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Found 6 results

  1. Estava personalizando meu sensor painel quando notei que ele não está registrando a porcentagem correta do uso da CPU. O AIDA64 mostra uma porcentagem muito inferior do comum. O gerenciador de tarefas exibe um número muito maior. Já usei o MSI Afterburner e ele também exibe uma porcentagem diferente, mas é um número mais práximo do que está sendo exibido pelo gerenciador de tarefas. Acredito que a do erenciador de tarefas seja a correta, pois é possivel notar o aquecimento da carcaça do notebook e o barulho alto da ventoinha, indicando que há um certo estresse. Alguém pode fornecer uma possivel explicação ou solução para isso?
  2. hi, i have a problem with my temperature sensors. It is detected in the software diode GPU temperature and also Temperature 1 is my NZXT kraken cooling wather. My problem is the following: when I select these two values to place it in my monitor for the spec it falls in (TRIAL). But it is well detected in the software in sections sensor, the temperature and the values are good.
  3. Hello. Is it possible to see from the AIDA file what type of LCD is connected? For example to tell if its an OLED or IPS panel.
  4. When i have aida64 active the monitor does not go standby why?
  5. Hi. We are considering a posibility to use AIDA BE in our company. not so long ago i tried to figure out how works remote control and monitoring. My question is how can i use remote monitoring function (or any of the rest) to monitor a few servers from the internet. I was able to establish a connection only with the one of with only one of them through standart port - 2346 (using port forwarding on the gateway). But I could not connect using forwarding from any others ports (like -> 192.168.05:2346). If there is any chance to configure remote monitoring this way?
  6. Dear AIDA64 developers, I cannot find anything on the Display\Monitor page on my Asus Eee PC 1015 PX. Altough I've no external display connected to the VGA port, I'd like to know details such as maximum resolution and display size, aspect ratio and vertical and horizontal freqs of the built-in led monitor. I'm using the latest beta of AIDA64 Extreme edition on voth my desktop computer and netbook, and the Monitor page on the desktop computer works properly. If it helps, these computers has Windows 7 Ultimate with SP 1 (64-bit on desktop and 32-bit on the netbook). Thanks a lot!
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