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Found 4 results

  1. One of the reasons to buy this expensive mobo was my thought to get rid of unpleasant reading of water cooling flow in rpm and get it as L/min or alike. Maximus X Formula has W_FLOW header and when my flow meter from Koolance is connected to that header it shows my flow as L/min in BIOS. To my unfortunate AIDA64 doesn't show it in the list. I do understand this is very new mobo and perhaps AIDA doesn't know about it (yet). I've tried the latest beta (5.95.4544 Beta). Any plans to add it in the future releases?
  2. CPU current in Sensor Panel is fine and stable when machine is under load, like running Prime 95 or some of the Aida64 stress tests. but when near idle it is all over the map. Package Power is not similarly affected nor is VID. Is it that CPU current sensor is only using a few bits so when running say 86 amps there is a good solid reading; but down around 3 amps it is a random number anywhere between 0 and about 16 amps. Or is there actually a bug.
  3. The latest stable release of aida64 extreme is not reporting the VRM temperature. All other sensors on the board show just fine. Any ideas?
  4. hi, i have a Maximus X Hero (Z370) and not all the sensors appear to be detected by AIDA64. This is the ISA sensor dump, do you need others? ------[ Versions ]------ Program Version : AIDA64 Extreme v5.92.4370 Beta BenchDLL Version: 4.3.759-x64 Windows Version : Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 10.0.16299.19 (64-bit) ------[ Motherboard Info ]------ Motherboard ID : 63-0100-000001-00101111-090216-Chipset$0AAAA000_BIOS DATE: 10/11/17 22:18:29 VER: 05.0000C Motherboard Model : Asus ROG Maximus X Hero Motherboard Chipset : Intel Union Point Z370, Intel Coffee Lake-S DMI MB Manufactur
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