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Found 3 results

  1. So I got ASUS's recently released AIO the Ryujin III for cooling and hardware monitoring. But there has been a glitch where after I put my PC to sleep and wake it back up the screen turns off. Seeing a new firmware in Armory crate I got to update it it only to fail since AIDA is up and trying to access the screen on the AIO, but AIDA WILL NOT F***ING CLOSE. as soon as I try to it pops back up, so I try to update AIDA only for it that top not work since AIDA won't close. I try to fully uninstall AIDA only for a skeleton version so still pop up, which according to windows in uninstalled, and cause my update for BOTH THE AIO AND AIDA ITSELT TO CONTNIUE TO FAIL. This is among the most maddened I have every been at a bug in my life.
  2. hi, i have the following happening at the moment: I installed aida 64 extreme on my ne pc, where it said it doesn´t know my motherboard (msi z270 xpower gaming titanium), i activated the program and then searched for updates, it found one and updated correctly. then it knew my motherboard and all worked fine. Then about 3 days ago aida said that there is a new update. i tried to isntall it, it failed (after download it says it couldn´t complete the update). after that aida had some bugs (couldn´t recognise some of the hardware, lcd app did´t work anymore, aida crashed from time to time, even caused some major errors in windows. so i reinstalled it by downloaden it from the website again. but then it said again it wouldn´t recognise my motherboard. i tried to update and it failed again. Now aida doesn´t know my motherboard and shows me some wrong specs. My Hardware: win10 pro (64bit), i7-7700k, z270 xmaing power titanium, Corsair dominator platinum (2x16gb@3200Mhz), Samsung 850 evo, 2xSSHD (Seagate), gtx1080 seahawk x all drivers and bios are up to date
  3. Hi Cracks and Folks, i'd working with your Software for years. Most paid by the contractors, clients or employers - some of them until now, so renewed licensing each year again. At the moment I'm helping in a monastery, that lives only from there donations and gifts of visited pilgrimages. Here we cant used a license, where we have to pay for any year again and again. Sure, there we can (and still do so) use older versions. But I would like to recommend that you maybe thinking about a kind of "perpetual license". Which may even like to be a little more expensive, but just include the newer versions for 5 or 10 years or longer periods like that - maybe "lifetime". Likewise, I would hope that there also should be a licensing programs for schools, universities, charities or charitable purposes, with some lower pricing, they can handle. Not that I would not appreciate your work! Quite the contrary! I could also imagine that those school or charities users would be the best places to promote the proper use of AIDA and thus normal customers are more likely to pay attention to a purchase a normal license. I hope you can understand what I mean and had to say "Sorry for my lousy English"! But I have to recommend that for years and now I used the chance for ;-) Furthermore: GOOD LUCK and all the best from Germany, yours ... Frederic Ch. Reuter Ps.: Here in Germany we have a charity platform for those sort of founders, named "stifter-helfen.de" and witch means "donors help". They proofed your legal donor state based on German law and after that, those special users can buy some software on there stock for less, then a couple of euros - each time for 2 Years. There I got Windows and Anti virus software for the monastery as told your above.
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