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Found 6 results

  1. I am doing the research and prep work to start a small YouTube channel. What version of AIDA64 would I need to purchase to make videos? As of right now, I have not yet started the channel and have no revenue, and do not know if the channel will get monetized. Is the extreme version ok for now? If so, what revenue threshold would require me to switch to engineer/business?
  2. Hi, is there no lifetime license available? regards Michoa
  3. Hello, A couple of months I purchased an aida64 business key from ********.com and at the original site of aida64 I tried to validate my key but it showed me a red question mark. After that I tried to download the trial version using my email and after I download trial I inserted my key in the application and It was working great. Today it popped me an update message from the aida64 app and when it redirected me to the site it couldn't verify my key again.. I use the same key and in the app has not issue but in the site it can't validated. Even at the support I cannot validate it.
  4. Hello! I work in centralized library system. We have about 50 affiliates in city. Total number of computers - about 500. Can we count on an educational license? Thank you.
  5. I need to move Aida64 Extreme from my old system to my new build. Do I simply uninstall on the old, and reinstall on the new?
  6. I have just purchased an AIDA64 Extreme Edition license with 3 years maintenance. (Fiery, your fast replies to my ECC and ChipKill post converted me from the trial version). The Licensing AIDA64 page reads: Does this mean I can: install it, uninstall it and/or format the hard drive containing Windows and AIDA64, and reinstall AIDA64 an unlimited number of times on 3 computers simultaneously? If I install AIDA64 on 3 computers, then remove it from one of the computers (let's say, the third computer), does that mean I can install it on a fourth computer (one that is different from the other 3 computers)? If so, then do I first have to specifically uninstall it from the third computer while connected to the internet (or do some other online deactivation procedure) or can I just format the third computer's hard drive straightaway in order to free up 1 of the 3 machine slots of the license?
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