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Found 3 results

  1. Hi ! I have one question and one bug (kind of) to report, regarding hard disk monitoring and displaying on OSD or LCD. 1.) Why are disk numbers different in Windows Disk management and Aida64 ? Disk 0 in disk management = Disk 1 in Aida64 Disk 1 in disk management = Disk 2 in Aida64 Disk 2 in disk management = Disk 3 in Aida64 Disk 3 in disk management = Disk 4 in Aida64 Disk 4 in disk management = Disk 5 in Aida64 and so on... 2.) I have created a disk activity monitor on my LCD (i have 6 HDD's and a bar graph for each of them to show read and write activity and temperature. This way i know what is going on in my system) The bug i have noticed, occurs sometimes (about 20-30% of the time) after cold boot. Sometimes my disk graphs (and temperatures) do not correspond to the names (C,D,E,F, etc.) they should. For example i scan Disk C with antivirus, but on the LCD - bar graph over disk F shows activity. And other disks infos are messed up too. Only thing that is helping, is restarting the computer. After that everything is correct again.
  2. I love AIDA64, esp the Sensor Panel. I use it on a third monitor to watch system activity and info. However, I'm finding I don't have an option to monitor HDD activity. I have several hard drives and currently use a widget to monitor activity on a given drive (KBps read and write, displayed separately). Is there anything in the works for this in the future for AIDA64 and in the Sensor Panel? Really it would be any logical drive activity, so SSD, HDD, USB external drive, etc. Also sorry if this is posted elsewhere, the forum search feature doesn't let one search by "hdd" as it isn't four characters or more. I couldn't find anything else trying other searches.
  3. No S.M.A.R.T. for TOSHIBA DT01ACA300 connected to PCI-E card Asus U3S6 (Marvell 91xx controller)
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