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Found 12 results

  1. Hello! I have a question. So I am trying to set custom monitoring on my AIO display. Everything is working fine, however is there any chance I could make the RAM speed shown in its actual frequency, like 4200Mhz and not only half rate as it is? Thanks
  2. Basically i got a 5 inch monitor for displaying hardware temps in my pc. i looked at alot of panel designs, and the few that looked cool to me had no download link. i suck at graphic arts, can someone design it for me?
  3. Basically i got a 5 inch monitor for displaying hardware temps in my pc. i looked at alot of panel designs, and the few that looked cool to me had no download link. i suck at graphic arts, can someone design it for me?
  4. Hey everyone, i have a rather basic understanding of overclocking, and stress testing so let me just start with that. To start off. I run a 750 power supply MSI Gaming pro carbon 270z i7 7700k MSI GTX 1080 TI Gskill 32gigs @2117 Water cooler blah blah blah. When i run a stress test on Memory @ Stock Specs (for everything including GPU) everything passes and nothings unstable. MSI has this nifty "Gaming mode" in its BIOS which Clocks my CPU 4.8 Max and my RAM @2800 (which is the advertised speed). Once i run a stress test on the Memory in said Gaming mode i get "hardware fail" from ADIA64. This is rather quickly after starting the test, 10 seconds top. once i push everything back to stock and reboot everything runs stable which makes me believe my RAM isnt "bad". Now i can't for the life of my figure out if i have "bad ram" or i don't have the correct voltage.. or... i can post logs if needed not sure on what information is needed here. Computer skills: New overclocker Any help would be amazing
  5. I have bought a coreliquid 360 and planned to use its display with aida64. But i have actually searched for hours and tried every single one of the different lcd-types available to chose, but none of them seem to be compatible with the lcd. I wasent able to find out what kind of lcd is in the cooler nor if i can even use aida for that. Or if i have to deactivate the msi-conzrol software that is controlling the lcd first. It is connected via usb directly onto the motherboard. So, does anyone know something about this?
  6. Hi it is my system spec: Cpu: 6700k intel Ram: 2x8 GB gskill trident z royal 3600Mhz ( run at xmp 3600 Mhz) mobo: ix code asus vga: xFx Rx 580 gprs 8 GB Power: cooler master 650 W long short , sometimes when i playing games i get bsod Watch dog timed out error or game crash to desktop, i did not have this problem before and i did not change anything in my pc since i have no bios change or hardware change i mean, i tried reinstalling windows also and update driver etc ... well after all of this i decided to check my system with aida 64 stability test and well here i am : FPU test after 10 sec stop and show me system failure error. ( i do not get bsod watch dog error during this or other stress tests) also i ran other stress testes for 30 45 min and no error seems like it just happen for fpu. i just wanna figure out what part of my pc is making this problems. pls help since this is the most weird problem i had ever.
  7. I believe my phone is being monitored illegally by state funded housing that i live at. I found files on their computer and it had screenshots from my phone and audio recordings as well as geolocation and etc etc. I logged out of all accounts on my stylo 6 and factory restarted my phone several times and I would still get hacked even though I turned off auto updates and changed my email account. Is there away they can hack my phone just by me using their wifi? Or through my jailbroken firestick that i didn't set passwords to?
  8. Hey i use since today AIDA64 Extreme. So now i start to build my owen Sensor-Panel. But where i get some nice custom gauge or all the other one?? I cant finde some when i google for it. I hope you can help me. Thanks a lot.
  9. Hi, New AIDA64 user here. Lastest version of both aquasuite and AIDA. I'm trying to set various values (e.g. M2.SSD temps) inside aquasuite as software temp sensors. When I try to add a new source for the software temp sensor only tjhe following 3 folders are available: "Data from Aqua Computer Service" "Aquaero" "farbwerk" No folder/option for AIDA 64 values. Where am I going wrong? Sorry if this is a super easy question!
  10. Hi guys, as title says, im running first AIDA64 Stability Test of my life. (I was looking for a cpu,gpu,ram and ssd test, all in one). Exactly because its my first time, i have no idea if temps im getting are ok or not. That's why im glad to hear you opinions about them. This is a new build, mounted everything this morning. Test is running since 3 hours and i plan to let it run for 24 hours, to be sure everything is alright. CPU: I5-9600K TEMP: (the general "cpu" value, the one beside specific cores value) [51°] GPU: RTX 2080 Sea Hawk TEMP: (GPU Diode) [63°] RAM: Corsair 16 GB DDR4 3000Mhz TEMP: can't find any value ram related, maybe it's just me :/ SSD: Samsung 970 Pro TEMP: [62°] MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte Z390 I AORUS PRO WIFI TEMP: [47°] Other values, not sure what are they: AUX: [51°] VRM: [54°] PCH: [55°] PCH Diode: [68°] And, to finish, i want you to know that the cpu cooler is a Corsair 100i v2 and the cpu thermal paste Artic MX4. Is there any dangerous value? Do you have any advice? Thank you so much for everyone dedicating me some of its time!
  11. Dear AIDA64 developers: I encountered a misstyped architecture name on some help topicks about benchmarking. The error consist on x87 instead x86, perhaps due to using the extended keyboard. Best regards,
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