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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there. Nice meeting you all. I would like to ask a question about the XMP (SPD tab) of my ram I bought Crucial B 3200MHz RAM As far as I know my MB supports up to 3600MHz When I open task manager (windows) it shows the speed at 2667 The "overclocking" menu of my laptop also shows 2660 I would like to know which one is correct? Does the RAM runs at 2667 or 3200MHz? See both CPUz and AIDA screenshots Kind regards CPUZ show me this And AIDI64 shows me this
  2. Hi! Although I usually only use GoldWave for audio editing, I recently tried its CD Reader feature to rip audio CDs. It offers more control of the process compared to other softwares like Nero Burning ROM's Save Tracks feature, Windows Media Player or Winamp. However, I have a question about the reading options: While most programs allow the user to select the speed measured in X, GoldWave only accepts values in KB/S. When I go to Storage\Optical Drives page in AIDA64, the speeds both for reading and writing are given in X. What calculation should I make to get an aproximate value for the X speed in KB/S? I think there is a rule of three whose unit (such as 1024 for measuring memory) I'm missing. Thanks a lot!
  3. This mobo has CPU fan, but a large passive processor heatsink. It also has two fan connectors: CHA and CPU. If both fans are connected, aida displays cpu fan and chassis fan; but if one of them is not present or forcefully stopped by thumb, the remain fan always threats as cpu's. They have different velocities, so I can see how chassis fan "becomes" cpu's and back. In additional, like http://forums.aida64...__fromsearch__1, fans are switched (checked by slightly manually decelerating). Here is ISA sensor dump and sensors debug dump. isasensordump.txt sensorsdebug.txt
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