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Found 4 results

  1. in the most panels even in my own panels the GPU and FPS reader not working, Does anyone know how to fix it ?
  2. Good morning! This is my first post, I found out about this site after researching my options for a front panel. I LOVE what this software can do, but I need to have it on a front panel for my desks, and I can't find a compatible nice full color display that would fit my needs. i'm surprised there isn't a list on here... Anyways, I have developed a new line of computer desks and currently, I have the designed the panel opening to use the Asus ROG Front Panel's guts. And honestly, it looks great, but the problem is that it only works with ASUS motherboards. I would like to find a panel close to the same size (it can be up to 5") . I would love to have a display like the one I posted below. Here is photo of the desk I am now manufacturing. if someone can recommend a great screen to use and it works out, i will give a big discount to anyone on this forum who orders one . I am currently making these in Moscow, Russia, but I ma working on starting production in the United States within the month. I don't need a panel with the mounts for an opening... I just need a panel that I can mount into my own opening (I will redesign the desk to accommodate the proper size).
  3. Gunna start this off with an apology because I bet a lot of these questions have been answered at some point but I'm looking to add an LCD panel into my new build for the first time and I have questions about hardware compatibility and what the AIDA64 software can output: 1) Can any LCD panel work as an external display? I've noticed that some are listed as "supported" or "not supported" but I'm not sure what that actually means. If anyone would like to suggest panels: I'm most likely looking for a panel roughly 8"-12". 2) I have an Asus Maximus VIII Formula Motherboard and plan on adding a Bitspower temp sensor fitting to my watercooling loop. I think I saw that only 1 temp sensor port could be read through the software but I wasn't sure if that had changed or the part I have in mind would cause issues. 3) I would also like to add a flow meter into my loop. However I'm not too familiar with how the signal is read since I've never used one (I believe they report in RPM since they connect to a fan header?). I'm looking for a suggestion on a flow meter that will work with AIDA64 and allow me to report in GPM or similar units. Again thanks for any help anyone can give me and I'm open to any component suggestions.
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