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Found 2 results

  1. Dear Aida64 Community team: Can you tell me, why our app shows less information as they are really keeping in the phone. I have 16GB of space. I am copying and pesting also other report of Aida 64: <<< System >>> Device Model: Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo Device Type: Phablet Manufacturer: samsung Model: SM-J701M Brand: samsung Board: universal7870 Device: j7velte Hardware: samsungexynos7870 Platform: exynos5 Product: j7velteub Serial (RIL): RV8KA0A8T0J Installed RAM: 2 GB LPDDR3 Total Memory: 1800 MB Available Memory: 358 MB Internal Storage Total Space: 10.90 GB Internal Storage Free Space: 188 MB External Storage Total Space: 14.83 GB External Storage Free Space: 642 MB Bluetooth Version: 4.1 Device Features: android.hardware.audio.output android.hardware.bluetooth android.hardware.bluetooth_le android.hardware.camera android.hardware.camera.any android.hardware.camera.autofocus android.hardware.camera.flash android.hardware.camera.front android.hardware.faketouch android.hardware.location android.hardware.location.gps android.hardware.location.network android.hardware.microphone android.hardware.opengles.aep android.hardware.ram.normal android.hardware.screen.landscape android.hardware.screen.portrait android.hardware.sensor.accelerometer android.hardware.sensor.proximity android.hardware.telephony android.hardware.telephony.gsm android.hardware.touchscreen android.hardware.touchscreen.multitouch android.hardware.touchscreen.multitouch.distinct android.hardware.touchscreen.multitouch.jazzhand android.hardware.usb.accessory android.hardware.usb.host android.hardware.vulkan.compute android.hardware.vulkan.level android.hardware.vulkan.version android.hardware.wifi android.hardware.wifi.direct android.software.activities_on_secondary_displays android.software.app_widgets android.software.autofill android.software.backup android.software.cant_save_state android.software.companion_device_setup android.software.connectionservice android.software.cts android.software.device_admin android.software.home_screen android.software.input_methods android.software.live_wallpaper android.software.managed_users android.software.midi android.software.picture_in_picture android.software.print android.software.sip android.software.sip.voip android.software.verified_boot android.software.voice_recognizers android.software.webview com.google.android.feature.TURBO_PRELOAD com.nxp.mifare com.samsung.android.api.version.2402 com.samsung.android.api.version.2403 com.samsung.android.api.version.2501 com.samsung.android.api.version.2502 com.samsung.android.api.version.2601 com.samsung.android.api.version.2701 com.samsung.android.api.version.2801 com.samsung.android.knox.knoxsdk com.samsung.android.sdk.camera.processor com.samsung.android.sdk.camera.processor.dof com.samsung.android.sdk.camera.processor.effect com.samsung.android.sdk.camera.processor.gif com.samsung.android.sdk.camera.processor.haze com.samsung.android.sdk.camera.processor.hdr com.samsung.android.sdk.camera.processor.lls com.samsung.feature.clockpack_v06 com.samsung.feature.device_category_phone com.samsung.feature.device_category_phone_low_end com.samsung.feature.galaxyfinder_v7 com.samsung.feature.ipsgeofence com.samsung.feature.samsung_experience_mobile com.samsung.feature.samsungpositioning com.sec.android.mdm com.sec.android.secimaging com.sec.android.secimaging.faceAR com.sec.feature.cover com.sec.feature.findo com.sec.feature.motionrecognition_service com.sec.feature.nsflp com.sec.feature.overlaymagnifier com.sec.feature.slocation Why are reporting something not right? I have screenshots also, can you share me an email to newblacktube(at)gmail(dot)com It is very importar this to compare all información. Regards.
  2. Jaxx

    Device storage

    I’m just curious if you guys/gals are seeing the same as I It seems like AIDA is the ONLY tool or way of getting the truth out of the iPhone and the remaining local storage remaining. I have a 512GB 13 Pro Max; settings general and storage shows my phones got well over 300GB open, AIDA shows the opposite, 200 or a bit less open and 300+ used. I also have SnapStats, and several other ‘status’ tools all taking information direct from iOS where it seems AIDA’s figured out the way to measure it correctly and for several years now. I have experimented with filling it and AIDA is correct. iOS and other tools are incorrect
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