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    • By soba4ka88
      HI there,
      Is there is any way to send reports from Android AIDA64 to log files on Android mass storage, or strictly to Windows PC (for example through adb)?
      I need to create a database from 500 devices and I can't spend time on installing AIDA on every device, configuring email and sending these reports through email.
      Thank you,
    • Guest
      By Guest
      Hello and gooday,
      Recently I got an upgrade that replace my intel atom(n445) neetbook, my new laptop was asus K43SJ, the spec was an intel i3 2330m 2.2Ghz caupled with nvidiaGT520m on board grapic.
      The system have 4GB of memory and run on win7pro.The original owner who donating this laptop was complaining about heat and lag, I assume this laptop need fresh thermal paste..
      To test the heat problem, I run aida64 system stress test and here's the result(in picture)
      I have no experience using aida64 on a pc laptop. What is the red line  red cart(cpu trottle at 50%)?? should I worry about It?? does overal of the system ok??
      and finally can someone teach me how to read aida64 stabylity test result
      I have clened the laptop from accumulating cat fur

    • By Tomorrow
      Are there any plans for a separate 64bit only version of AIDA64?
      I could not find such version. I suppose currently it's 32bit mostly for compablity reasons?
      Also i can not get around the name itself - AIDA64 - it's literally implied in the name that it is a 64bit program.
    • By Uah
      It does not show up. 

    • By HorridMistake
      Could AIDA64 have full support for ASLR for its own executable for the next version? It is just a compiler switch.
      Also, what about Forced DEP (Data Execution Prevention), like what browsers have?
      And what is the status of including a 64-bit executable?
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