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Found 1 result

  1. Introducing WebDash! Over the last few months I have been developing an iOS application to build on Aida64's awesome remote sensor functionality. I started using Logitech's ARX system which worked well, but I didn't like how much real estate the buttons took up at the bottom, and I also had some stability problems. So today I would like to introduce WedDash, an iOS application that can display Aida64's remote sensor information in almost full screen goodness, it has a few smarts built into it to monitor the target website and refresh itself without any human interaction. We are currently going through Apple iTunes approval at the moment and are hoping to have it on the App Store in the next few days. I'll post back here once it is, but wanted to announce the App and get discussion going now! We also already have a few updates in the pipeline once the initial release is approved. I'll be providing support via this forum and welcome any feedback or improvement ideas! WebDash – Turn your iDevice into a mini dashboard! Simply enter in your web address and WebDash will monitor and display your website, keeping the device awake and providing a mini dash board to monitor vital system statistics, web stats or just a simple website! WebDash will continually monitor your server without any user intervention. If the server is down, WebDash will display a server offline message. As soon as the server is back online, WebDash will load the website and keep monitoring, all without you touching the device. WebDash was built specifically for Aida64’s RemoteSensor web server capability to display system information on your iDevice, go to aida64.com for further information on Aida64. WebDash is comparable to Logitech’s ARX Control platform, however WebDash provides more viewing space by being dedicated to just the RemoteSensor capabilities. WebDash will work with any website or IP address and port combination. Features in the initial release: • Display a webpage with maximum viewing space • Run 24/7 with live server monitoring • Free with Ads, option to upgrade to premium, ad-free goodness (even more viewing space!) • Force refresh button on main page • No human interaction required once setup For iOS 7 and 8 on all supported iPhones and iPads Coming soon to the Apple App Store! ***DISCLAIMER*** WebDash is not affiliated with Aida64 or FinalWire in any way shape or form and no support can be provided by them for WebDash. The gap below is the extra space you gain, this RemoteSensor profile is a straight ARX Control Profile to show you the extra space you gain (with the premium version - ad supported version gets extra space, just not as much).
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