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    • By ComputerUser
      Hi all,
      I'm trying to do some battery discharge tracking under different load settings and I'm looking for an easy way to log the battery and system load to a file for later analysis. Does this software have the ability to read device status and record it to a file?
    • By rognorak
      I have an Asus Z10PED16WS MoBo.  Any time I do anything that triggers a sensor scan in AIDA64 my machine locks up.  I have the same issue in HWINFO64, so I don't think its an AIDA bug.
      I want to enable logging so I can see exactly what is happening before the Machine Locks up, but when I select the logging tab in preferences, it initiates the sensor scan locking up the machine before I can enable  anything.
      Is there any way I can enable logging without initiating the sensor scan so I can see whats happening?
      Thank You - 
    • By TomWoB
      Hi all,
      please try my AIDA64-LogViewer, which can be downloaded in "3rd party solutions" section:
      Have fun ...
    • By RikiBit
      I use frequently the "great" LOGGING feature of Aidi64 Extreme.
      But what I'm missing is the ability to enable/disable the logging feature much faster via eg the context menu of the Aida Icon in the system tray.
      Currently it is only possible via preferences\logging, check the check-box and clicking "apply".
      That's a bit time wasting and it is also not possible to find out via the context menu of the sys tray icon if Logging is either active or not.
      Of course if logging is not yet enabled the first time in preferences and there is no file location entered, the enable/disable ability in the sys tray icon context menu should be inactive (eg grey text).
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