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Found 1 result

  1. Forgive my less educated guess, if I’ve placed my question outside the right section. But, this strikes me as appropriate, considering the nature of my problem. Well, what troubles me is Aida sensor refresh. To be more exact, I mean exactly refresh itself. Every 30 seconds cycle that results in sensor refresh, for some reason takes places outside Aida 64 as well. So every 30 seconds, my desktop also follows the same refresh. As if I’m hitting F5 on my desktop. Now consider that I use 4 monitors and this is truly irritating to say least. Of more interesting note is that my card are Matrox (Parhelia PCIe + Parhelia PCI) ones, and I guess, the nature of this refresh covers at least part of the blame. I’ve really tried to search your database, prior of raising my question; I’ve tried similar resolution mention on this forum in "stability" section but, sadly this brought no change. There is nothing like OSD info and I can’t and wont use any other software. Just for sake of curiosity, I’ve tried with the older Everest version, and I have confirmed the very same refresh problem. I now that this was obviously not always present, because I remember months without these burden. But, I just can’t rationalize how to deal with this? Mind you that my setup experience no issues with screen/driver stability (each with dedicated hardware overlay) and is certainly capable dealing with multi screen application. This is never happening on my Ati or Nvidia machine, because Aida’s refresh only remains inside Aida application. I love Aida, but hate this charge. Please advise, how to fix this? Is there some interval option, in case slower refresh (every few minutes?) then say 30 seconds? Well, looking forward to your inputs. Regards Mario P.S. Yes, this only happens with Aida or Everest, so yes, this is isolated Aida problem and I have not experienced with other applications.
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