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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, can you please add support for visionOS, or the Apple Vision Pro on the iOS version? Porting to the vision pro only requires to change the UI of AIDA64 to glass UI (not to make it a “compatible app”) and embrace the new sensors and features that were added on the Vision Pro.
  2. Along with the Logitech Arx integration, we've also come up with a new LCD module that basically acts as a web server. You can use your main computer to run AIDA64 on it and maintain its built-in web server, and you can use your other computers or mobile devices to monitor your main computer's status remotely, using nothing but a web browser. You can activate it in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / LCD / RemoteSensor. Once you activated it, you can enter the IP address in virtually any web browsers to connect to the RemoteSensor. You can check the primary IP address of your computer on the Computer / Summary page in AIDA64. If it is e.g., then enter the following in the address bar of your web browser: Or, in case you use a different TCP/IP port than the default http port of 80, then enter the address like this: (if you use a TCP/IP port of 8080) Or, in case you try to use a web browser on the same computer where AIDA64 is running, you can simply use "localhost" instead of the IP address, like this: http://localhost Once you did that, you should see the AIDA64 splash screen in your web browser. It will provide you with information on the resolution that you need to use to get the most out of the LCD layout designer. On iOS devices the default setting should be close to the actual value to use, while on Android and other devices it may not match at all, so you need to change both the width and height. Please note that the Preview Resolution usually will not match the native screen resolution of your device. It's not a problem at all, and that discrepancy is due to the way web browsers manage the pixels of your screen, so don't be surprised that e.g. an iPhone 5 would report a Preview Resolution of 980 x 1360 pixels After the Preview Resolution is updated on the AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / LCD page, you can use the same LCD layout designer that you would use for other LCD devices or the SensorPanel. Known issues and limitations: 1) Graphs and gauges are not implemented yet. We're planning to add them in the next few weeks. 2) RemoteSensor uses HTML5 SSE (Server-Sent Events) to refresh the web page, without having to reload it all the time. SSE is supported by almost all major web browsers, including Android Browser, BlackBerry 10 Browser, Chrome, FireFox, Opera, and Safari. However, it is sadly not yet supported by Internet Explorer. AIDA64 implements a trick to get around that limitation, but it sometimes will result in a mixup of the browser. If you notice that after changing the LCD layout in the AIDA64 Preferences, a strange log replaces the LCD layout in your browser, just refresh the web page. Hopefully Microsoft will finally implement SSE support in Internet Explorer 12 3) In order to prevent your mobile device from going to sleep while having the web browser open, you may need to install special apps on your mobile device. RemoteSensor has absolutely no control over the power management behavior of your mobile device. In case this is a deal breaker for you, and you've got a Logitech Gaming hardware, consider using Logitech Arx instead of the RemoteSensor. You can try the RemoteSensor in the following new AIDA64 beta update: http://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xebeta Please let us know how it works on your mobile devices Thanks, Fiery
  3. Jaxx

    Device storage

    I’m just curious if you guys/gals are seeing the same as I It seems like AIDA is the ONLY tool or way of getting the truth out of the iPhone and the remaining local storage remaining. I have a 512GB 13 Pro Max; settings general and storage shows my phones got well over 300GB open, AIDA shows the opposite, 200 or a bit less open and 300+ used. I also have SnapStats, and several other ‘status’ tools all taking information direct from iOS where it seems AIDA’s figured out the way to measure it correctly and for several years now. I have experimented with filling it and AIDA is correct. iOS and other tools are incorrect
  4. Hi, have you seen the new Logitech Arx Control solution? It's basically a way to use iOS and Android phones and tablets to display and control various stuff of your gaming PC. The only requirement - besides the phone or tablet - is to have Logitechs Gaming Software installed. It works with all Logitech keyboards and mice that are supported by the Gaming Software. And, as far as I understand, there's a documented API which allows you to display custom stuff in the app. I haven't looked at it, but I guess it's not too different from the API that they used for their LCD displays. Do you want to check that out and give us an idea whether you'd like to support that?
  5. I own a Note 8, the Aida64 app was working fine with my phone running Android Nougat. However as I updated to latest Android Oreo (8.0) today whenever I am opening the app it only loads a blank white screen on the start up and crashes after a while automatically. How do I fix it??
  6. Introducing WebDash! Over the last few months I have been developing an iOS application to build on Aida64's awesome remote sensor functionality. I started using Logitech's ARX system which worked well, but I didn't like how much real estate the buttons took up at the bottom, and I also had some stability problems. So today I would like to introduce WedDash, an iOS application that can display Aida64's remote sensor information in almost full screen goodness, it has a few smarts built into it to monitor the target website and refresh itself without any human interaction. We are currently going through Apple iTunes approval at the moment and are hoping to have it on the App Store in the next few days. I'll post back here once it is, but wanted to announce the App and get discussion going now! We also already have a few updates in the pipeline once the initial release is approved. I'll be providing support via this forum and welcome any feedback or improvement ideas! WebDash – Turn your iDevice into a mini dashboard! Simply enter in your web address and WebDash will monitor and display your website, keeping the device awake and providing a mini dash board to monitor vital system statistics, web stats or just a simple website! WebDash will continually monitor your server without any user intervention. If the server is down, WebDash will display a server offline message. As soon as the server is back online, WebDash will load the website and keep monitoring, all without you touching the device. WebDash was built specifically for Aida64’s RemoteSensor web server capability to display system information on your iDevice, go to aida64.com for further information on Aida64. WebDash is comparable to Logitech’s ARX Control platform, however WebDash provides more viewing space by being dedicated to just the RemoteSensor capabilities. WebDash will work with any website or IP address and port combination. Features in the initial release: • Display a webpage with maximum viewing space • Run 24/7 with live server monitoring • Free with Ads, option to upgrade to premium, ad-free goodness (even more viewing space!) • Force refresh button on main page • No human interaction required once setup For iOS 7 and 8 on all supported iPhones and iPads Coming soon to the Apple App Store! ***DISCLAIMER*** WebDash is not affiliated with Aida64 or FinalWire in any way shape or form and no support can be provided by them for WebDash. The gap below is the extra space you gain, this RemoteSensor profile is a straight ARX Control Profile to show you the extra space you gain (with the premium version - ad supported version gets extra space, just not as much).
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