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Found 6 results

  1. Sziasztok! Nem tudom mi lehet az oka,de az AIDA64 nem tudja kiolvasni a ventillátor sebességét, de más diag és figyelő szoftver sem. Csak a BIOS-ban látható. Mi lehet az oka ? A válaszokat előre is köszönöm! http://kepkezelo.com/images/szf2i7mmejfyyo2008t0.png
  2. hello, shouldn't it be possible to readout the fan speed (rpm or %) on my Intel NUC10i7FNK ? I can get no readout / couldn't select any fan in the settings dialogs ... using 6.25.5400 trial version
  3. Hello Comunnity, I started playing with sensor panels some days ago, and I understand you have compatibility with thermaltake rgb controllers, I currently own this model: CL-F049-PL12SW-A... and have the thermaltake rgb checked on the stabilty tab, but I cannot see the speed sensors. Anything Im missing? Thanks!
  4. when logging to a csv file with aida64, there are for a brief moments some very low drops in +12v (also on +5v, +3.3v and cpu core), and at the same moment a drop on the reading CPU fan and also all other fans ( CAHSSIS #1, #2 and #3) Motherboard: Gigabyte ax370-gaming-k7 could it be a faulty PSU, Motherboard, or some bug in the bios ? regards, brown.
  5. Hi, the Dell optiplex 7020 desktop doesn't show fan info, no idea if Aida64 can support this in the future so I thought I would add the sensor logs to see if that would help There is one cpu fan and chassis fan,in the log below there are two fan rpm value likes they are the real rpm but not show in aida64. ------[ Dell SMI Command 02A3 / Data 0000 (Fan RPM) took 0 msec ]------ Cmd 000002A3 --> 00000479 1145rpm Data 00000000 --> 00000000 Stat1 00000000 --> 00000000 Stat2 00000000 --> 00000000 ------[ Dell SMI Command 02A3 / Data 0001 (Fan RPM)
  6. Welcome, I bought your home software with the idea that my problems will be solved but they have just started:). I have a problem with the sensors when using your software on the Asus Rog Strix Rog Strix Z370-F Gaming CD, it doesn't show me the fan speed (rpm) and I can't correctly configure my lcd panel on Logitech G13, I also didn't notice that I read the temperatures from RAM, is this problem to be solved? . Irek. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator asus fan.txt
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