters and storage devices. New features & improvements - OpenCL GPGPU AES-256 cryptography benchmark - Extended AMD Mantle graphics accelerator diagnostics - Intel H97 and Z97 chipset based motherboards support - Improved support for Intel “Haswell-E” CPU and DDR4 memory modules - S
  6. The new AIDA64 release introduces a complete set of multi-threaded OpenCL GPGPU benchmarks to measure computing performance of modern graphics processors and APUs. The latest AIDA64 update also implements optimized benchmarks for AMD "Kaveri" and Intel "Bay Trail" processors, and supports the latest AMD Radeon and nVIDIA GeForce graphics accelerators. New features & improvements OpenCL GPGPU Benchmark Suite Optimized 64-bit benchmarks for AMD "Kaveri" and "Bald Eagle" APUs Razer SwitchBlade LCD support Optimized benchmarks for Intel "Bay Trail" SoC Improved support for Intel Atom C20
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