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Found 1 result

  1. Good day! I have Lenovo G505S laptop with integrated + discrete graphics: HD 8650G integrated GPU (part of A10-5750M APU) and R5 M230 discrete GPU "AMD Dual Graphics" feature is currently disabled, so these two GPUs are not "merged to one" and are separately detected by Windows 7 x86_64 SP1. This setup is very similar to dampflokfreund's : After following your great advice from ^ this thread ( choose "Wake GPUs up at AIDA64 startup" at AIDA64 Preferences / Stability ) AIDA64 separately detects my integrated and discrete GPU, - and outputs this advanced technical information for discrete GPU : AMD Radeon R5 M230 Series (Sun) BIOS Version - BIOS Date - 11/28/2013 ... Part Number - BR45149.002 PCI Device 1002-6665 / 17AA-3804 (Rev 00) ... Bus Type PCI Express 2.0 x8 @ 3.0 x63 This information above which is marked bold - Video BIOS version, build date, and also Part Number, - is a part of any AMD Video BIOS at its' beginning. By seeing that AIDA64 successfully obtains this information, I am confident that AIDA64 could read the rest of AMD Video BIOS and dump it to a file However, when I right click at bottom panel and then go to " Video Debug ---> Video BIOS Dump " - there is a problem: Expected behaviour: AIDA64 already knows that there are two separate GPUs in my system. It asks for which GPU I would like to save a Video BIOS Dump file, and only then asks me about its' location Observed behaviour: despite knowing that there are two separate GPUs in my system, AIDA64 does not ask for which GPU I would like to save a video dump. Instead, AIDA64 instantly asks for dump file location, and after looking at its' size as well as contents - I could see that it only contains Video BIOS for integrated graphics card, probably because integrated GPU was the first at GPU list Proposed solution: Please add the opportunity to choose and dump Video BIOS for any available graphics card that can be seen at Display ---> GPU list
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