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Auto-scaling means AIDA64 will automatically scale the graph's minimum and maximum scale values, according to the recent values measured.  There's no need to configure the minimum or maximum values in that case.




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Uhmm I mean how can I make it not reach the 1 value.
For example: i'll set a value for its maximum... if the network speed is is greater what ive set then Auto-scaling  will automatically scale the graph's and maximum scale values... if less than then set maximum scale value to what I've set.....  something like that


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:( so sad that you cant implement that thing, But what do you mean on semi-automatic?? that thing attracted me ^_^


Anyway just to let you know, It seems the latest beta of AIDA loads longer than I first tried AIDA before  ;) but it is not that very noticeable ;)

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By semi-automatic I meant a scaling solution that is half-way between manual and automatic.  We either do manual scaling or auto-scaling, but we're not so keen on making it more complicated with a semi-automatic (partly manual, partly automatic) method.

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