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Found 1 result

  1. greetings, are there plans to release an update? thanks! Basic Properties Device iPad7,1 Dock Connector Unknown SIM Card Type Unknown Device String iPad7,1 Device Id J120AP Released Dec 31, 1969 Capabilities Cellular No GPS No NFC No Force Touch No Bluetooth Version Unknown Controller Unknown Bluetooth Smart (LE) No Physical Properties Width 0.0 mm Height 0.0 mm Depth 0.0 mm Weight 0 g CPU Properties CPU Unknown Speed (null) Manufacturer Unknown Instruction Set Unknown Microarchitecture Unknown Technology Unknown Core Count 3 Active Core Count 3 GPU Properties GPU Type Unknown GPU Cores 1 Co-processor Properties Co-processor Unknown Storage Information Device Model 63 GB Total Storage 59.60 GB Available Storage 45.72 GB RAM Information Total RAM 3976 MB Available RAM 189 MB Screen Size Screen Size 0.0" Aspect Ratio Unknown Pixel Density 0 PPI Screen Parameters Vertical Resolution 0 Pixels Horizontal Resolution 0 Pixels Contrast Unknown Brightness 0 cd/m² Technology Unknown Back Camera Resolution Unknown MegaPixels Aperture 0.0 Max Video Resolution Unknown Max Video Speed Optical Stabilization No Max Photo Resolution 4032 x 3024 Shortest Exposure Value 1/500000 sec Longest Exposure Value 1/3 sec Front Camera Resolution Unknown MegaPixels Aperture 0.0 Max Video Resolution Unknown Max Video Speed Unknown Optical Stabilization No Max Photo Resolution 3840 x 2160 Shortest Exposure Value 1/76923 sec Longest Exposure Value 1/2 sec Assigned IP Addresses Wi-Fi (IPv4) Wi-Fi (IPv6) fe80::8ad:63f0:8eab:2664 Cellular (IPv4) Not Available Cellular (IPv6) Not Available Wi-Fi Details SSID erthy560 BSSID e8:cc:18:bb:8:b4 Capabilities Unknown Controller Unknown Battery Status Charging Level 98 % Voltage 0.0 V Capacity 0 mAh Type Li-Ion Polymer Battery Details Charge 10878 / 11100 mAh (98 %) Wear Level 0.00 % Voltage 4.271 V Adapter Details Installed OS Operating System iOS Version 10.3.2 Build Number 14F8089 OS State Stable Multitasking Yes Current Session Active Time 0d 1h 42m Uptime 0d 1h 22m OS Compatibility Initial OS Version Unknown Max Supported OS Version Unknown AIDA64 for iOS Version 1.15 (312) Copyright (c) 2015-2017 FinalWire. All rights reserved.
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