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Can't uninstall AIDA64 Extreme

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I can't seem to find the file to uninstall AIDA 64 extreme anywhere. I've looked under control panel, using JVPowerTools16 2011, and even Uninstall MAX or wahtever the program is. My OSD menu random disappeared and won't reappear for some reason. So I tried to update and uninstall but to no avail. Updating doesn't help and there is no file to uninstall it. Any ideas?


Edit: I just deleted all the files and reinstalled it; still no progress. Sensor Panel and Sensor Icons show just no OSD panel.

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If there's no uninstall shortcut in Control Panel, then I guess you deployed AIDA64 via its ZIP package.  In that case you just need to remove the files and folders for AIDA64.  For a full cleanup, start Registry Editor, and remove the complete AIDA64 folder under:






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      The title pretty much sums up my question but in detail I'd like to pause my Aida64 Extreme Trial or at least the stress test portion for CPU & RAM as that's all I'll be needing. Mainly because I have absolutely no use for it yet, I thought I would but unfortunately came to discover later that my current BIOS version is too buggy to allow for any manual voltage tuning for CPU overclocks. Can I pause my trial by uninstalling the software completely & if not is there any other way?
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